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    Chapter 810: Reliable

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    Ye Wan'er looked at Jia Qingqing's appearance, but she was actually very happy in her heart. After all, Jia Qingqing's appearance is a real little girl, family. On weekdays, he always looks too carefree, and always makes everyone think that he doesn't care about anything. In fact, only Ye Wan'er knows that he cares about a lot of things, and he is much more delicate than normal people.

    But it is precisely because of this that he will not reveal the real thoughts in his heart, so that everyone always feels that the sweetness in his heart is very happy.

    In fact, it's not like this. Looking at Jia Qingqing, Ye Wan'er is very anxious, but there is nothing to do. After all, this is Jia Qingqing's own choice, so the only thing Ye Wan'er can do is hide in Jia Qingqing. Accompanying Jia Qingqing by my side, I like Jia Qingqing to be happier.

    "To be honest, I don't even know why. It seems that after meeting Yun Feiluan, I feel that my whole world has changed all at once.

    Suddenly I feel that everything becomes very beautiful, and then I feel that everything has a color. I have always felt very normal things before, but now suddenly I do it again, and I feel very abnormal again. So I don't know what exactly is in my mind right now. "

    Thinking of this, Jia Qingqing did feel a little shy, because this was a feeling he had never experienced before. The last time he felt that his world had become different, it was when Ye Tian solved the toxin from his body.

    That time it really made Jia Qingqing feel that Ye Tian gave him new life, but now it is completely different. What he is experiencing now is that there are many flowers growing in his life, and there are many flowers and plants around him.

    "Of course it is very normal, because you have fallen into love now? Actually, to be honest, many times you have to think about things a little bit, then the world will definitely become more beautiful, and It doesn't mean that every day I feel that everything doesn't matter, and it just passed by like that. If it really passed by like that, then what is beautiful in the world, right?

    Now I have met Yun Feiluan Yun Feiluan, I think he is a very reliable person, plus his abilities in all aspects are very good, not only can you rely on, but also can give you a great deal help. So I think you must get along with him. If there is anything, you can come to me and Ye Tian. We will try our best to help you two. After all, its the first experience for everyone. This kind of thing.

    So its normal to say that there are many things you dont understand, but Id better suggest that you have something to deal with each other by yourself. After all, if you find someone else, things may gradually become worse. The bigger you get, there are some small things that you dont know what to do at once. Then the conflict between the two sides became more and more intensified, and in many cases it was just a hug, something that could be resolved in one sentence. If someone else is inserted, it is difficult to continue to solve it. "

    Ye Wan'er also felt that the biggest gain this time around was that Jia Qingqing met Yun Feiluan, because Ye Wan'er did find that Yun Feiluan was really good to Jia Qingqing, and she didnt know why she suddenly envied Jia Qingqing. Qingqing is here, although Ye Tian is also very kind to him.

    But Ye Wan'er always feels that Ye Tian has a mission in him, so she often cannot trouble Ye Tian, but Yun Feiluan is different. Yun Feiluan belongs to that kind of bohemian person. .

    If there is anything that can stump Yun Feiluan and trap Yun Feiluan, then it is estimated that only Jia Qingqing is now. So Ye Wan'er is a little envious of this, but Ye Wan'er also knows Ye Tian's sincerity towards him, it must be no less than Yun Feiluan's sincerity towards Jia Qingqing.

    "I know, and thank you for being able to tell me this. Indeed, if there really is a problem between the two of us, I might choose to avoid it immediately. After all, I have never The feeling of being accompanied by someone.

    My parents were by my side before, but I always felt that I was a parent's oil bottle, so I naturally always felt inferior in my heart. But now it's different. Now I have my own abilities, I can cultivate myself, and I can make my strength even stronger.

    So I think I am now qualified and able to stand beside Yun Feiluan. Although the strength between me and her is still very different, I believe that I will definitely work hard in the future. True status can stand by his side. "

    Ye Waner also knows that Jia Qingqing has always been very inferior to her own strength. After all, because of previous events, Jia Qingqing's strength is not very strong, and because of the late start, even if the talent in the body is Belongs to a very peculiar ice property.

    But so far, the progress of cultivation is not so fast. Although it is much faster than ordinary people, if you really want to catch up with other people, it will take a long time and it will take a lot of time. Hard work.

    At the beginning, Ye Wan'er was still worried about whether Jia Qingqing would be or not. Later, she became more and more discouraged. But now that she thinks about it, it should not be possible. After all, there is already a Yun Feiluan as a role model for Jia Qingqing, so Ye Wan'er is also I believe that Jia Qingqing will definitely cultivate her own strength.

    "If you can think of it this way, then it is naturally the best. Before, Ye Tian and I had always worried that you would feel inferior because of your own strength. After all, although you are making very fast progress now, it is still compared to others It is indeed a bit short, but you have to believe that you have been able to make a tough battle in such a short time.

    Therefore, the future achievements are definitely immeasurable. We don't have to worry about this process at all. We only care about the final result. Although the process may be very painful and very tiring.

    But Ye Tian and I both agreed that you must be able to survive this difficulty. After all, the toxins in your body were so powerful when they were cleaned up, and you have endured such intense pain. Now it's just a little bit. The test of time, how can it not be passed, you are right? "

    Regarding Jia Qingqings strength, both Ye Tian and Ye Wan'er were very worried before, and more importantly, they were worried about Jia Qingqings mentality. After all, his mentality would affect a lot of things, but now it seems that these things dont need them to worry about. , After all, as long as there is one more Yun Feiluan beside Jia Qingqing, Yun Feiluan will definitely help Jia Qingqing adjust his mentality. In addition, Yun Feiluan's original strength is also very strong, so it is said that it will definitely help Jia Qingqing in his cultivation. This is indeed very beneficial to Jia Qingqing.