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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 806 - SSU 806

    Chapter 806: Stay

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    Hearing Ye Tian's words, in fact, Shi Wenwen's heart was still a little moved. After all, Ye Tian's words like this meant that Ye Tian believed in himself, and did not say that because he and Rhubarb just went out rashly. , And then directly asked what exactly was said yesterday. Instead, he didnt ask anything. There was only one sentence, which was to ask him if he could do this thing. In fact, this kind of belief still felt for Shi Wenwen Very rare, after all, Ye Tian is a human being, they are monsters.

    So there is still a big difference between the two. He did have a good relationship with Ye Tian before, but now he really understands that Ye Tian has always regarded them as his friends. Come to look at it, so I have always had this attitude towards them.

    Thinking of this, Shi Wenwen also laughed, after all, this matter is indeed very rare for him. He had always felt that human beings are now getting worse and worse, so it is precisely for this reason that he has never wanted to contact humans. Later, if it weren't for the rhubarb, and he had to contact Ye Tian and the others, he would definitely not have contact with humans, but now it seems that things are not as bad as he thought.

    "It's just that we were too nervous just now, and you don't have to think too much about it. Anyway, it's just a little white dog. If you don't have money, if you are around, then there is no problem. So I think it's okay. The one who brought her by her side, after all, for her, now is exactly the time to find asylum."

    Ye Tian nodded after hearing what Shi Wenwen said. Since Shi Wenwen has already said this, then Ye Tian would naturally not do anything else. After all, Ye Tian has always believed in him very much, because although he and Rhubarb are both monsters, but Shi Wenwen is better than Rhubarb. His mind is much more delicate, and he will be much more calm and calm than him, precisely because of this.

    So on weekdays, even if Ye Tian doesnt have time to do many things on his own, he will let Rhubarb and Shi Wenwen do it together, because Rhubarb may make Ye Tian uneasy to do it alone, but add If Guru Wen Wen, then there is definitely no problem.

    "Then since you have said that now, I have nothing else to say. Originally, I liked this puppy. Otherwise, I wouldn't risk such a big risk to save him. I think now. When I think about it, there is really a wonderful fate. If I had ignored his call at the time, now I guess she would not follow us here.

    Since we have all come with us, then we will treat him as a member of our own family and treat him well. Anyway, it is already very dangerous in the daily life. If those demons really want to trouble us. , No matter whether we keep the little white dog by our side, it will naturally cause problems. So I am also asking for your opinions. Do you think it is okay or not to keep him around?

    If everyone agrees, then we will keep him with him. Anyway, I think that bringing one more him will add a lot of fun to everyone, and naturally it will not be so boring. Although I was outside during this period, it was indeed getting boring. So if there is one of him, it will definitely be much better. "

    Ye Wan'er and Jia Qingqing were both very happy to hear Ye Tian say this. After all, they were originally girls. Little animals like kittens and puppies are very fond of them. Originally, Jia Qingqing didn't show that he really liked them, because he was afraid that the little white dog might cause trouble.

    But now that Ye Tian has already said that, it naturally means that Ye Tian has already agreed. If this happens, it will definitely not happen. After all, Ye Tian is in front of the bad, so it is naturally impossible for him to disagree, after all, the little white dog is indeed very attractive.

    After Ye Tian circled the line for another week, he found that everyone was nodding. This was completely relieved. After all, if the white dog wants to stay here, it must not be his own business. If he agrees, it wont work. Ah, it must be agreed by everyone, after all, everyone will live together in the future. If it will affect someone, then Ye Tian still doesn't know what to do in his heart. The palms of the palms and the backs of the hands are all meat. If someone really doesn't like the little white dog, it is estimated that Ye Tian will not leave it behind.

    "It seems that everyone has passed the vote now, so let's keep him with him. The people of the Demon Race will naturally come to the door. I also know this very well. After all, they once wanted to The little white dog caught the past thoughts.

    Then there will be a second time, so everyone should be careful in the future and the little white dog. Don't go out alone with the two of them. Otherwise, it will be very easy to be targeted by the demons, so it is best. Still bring him to everyone's side to be with everyone. "

    After hearing what Ye Tian said, everyone nodded. After all, this is indeed a very troublesome thing. If it is said that there are still many in the martial arts, after all, it is impossible for the people of the demon race to come to the martial arts suddenly.

    But now it's different. It's outside now, so you have to be very careful about everything, and they usually don't have any pre-existing forms inside, so naturally everyone doesn't know when they will come.

    After all, everyone is in the light, and they are in the dark, so it is naturally beneficial for them. If one day they suddenly had a brain twitch, and then they wanted to come over and attack, it was also very possible. Thinking of this, everyone also felt that this was indeed very dangerous. In addition, the little white dog was still just a monster larva, so naturally it would be even more dangerous, after all, there was no strength.

    "I'm not only telling you this sentence, but also to you, a little guy. I know you must be very clever and very smart. But being smart is easy to be mistaken by intelligence, so if you are If something happens, you will have to bear the result yourself in the future.

    Anyway, if you are not a last resort, you must not go outside by yourself, otherwise, if something really happens, everyone really can't protect you. After all, as long as your little one is directly carried by someone else, we really don't know who you are reporting to. So you also need to consider your own safety.

    Since you have come to me now, then I will definitely treat you well. I also hope you can give us a guarantee. Otherwise, if you leave suddenly, everyone will definitely look for you everywhere. So you must not leave everyone's sight, it would be very dangerous. "