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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 803 - SSU 803

    Chapter 803: Seek Asylum

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    Rhubarb naturally knows what Xiao Baize is saying now, so if he really doesn't want to tell other people his true identity, then there is nothing to help him conceal it now. After all, his original intention was good, and he didn't want to use his identity to harm others.

    "If you insist on this, then we naturally have nothing to do. However, we must first arrange three chapters in advance. Otherwise, if something happens, we must not be responsible. So if you can agree to our request, Then we can naturally hide this secret for you."

    Compared to Rhubarb, Shi Wenwen is much more mature and stable than he is. After all, Shi Wenwen thinks more about things, especially now that Bai Zes identity is not that simple as a little monster. He belongs to the class of spirit beasts, so there must be a lot of people who want to take it as their own.

    What's more, he is still just a young one, so it will make everyone's desire to take it as their own even stronger. After all, his strength was not that strong in six years, but after slowly domesticating, if he could really domesticate a Bai Ze into his own contract beast, it would be a very beautiful thing.

    This can also explain why the people from the previous demons have always been persevering to him. After all, his parents are now grown-ups, so he has a very strong sense of autonomy. But it is different. It is only a juvenile and its various abilities, as well as its mind, are not particularly mature. So if he is caught in his own home, it can only be regarded as letting him go.

    "Then you guys will talk about it first and see if I can accept it. But for the most part, I can accept it. After all, there is nothing particularly important for me now, as long as I can The most important thing is the protection of his life. I don't know where my parents are now, but I know they must still survive in this world.

    After all, they are not so easy to die. But since they said that they chose to put me in that cave, they definitely wanted me to live well, and I definitely couldn't. He would say that he was going to find his own way, so you can rest assured. "

    Although Xiao Baize said that he is still young now, he actually thinks a lot, especially after experiencing this life and death with his parents, he can almost have most of his own independent thinking. What I think is not just the same as before, I only know that I have fun.

    "The first point is that during this period of time when we help you hide this secret, you can't rush out to find your parents, or rush forward after seeing the enemy. After all, if you If you show such a reaction, it will definitely make everyone feel very abnormal. It will not only doubt you, but also let us explain where things happened and why, then we will then What should I say?

    The second point is that, no matter what, you cant leave without saying a word, or just because youre in a bad mood, or you dont feel well served, and then you just run away. After all, it would consume a lot of manpower and material resources again if it came this way. Obviously, there are so many things on Ye Tian now, and we don't want Ye Tian to continue to increase the burden on him because of you.

    The third point is that we can help you hide this secret, but we cannot guarantee that others will discover your secret. So I am sure that I will not reveal the secret from our mouth. But if other people discover your identity, then you definitely cant come and blame us, we have done what we should do, and whether you can hide your identity next is up to you The ability. "

    The points mentioned by Shi Wenwen are very pertinent, so Xiaobai feels acceptable after listening. After all, these are very common sense questions. He himself knows that he has already decided to Following Ye Tian, it was definitely impossible to leave rashly.

    After all, this is very likely to cause a certain loss to everyone, whether it is spiritual or time, anyway, in the end, it will definitely spend a lot of manpower and material resources to find yourself. So she is also very clear about this point.

    Coupled with the fact that the movements of the demons looking for him have become bigger and bigger, he must be able to feel that there will always be a line around him, with the aura of the demons. So now to protect herself, the only way is to stay with Ye Tian, because she thinks that only Ye Tian can fight against it. If those people are replaced by others, there really is no way.

    Anyway, now that he is still young, he looks basically like a little white dog. If there is anything weird about it, others will only think it is a little monster, and they won't think of him as a spirit beast at all. So she can still think of this.

    "You can rest assured these few days. I am sure I can do it. After all, I also know that I must listen to you, and I have always been very obedient, and it is impossible for me to run away suddenly. What kind of enemies are I looking for? I have so many enemies. I still don't know who my enemies really are?

    So the only thing I care about most now is to protect my life first. I believe my parents will come to me someday, so I just have to wait for them to find me now. , I dont have to worry about other things. After all, I still can't do what they can do, so now that my strength is so weak, I can only wait here obediently. "

    When Xiao Baize talked about this, it was obvious that there was a lot of loss in his eyes. After all, he is still so young now, but he lost his parents for various reasons, and he still doesnt know whether his parents were born. Yes, this is indeed a very difficult thing. But she firmly believes that her parents will come back to find herself, after all, there is a blood contract in their family tradition. So he can feel his parents, but they still exist in this world, but he doesn't know where they are.

    Thinking of this really made her feel very unhappy. After all, if his strength was stronger, he might be able to find his parents by himself. But there is no way, he is still just a young spirit beast, he simply does not have the ability to fight against his own enemies, he can only run around avoiding them.