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    Chapter 800: Change Face

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    Ye Tian looked at the pitiful little white dog in Ye Wan'er's arms. He was also very helpless. I dont know what happened. He had already told him to let him stay in the forest by himself. At that time, not everyone had already agreed. Yes, why are you suddenly coming over and following yourself now? Doesn't he really know how dangerous it is to dangle around outside in this way?

    "Ye Tian, in fact, to be honest, it should not be that serious. He is just a puppy. Otherwise, let's take him with him. Look at his pitiful appearance. I was outside just now. At that time, I saw a lot of people bullying him. If he was in the forest, he would be bullied by other monsters.

    After all, he is only this little old now. If he grows up a little bit later, if he wants to leave, we can just let him leave. Anyway, we will go back some time later, and bringing him in the martial arts can relieve the boredom. "

    Ye Wan'er really liked this little white dog, not only because he looked good, but also because the fur on his body was too messy. Every time I touched him, I would unconsciously let my hand rest on him for a while.

    What's more, when I was outside just now, I saw enough pitiful puppies, so it is natural that Ye Wan'er is such a kind person who is not willing now. Put it back in the forest, such a dangerous place, because there are a lot of monsters in the forest, Ye Wan'er also understands this very well, who knows if it will be eaten by that big monster.

    The little white dog seemed to understand what Ye Wan'er said. He should also know that Ye Wan'er is now begging for her. So she kept rubbing her head against Ye Wan'er. Ye Tian looked at Ye Wan'er and then at the little girl in Ye Wan'er's arms. The white dog, the very unsparing little white dog, slipped out of Ye Wan'er's arms.

    "It's not that I don't want to keep him, but that it might be more dangerous for him to follow us. You didn't know that the hidden weapon used by the demons on him at that time was very terrifying. If you didn't meet him, I guess She doesn't know whether she can continue to survive now.

    This is also very important, and you should also be very clear when you add it up. The people of the Demon Race have always been very hostile to us. If we bring him by our side, it may make him fall into even more Dangerous situation. "

    Ye Tian was also very helpless, after all, Ye Wan'er had already said so now, and Ye Tian could also see that Ye Wan'er liked this little white dog very much, and this little white dog was also very smart. If you don't look for others, you just happen to find Ye Wan'er, and you always agree to Ye Wan'er's request. So if you make Ye Wan'er unhappy this time, I guess she will feel a little uncomfortable in her heart, but in the final analysis, it is because it is too dangerous to carry her.

    After Ye Wan'er heard what Ye Tian said, the washing dishes in her eyes gradually dimmed. After all, although he wanted to keep the little white dog by his side, he was also a reasonable person, knowing that Ye The stakes in these things God said. If the little white dog stayed by his side at that time, but because of this, and then encountered other people's assassins, then I guess Ye Wan'er would definitely not forgive herself.

    "Is there really no other way? Otherwise, I will put her in the mine for a while, and then secretly take him away when we are leaving. Maybe it will be safer. Some."

    Ye Wan'er thought for a while, and then still felt that it was too dangerous to put such a small white dog in such a large forest. After all, she was still a little reluctant, so she asked Ye Tian tentatively and took a look. Is there any other way.

    Ye Tian had heard Ye Wan'er say this, so naturally he did not continue to say anything. After all, although the people of the Mozu are very rampant, they still dare not go out to grab things blatantly, so they said that the little white dog Take it with you, as long as you usually pay attention to it, there will not be so many things. If Ye Wan'er really wants to take him away directly, then Ye Tian naturally can't refuse.

    After all, Ye Tian originally liked this little white dog. Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to save him at the beginning. Now hes doing well, and following his side, he should be regarded as destined, so Just to see if he can be taken away, if it can be taken away, it is naturally good.

    "You have already said that, so what else can I do? But one thing to be careful is that he is now a monster after all, and may still be an unopened wise monster. He cannot communicate with us, So we will not understand many things, so lets see if they can do anything about Rhubarb."

    Because Rhubarb is a monster, it is natural to understand what the white dog is saying. However, it seemed that they didn't know where to go to play these two days, so Ye Tian could only wait for them to come back.

    "We've just been out for a day, why someone is looking for us, is there something? If something happens, just come out and find us."

    Just when Ye Tian was thinking about when to pour the rhubarb back, he suddenly heard his voice, which immediately made Ye Tian happy. After all, Ye Tian really wanted to know the life experience of this little white dog. What is it like? It's impossible to appear in the forest all of a sudden.

    Obviously this is also unrealistic, and judging from his appearance, it seems that he is still immature now. It should be the larva of some monster. Ye Tian didn't ask the system naturally that he didn't know what it was.

    However, Ye Tian had a premonition in his heart. It is definitely not a simple little thing to say. Otherwise, the people of Demon City would not be so ruthless. If it is just a normal thing, it will not let them. So excited to come and arrest him.

    "This really means that Cao Cao is here. We originally thought about when you can come back and see if we can translate what the little white dog said for us. After all, we don't speak animal language, so we said they Naturally, we dont understand what he said. I really want to know what happened to him and what happened to him. Thats why he became like this."

    When Ye Tian saw Da Huang and Shi Wen Wen came, he quickly drew them to the little white dog. Obviously, when the two people saw the little white dog, their faces suddenly changed. Originally, they just thought it was a little monster that Ye Tian had picked up.

    But after Ye Tian saw their faces, he knew that things were definitely not that simple. Summoning Demon Shou was definitely not a simple one. He was thinking of just a little monster. There must be some different life experience, otherwise. It is impossible for the two of them to change their faces suddenly.