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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 797 - SSU 797

    Chapter 797: Not Enough Emotional Intelligence

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    Ye Wan'er was very helpless listening to what Yun Feiluan said. Originally, didnt Yun Feiluan quarrel with Ye Tian, but what caused the acne was all on her body. Besides, Jia Qingqing is here next to him. , If your response is inappropriate.

    Wouldnt it make Jia Qingqing feel unhappy, so Ye Waner thinks Yun Feiluans emotional intelligence needs to be improved, and its best to deal with things in an orderly manner in the work, but once you encounter such feelings Things are like a novice Xiaobai, even more **** than himself.

    "Look at what you are talking about. I just have time, so I just prepared breakfast for everyone. Now that you say that, I feel embarrassed. It was originally just a few homemade dishes. Where is it as good as you said.

    You may be accustomed to eating the delicacies of the mountains and the sea, and suddenly you eat a lot of light things before you feel particularly delicious, so in the future you should eat more light things, or else you will eat too much of the greasy things. That's bad for your health. "

    Ye Wan'er was talking with Yun Feiluan, while the other was Yun Feiluan's female, and the other was still here. Yun Feiluan had been there for a while before she realized that Jia Qingqing was also here. The words really shouldn't be said in this kind of place, because Jia Qingqing's cooking skills are not particularly good at first, and they even know nothing about cooking skills.

    After all, since I was young, my body has been bad, so basically there is no chance to enter the kitchen, how could I be able to cook good dishes? Now that Yun Feiluan said that, it is estimated that Jia Qingqing should also feel sad. Right.

    Ye Tian can naturally hear what Jia Qingqing said and what it meant. Indeed, in this situation, Yun Feiluan's words like this are indeed wrong. If Jia Qingqing thinks of something in his heart, it may take a while. It will be very uncomfortable in my heart.

    Although this kind of discomfort does not cause Jia Qingqing to be very sad, the accumulation of this bit by bit will eventually directly erupt. At that time, Ye Tian does not know whether Yun Feiluan can suffer. .

    "I'm not kidding. After all, I always say that Ye Tian can't win. She is better than me in every aspect, so I want to find some reason from your side to tease him. , But who could think of finding a reason but found it wrong, so dont worry, Im just kidding, dont take it to heart.

    Now that there is something delicious here, lets start eating together. I thought you would wait. I didnt expect that you all started eating. It really made me a little sad. Tell you in advance, be sure to wait for me to eat together. "

    Yun Feiluan's face is already reddening slightly. After all, what he did just now is really wrong. If it wasn't for Ye Wan'er's guidance, then maybe he would make mistakes again and again. He took a second look. Jia Qingqing found that Jia Qingqing's face still didn't seem to have changed, so he was relieved.

    Yun Feiluan also knew that if he continued to talk about this topic, he would definitely not be able to get away with any good fruits, so he said that he just found a topic casually and gave this side a sloppy look. That's it. After that, I still thought about feeling sweaty all over, and I didn't know what was going on. I seemed to have become a fool after moving to Ye Tian's side, and he would not hesitate to speak in every aspect.

    "Okay, I finally had a clean morning, and now I am so disturbed by you. It seems that I really want to take you out for more shopping, otherwise, if you continue to stay here, What else will I say after a while?

    After eating for a while, you and I will **** the three of them to the mineral vein. After all, it is too dangerous outside now. Some people are more dangerous. So for them, the best The way is to practice well in the mineral vein. Not only can you improve your strength, but it is also very safe, so I think this proposal is also very good. What do you three think? "

    Although Ye Tians thoughts are like this, Ye Tian has always respected other people very much. This is the same way. If the three of them insist on not wanting to get into the fast pulse, then they certainly cant force it. , After all, it was said at the beginning, but they can go wherever they want.

    Since the current situation is really too special, Ye Tian will have some compulsions, wanting them to enter the vein to protect their safety. After all, he is only one person, and it is impossible to break himself into several pieces. , Following them one by one. If there is a problem here and there is a problem again, it will cause the clone spell matter to not be solved well.

    "We all listen to you, the head. In fact, we also really want to go shopping in that vein. It's just that we have done too many wrong things during this period of time, so we have no face to mention it to you. After all I'm afraid you think that we can't cultivate well after we get there. Even if you give us this opportunity now, we will definitely cultivate well. You can rest assured that we will definitely guard ourselves these days, absolutely not. Will go outside again to cause trouble."

    After Lin Yunan heard Ye Tian talk about the magic in the mineral veins, he already wanted to go in very much. He was just worried about the two younger brothers around him, so he said he went out with them, but who did Knowing that they had encountered something like this after going out, now Ye Tian gave them another opportunity like this again, so that they definitely wanted to go in early.

    After listening to Lin Yunans words, Ye Tian expressed his satisfaction. He turned his head and looked at the other two little guys beside him. He found that the other two little guys were also full of joy. After all, they were also yearning for themselves. The strength can be closer.

    Therefore, it is natural to want to go to that kind of good place. After all, so many people want to fight for that piece of land to reflect, but now they can go in so openly and easily, so naturally they cannot miss this opportunity. .

    "If this is the case, then you will go with me and Yun Feiluan for a while. After all, the time is urgent now. I think there may be a series of things happening next. Things are very dangerous, and I am not. I hope you are all in danger one by one. Since the matter here has not been handled properly, we may not go back so quickly. After the matter on the mineral vein is stabilized, I will find a time to bring everyone together as soon as possible. Sent back.

    After all, I also know that everyone outside must be very dangerous, and my heart should also be unstable. After returning to the school, everyone must be very safe to put together. Nor will there continue to be enemies who want to come to you. After all, if these enemies want to seek revenge, I will definitely be the first to find them, not others. "