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    Chapter 795: Go Away

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    After playing with the little white dog for a while, Ye Tian knew that it was obviously out of fashion to continue to stay here. The sky was about to dawn, and if it was a while, Ye Wan'er and the others woke up and found that they were missing. It is estimated that something is going on again, so he reluctantly removed his hand from the white dog.

    "It's not too early now, so you can take a good rest. I'm leaving from here. If you meet me again in the future, you can just come up and find me."

    After speaking, Ye Tian reluctantly stroked a handful of white dogs, then turned around and left. For this kind of thing, Ye Tian has always been very measured. It wouldn't be because of some trivial things that big things would be left behind, and it's even more unlikely that the little white dog would stay here. No matter how the leather little white dog called Ye Tian from behind, he didnt even turn his head to take a look, because Ye Tian knew that although he said he had the determination to leave, if he turned his head and took a few glances, it might be true. There will be. I want to turn my head away, I want to take the little white dog away.

    The little white dog didnt know why Ye Tian left suddenly, but the only thought in his mind now was that he must follow Ye Tian. Ye Tian must have meat, and he was better than himself every day. It is much better to wander around in this boring forest, and it is very likely to meet those bad guys.

    It is true that people have always wanted to come over and capture him, but fortunately, his body is very flexible, so he was not caught by other people. This time he was really careless, but those people really I can't beat it, so I can only get hit with this one for nothing.

    To be honest, if it werent for Ye Tianlai, he really felt that he might have died in this cave soon today, but he didnt know why, the kind of call he made inexplicably would have been caused by Ye. Tian heard it, and Ye Tian actually responded that he had been walking towards him. At the beginning, I was really scared to tell the truth. After all, I didn't know if this was going to harm me, so it was very guarded.

    But after seeing Ye Tian, he suddenly felt that Ye Tian would definitely not harm him, so he gritted his teeth severely. He appeared in front of Ye Tian. If he were an ordinary person, he would definitely not be able to appear in front of them so easily, so for him, Ye Tian had already found the one he chose. People. It must be impossible to let Ye Tian go easily.

    Thinking of this, Little White Dog feels that he must be leaving with the difficulty, so even if Ye Tian doesnt take him away today, he will follow Ye Tian slowly, and one day he will be moved. Ye Tian's.

    The little white dog followed Ye Tian secretly. Because he was afraid that Ye Tian would find out, he said that he didn't follow the difficulty directly behind him. Hungry is embroidered with the breath of Ye Tian and walked in that direction, even though he knew If you are directly exposed to the public's vision in this way, it is very likely that you will be hurt twice again.

    But there is no way. After all, she feels that Ye Tian is herself, and the person destined to be the one she has been waiting for, so she must be guarded by Ye Tian's side. Otherwise, it would be meaningless to stay in this forest.

    "Ye Tian, you finally came back. We thought you were fighting with other people. After all, you left alone without a sound, but it really scared us. To be honest, At the beginning, when you asked you to get up for breakfast, you never responded. We thought you just wanted to sleep a little longer, but after we went in and looked at it, we found that there were no traces of sleep in the bed, so everyone was worried. , Just now I was thinking about calling Shang Yun Feiluan, so let's find you together?"

    Ye Wan'er was already anxious at the inn. After all, although Ye Tian said that they don't have to worry about themselves, it is definitely impossible not to worry about her. After all, everyone's only UV now is Ye Tian, and the difficulty advantage has offended so many people. There must be a lot of enemies here. If anyone really came to the door.

    Everyone certainly didn't know how Ye Tian could have fought such a large group of people alone. Ye Wan'er was already anxious in her heart, but she was afraid that everyone would worry about it together. Therefore, I can only wait silently in my heart to see if Ye Tian will come back at dawn.

    "I just went to the mine vein for a stroll, anyway, I couldn't sleep at night, so I wanted to go there to see if there were any other gains. But obviously there are no other bad guys. This is also a very good point. After all, there are, and now, they are heavily guarded by Yun Feiluan, so ordinary people should not pass easily. After a while, start mining the veins, and it should be good. There are so many, so there is no need to worry so much.

    Didnt I tell you that I dont need to worry about me? After all, I have a sense of my own body and these things. If something really happened, then I will definitely leave some for you. What news.

    So if you continue to be like this in the future, you can rest assured, I am sure there will be no accidents. The only thing to worry about is your own safety. When I was leaving, I was actually thinking of you. "

    Seeing Ye Wan'er look anxious, Ye Tian was actually very helpless, but what could be done, after all, he was indeed injured before. Therefore, Ye Wan'er should be worried. If she didn't let Ye Wan'er worry, she would appear abnormal.

    So after thinking it over, its better to worry about Ye Waner. After all, this will make Ye Waner feel that there is something to think about in her heart. , Thinking about those messy things.

    "How could I not worry about you? Even though you say that, I still worry in my heart, so it's useless to say that you tell me so much.

    But now that you have come back safely, then I won't continue to say it, or if you say too much in a while, it will annoy you. "

    Ye Wan'er knew that her worries were unnecessary. After all, there would be no surprises with Ye Tian's strength. If something big happened, her worries would be useless. After all, even Ye Tian cant resist things, so worry about what things can be solved. He has no ability to protect Ye Tian, he can only quietly let Ye Tian protect this from behind. In fact, Ye Wan'er always cared very much in her heart.