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    Chapter 794: Meet By Chance

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    Ye Tian originally thought that this needle should be easier to remove, after all, it was just such a small needle. It is estimated that the little guy himself does not have this ability, so if he can't take it down, he needs to seek help from others.

    But Ye Tian only realized that things weren't that simple after reading it. Although the tracking was just a small needle, there was no big difference between what everyone saw in peace. But precisely because this was a hidden weapon fired by the demons, it is said that there is actually a very unique power on it, which is different from human spells.

    So it's no wonder that this little guy can't get rid of it himself, otherwise, as long as a cultivator gets this thing on him, he can definitely get it off.

    "I think you are a little too cute. Otherwise, they won't find you, so you should be careful in the future. Don't be discovered by other demons again. Otherwise, you can next time. You may not be so lucky to meet me. After all, I will be leaving here in a while."

    After a lot of effort, Ye Tian finally removed the needle from Little White Dog's body, and after careful inspection, he found that there was toxin on it.

    After thinking about it, I know that the cruel and cruel people of the Mozu must think in their hearts that they will not get it and will not make him feel better, so this toxin should be fatal to Warcraft, otherwise it is impossible for them. You can let the little white dog go so easily. But fortunately, the little white dog has met him now, so since he has already saved him, he must be sent to the west to get him a cure.

    "Today is considered to be that you met me. If you meet other people, it is estimated that other people really have nothing to do with you. After all, this is not an ordinary needle. If ordinary people touch it easily, it is very It may be contaminated with the breath of the demon. That is equivalent to saying that both he and you have been killed.

    The next process may make you a little uncomfortable, but you must not struggle, after all, the toxins in your body, I don't know what it is like now. So if you need to help you deal with it, just endure it silently. It will be fine after a while. If you struggle, time will only make you suffer longer and longer. I am here to save you, not to harm you, so I also hope you can listen to this point. "

    Ye Tian took a deep breath, then held his breath and watched the situation inside the little white dog's body. Sure enough, just as Ye Tian imagined, this devilish energy had already prevailed in the body of the little white dog. If it is not treated as soon as possible, it is very likely that the white dog will be killed directly within a few days.

    So this is why Ye Tian has always disliked the demons. It is because they are too cruel. No matter what they do, they basically wont stay behind, and its impossible to treat others well. With a helping mind.

    Just thinking about how to make others feel more sad and how to make yourself better. It doesn't seem to them that they can take a step back on both sides, as long as they can improve their cultivation level, whatever they do is fine.

    "Well, you should be able to slowly repair yourself in the rest of the time. I have removed all the main toxins in your body, as well as the breath of the Demon Race.

    Its also embarrassing for you, little guy. You have to bear so many things at a young age, but what can be done? Dont meet this group of people in the future. They are all cruel, so how can they care about you? Life and death, if you don't get you, you will only want to destroy you. "

    Ye Tian stretched out his hand and stroked the little white dog in front of him. Indeed, Ye Tian liked her a little bit, but Ye Tian also knew that it was impossible for him to take him away from him. Place, otherwise, who knows what he will be like after leaving here? After all, every creature has a specific way of life and a place to live. So it must be impossible to leave easily.

    "Woo, woo, woo..."

    The little white dog seemed to be able to understand humans, and he kept rubbing against Ye Tian's side very reluctantly. After all, Ye Tian can be regarded as his savior, so for Ye Tian, he must be right Its a little bit but the heart is gone. If at first I was worried that Ye Tian would harm him, but now he wants to follow Ye Tian. After all, he also knows his own strength. It is too small.

    It must be someone who can help him protect himself. For him, Ye Tian is the best candidate. But Ye Tian meant to leave now, and he didn't know if Ye Tian would take him away, if he said he would not take him away. It is still very dangerous to stay in this forest.

    "Since your body is no longer in serious trouble, then I will leave first. After all, I still have things to deal with, so you can rest here for a while. You should be able to continue to live and jump again in two days. Up.

    I don't know if I can meet again in the future, if I can meet again, then it is naturally good. But this world is so big, I don't come here often, so there shouldn't be a chance to meet again. This chain can be given to you as a gift. "

    After thinking about it, Ye Tian took out a very delicate chain from his space. There is also a peace blessing below. This peace blessing was made by Ye Tian himself before, and it should be able to withstand the harm of many people. If it is not someone who is stronger than himself, then basically the little white dog will definitely not worry about them too much in the future.

    After all, I saved the little white dog today, and I must be responsible to him from now on. So Ye Tian also hopes that this peace blessing can protect the safety of the little white dog.

    "If you bring things to you, then I will leave first. Remember, don't show up in front of others easily in the future. Otherwise, just like you, it's very easy to be caught by others and want to catch you. of."

    Ye Tian really felt that the fur on this little white dog was too soft, and the puppies he saw on weekdays were different.

    The other puppies will feel some **** when they touch them by themselves, but this little white dog is different. The whole body exudes aura, and the white hair all over the body is very beautiful. When I touch it, I feel like I am touching something very soft. So Ye Tian knows that this little white dog is definitely not easy, but now he has no time to argue what kind of breed he is. If that is the case, it is better to leave now. Anyway, it is just It's just a gathering together.