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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 793 - SSU 793

    Chapter 793: Little White Dog

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    Following this call, I walked and stopped, and finally saw a little light, but this concept is obviously not a normal view of nature. After all, it is still dark outside, so it is definitely impossible to have it now. The sunlight appeared.

    These lights are all emitted by Ye Mingzhu. Suddenly, Ye Tians head is in the conversion of these things. If they are put into his own system, how many points can be exchanged. After all, Ye Mingzhu is still very rare. Moreover, the large night pearls placed here are naturally rarer and more precious, so for a while, Ye Tian feels that this time is a worthwhile trip.

    "It's really weird. There is obviously a call to call me here, but why does it look like there is nothing?"

    Although I did feel that the beads in front of me were all sweet, Ye Tian was still able to tell what he was going to do now. He did feel a little strange. After all, why is there nothing here? As for things, at least there should be a small monster, but now there is nothing here, so Ye Tianjiao's vigilance was suddenly raised. It shouldn't be a trap set by someone.

    If it is really like that, now I have been walking for so long before finally getting here. If I want to escape, it must be very difficult to play. After all, I just came here according to this call. Yes, so now if we return to the original path, I dont know if we can go back to the original exit.

    Just after Ye Tian finished speaking, a flash of light suddenly flashed in front of his eyes, and then Ye Tian had already laid his sword on his hilt early. After all, he didnt know if this was an enemy or a friend, and whether he was looking for him. What do you want to do, so it must be written to be vigilant.

    But right after Ye Tian saw what was in front of him, he suddenly felt that he was a little fussy. What he saw before him was nothing but a fox, unlike a fox, and a puppy, which was not like a puppy, but it was completely transparent. The white light is very cute, and people can almost like it at a glance.

    And Ye Tian could feel that he should have been seriously injured, otherwise he wouldnt have been summoned so slightly. After a closer look, he found that the little guys eyes flickered, as if he was still standing. A little bit of tears made people look extremely pitiful, and they couldn't afford to want to harm him.

    "Did you call me here? Is it because I was injured and wanted my help or something else? Can you talk? Can I understand what you are saying?"

    Although the things in front of him are indeed very cute, Ye Tian can also understand that he must still be vigilant. After all, there are a lot of monsters in this area that are very deceptive, so he must be Be careful, but it seems that looking at the puppy in front of you doesn't mean to hurt yourself at all.

    The puppy seemed to understand Ye Tians words and walked to Ye Tians side and rubbed Ye Tian, then exposed his hind legs to Ye Tian. Ye Tian took a closer look and found Guo. There is a very sharp needle on the leg.

    This kind of real Ye Tian can be seen at a glance, and it is definitely not something that humans can use. After all, this kind of hidden weapon should be used by people of the demon race, so the difficulty is immediately known. It must be that the people who had the Demon Capital wanted to hunt him down and take it as their own, so this caused him to be injured. Moreover, the Demon Race's case was not only a hidden weapon, but also a very serious incident under him. Demon breath, so if you change to an ordinary person, if you can withstand this shot, it is estimated that you will not be able to survive long ago, not to mention that you are here alive and kicking.

    "Do you want me to help you win this root? Do you feel very uncomfortable, but I don't know under what circumstances you were injured. Can you tell me what you know? "

    After looking at it, Ye Tian decided to remove the light for him first. After all, if he really said it now, then he probably wouldnt understand it, because even though Ye Tian did a lot of things. The talent, but he still has no talent at all in understanding the words of Warcraft.

    What's more, a lot of monsters basically need to sign a contract with their masters, and the masters can understand what they are talking about. Otherwise, according to normal principles, no one will be able to listen. Understand the words of Warcraft.

    Ye Tian could also see that the little white dog in front of him was trying very hard to tell himself what had happened, but he couldn't understand what he said at all, so he had to take his time now. Help him treat the wound first, and then talk about it later. You can also look at Rhubarb to see if you can translate what they said.

    The little white dog became more and more anxious when he saw that Ye Tian couldnt understand what he was saying, but no matter how hard he jumped and the difficulty was moderate, he couldnt understand what he was talking about, so after a while, he too Getting more and more anxious, Ye Tian looked at him like this, but patted her little head helplessly.

    "You can rest assured, now I don't understand what you are saying, so you should take a good and quiet rest. I will treat your wound first, and after a while, when it's dawn, I will take you there. I met a few friends, they should be able to understand what you are saying, then you can just tell me what you want to say, and I will definitely not hurt you.

    After all, if you can summon me, it definitely means that you chose me, so naturally I wont be able to run over and hurt you. Besides, Ive always been very kind, so if Im You haven't done anything wrong, then I will naturally protect you. "

    Just like Ye Tian said, although the rumors outside said that Ye Tian was cold-blooded and unselfish, but Ye Tian himself knew the truth. I still like small animals very much in my heart. I used to raise a puppy to accompany me in another world, but after the puppy died later, I never raised any pets. Now Suddenly seeing this little white dog felt a very cordial feeling, but Ye Tian also knew that he was definitely not an ordinary little white dog. Otherwise, it would be impossible to get a shot like this from the Mozu. I am alive and anxious here.

    So Ye Tian must be very clear about this. This is not the little white dog before him, and he can't easily look down on him, so Ye Tian knows that after saving him now It must be the best way. Otherwise, I don't know how to continue communicating with him, so I can only wait for Rhubarb and the others to come after dawn.