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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 789 - SSU 789

    Chapter 789: Ears Are Cocooned

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    As long as the thought of Jia Qingqingyun Feiluan's whole person suddenly became energetic, I don't know why, anyway, in Yun Feiluan's heart, Jia Qingqing is just like a very girl. Although in everyones eyes it may be just a normal behavior many times, but in Yun Feiluan, it seems that this behavior may not be able to be done by others, but once it is changed to Jia Qingqing, it is done. , It will become very different, very special, making her seem to feel very comfortable in her heart.

    "Okay, I'm not here to listen to you anymore. These words have been heard from you these days, and my ears are getting calluses. If I continue to listen, then I can't bear it. Anyway. Although it's too early, he shouldn't be asleep yet. I guess he's still waiting for you on the eaves. You can go up and try your luck."

    After listening to Ye Tians words, Yun Feiluan did not continue to say anything. He left directly. After arriving on the eaves, he found Jia Qingqing sitting on it alone, not knowing what he was doing. It seemed that he was waiting. Myself, but it seems to be bored looking at the moon.

    "I dont know if he will come to me tonight. Its true. I have just expressed my intentions with me. I always have to run around during this period of time, so I often never see him. On the one hand, I dont know if anything happened to him in this TV costume. I dont know whats going on in his body. This feeling is really very uncomfortable.

    Jia Qingqing didnt know where to get a dog, Ibah was playing boringly here, and really didnt know what was wrong, she always felt that she missed a particular dog, Yun Feiluan always wanted to let her Yun Feiluan appeared in front of her immediately, but Jia Qingqing also knew.

    Yun Feiluan and Ye Tian are two people who do important things, so they must deal with a lot of things on weekdays, how can they have time to be by their side all the time?

    So, even though I was thinking about Yun Feiluan, I can only wait here now to see if I can try my luck. Jia Qingqing knows that if I disturb Yun Feiluan at this time, then he will appear to be real. It was too disobedient. After all, Ye Tian had already said that it was best not to go out and hide in the veins. It must be the safest. Otherwise, what happened would definitely make everyone very worried.

    Naturally, Jia Qingqing doesnt want to be the drag oil bottle, but as long as he thinks that everyone is outside, and then stays alone in the vein, he feels uncomfortable and feels like he has been abandoned. Ran out sneakily.

    But fortunately, Ye Tian was not very angry because of this incident, he just smiled, but in this case, Jia Qingqing also knows that Ye Tian actually blamed himself a bit, after all, his strength is among everyone. It is the weakest. If it comes out, once it is placed, it is very easy for bad people to think badly.

    Even if Ye Tian and himself analyzed these things later, how could Jia Qingqing not know the meaning of this? He himself is the person who knows the most clearly, but if he is allowed to stay in that cold vein , He really didn't want to.

    Even though the inside is really like what Ye Tian said, the aura is several times more abundant than outside, and there can be a feeling that makes the whole body comfortable, but Jia Qingqing still thinks that he will make her heart very uncomfortable inside. Stability, after all, everyone is outside. If you say that once something happens, even if you say that safety is safe, it is the last one. Until something happens to everyone, so he said he took risks for this. I also want to run out to take a look.

    I also want to be by everyone's side. Even if I say that my current strength is not good, it is very likely to be dangerous, and even one accidentally covers my life, but Jia Qingqing still has that clinging in his heart. Read it.

    Ye Tian naturally knew Jia Qingqings thoughts, so after seeing Jia Qingqing, he looked very clear. After all, if Jia Qingqing didnt come, it would make Ye Tianjiao strange. I got a Yun Feiluan, and then suddenly changed his personality. Obviously this is impossible.

    Ye Tian also knew early on that Jia Qingqing would definitely come out with everyone. After all, everyone had already come out. If he was left alone, although there were other disciples, the relationship was not that close after all.

    In addition, Jia Qingqing originally belonged to the kind of person who would not hide his mind from others, so if he were to throw it into the vein at this time, it would really be torturing him.

    For some verbose words, it would be better to let Jia Qingqing come out together. After all, everyone is outside now, even if they are sitting in danger, it must be dangerous. Dont let Jia Qingqing be alone, thats fine. .

    And now Yun Feiluan is also outside, and the relationship between the two people belongs to that kind of sweet and sweet time. If we separate the two of them rashly now, it will definitely make the already very strong feelings. Immediately he poured a basin of cold water on it, and Ye Tian was not used to being the villain by himself. After all, he would rather demolish ten temples than destroy a relative.

    "The moon tonight is really pretty."

    After Yun Feiluan saw Jia Qingqing again, he felt that his whole body suddenly became more relaxed, and he didn't know why, as long as he saw Jia Qingqing, he would feel particularly satisfied.

    "I just don't know what the people watching the moon are thinking, but I look at the people watching the moon better than today's moon."

    Jia Qingqing alone was looking bored at the dog's tail grass that was swaying in the wind. After hearing a familiar voice suddenly, the whole person became energetic. There must be no other voice besides Yun Feiluan. People, after all, this voice has been heard for him for a long time.

    Before Yun Feiluan wore the curtain and just listened to the voice, Jia Qingqing could hear that this must be a very gentle man, even when it came to the first time I heard Yun Feiluans host Jia Qingqing felt that the voice was very familiar, so when he heard this voice, he knew immediately that Yun Feiluan must be here.

    But after all, the two have not been alone for a long time, so Jia Qingqing, who doesnt know how now, has become a little bit shy. The personality that would have turned his head and chat with Yun Feiluan has suddenly changed. It was a little bit twisted, after all, the relationship between the two people was really ambiguous, and Jia Qingqing didn't know what the two people were right now.

    "Why are you here? The chat with the master has already been measured. The group of people who caught them must not be simple people. After all, their strength is not very weak. It must be a lot of money. Thoughts, but why did you send them back all of a sudden?"