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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 786 - SSU 786

    Chapter 786: Can't Fight Back

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    "Elder Dongfang, a few of them have gone back safely. It seems that after they went back, they ate directly with Ye Tian, and nothing particularly strange happened."

    Dongfang Maolin would definitely not rest assured to let them go back on their own, after all, this time things had already caused such a big disturbance. If there are people behind who want to borrow their hands and treat them no matter what, then in the end they will be in great trouble.

    After all, it is already difficult for them to admit it. They have agreed to them here, saying that they will be sent back properly, but naturally it is impossible for them to be taken away by others halfway. Otherwise, in the end, there is really no way to tell.

    "It doesn't matter what they are doing, it's fine if they leave anyway. In the future, I must never come back to cause trouble to this group of spirits. Everyone is really unreasonable and unforgiving, and what they say is that way. It's ugly, and I really don't know how they did it? It has long been heard that human beings are very sinister and cunning. I didn't expect it to be like this. It was beyond my expectations. "

    Dongfang Maolin is almost out of anger now. After all, after that incident, this time he really knew how insidious and cunning Ye Tian was, but after thinking about it, he really made him It feels very strange. After all, how could Ye Tian do such a wonderful job this time? And how can you know that you will definitely send them back safely.

    "Elder Eastern, what did you say?"

    The person who came to reply to Dongfang Maolin was a disciple of the school in the previous reading show, not a member of the demon race, so now that he heard what Dongfang Maolin said, humans would naturally find it very strange, is it Dongfang Mao Isn't Lin a human?

    "No, nothing, I just think that they are so different from us. After all, how can one brain make so fast, and what is in the mouth is not merciless at all, just now. It was a little gaffe for a while.

    If there is nothing to do, then you can go back. I have to think carefully about what I should do next, maybe I will go back to the martial arts after a while. So you also reassure the people below, don't continue to be restless, I know what they think in their hearts, I naturally want to go back sooner than them. "

    Dongfang Maolin was also frightened and broke out in a cold sweat, after all, this time it was indeed that he accidentally exposed him in front of other people. But fortunately, I can just tell a lie casually and round it up.

    Otherwise, I really dont know what to do. After all, Dongfang Maolin also knows that human beings are very shocking to the demons, so no matter what, if other people know their true identity, In the end, it will definitely end up in an uncomfortable end, and this point is definitely to hide his identity.

    Although the disciple said that Dongfang Maolin had become very strange now, but after all, this was his elder. So I didn't think too much, and I definitely couldn't think of the person in front of me in my mind. Although the face has not changed at all from the previous one, in fact the soul is no longer the previous soul.

    After the person left, Dongfang Maoling felt that the big rock he had picked up in her heart had been put down. Indeed, he had been living a life of fear and fear during this period. I am afraid that one day I accidentally expose my true identity.

    After all, although his current body is definitely not for others to see. What is the other difference between himself and before, this is the body of the original master, but the most important thing is that he was originally from the Demon Race.

    Therefore, the demon aura on the body is still very strong, if there is no specific method to hide it. It will definitely leak out more or less, and these disciples may not feel it now, because their strength is really too bad.

    But if you didn't finish the matter in the recent period of time, and then get away, then you will really follow them back to the martial arts, you will definitely be discovered by those in the martial arts who are stronger than their original masters.

    So when you go back, you will definitely meet some close people. Although it is said that the soul of the original owner still exists in his body, it is indeed possible to ask him some information about this, but Dongfang Maolin still I feel that I definitely don't have this strength. It is possible to do well this time, so the most important thing now is to quickly handle the matter in a short time, and a quick decision is the best way.

    "Who can imagine that Ye Tian is so treacherous and cunning? It's more trouble than I had originally done. I originally thought that within these few days, he would definitely be able to force his secrets out. But now I want to come. I must have made his thinking too simple. It is no wonder that so many people tried to fight him before and ended up in such a terrible end."

    Dongfang Maolin recalled the demons he had seen against Ye Tian before. Basically, none of them could escape Ye Tian's hand. At the beginning, he thought it was because of the strength of those people. too poor.

    That's why Ye Tian can't beat him. But now he seems to feel that things are not so simple, and Ye Tian is not the kind of man he thinks in his mind.

    "Is it just like they said, at the beginning, I looked in the wrong direction? Shouldn't I really come over to provoke Ye Tian? Is he really someone I can't afford to recruit? Shouldn't it be this way Son of it, just relying on my strong strength, why can't I beat him? There must be something unexpected in this.

    Otherwise, it is certain that things will not turn out like this in the end. Someone around me must have smuggled the news. Otherwise, how could Ye Tian know again and again what I am going to do next. "

    Dongfang Maolin had no idea how to continue going down, and for the first time he had a thought of retreating. After all, in his opinion, Ye Tian is indeed a very terrifying existence. Because he didn't fight Ye Tian, it was as simple as thinking of Ye Tian. I think I must have no problem. Another point is that it is too arrogant and arrogant, so this station will think that Ye Tian must be his own defeat.

    But after real contact with Ye Tian now, she realized that she seemed to be no match for Ye Tian. Moreover, everything that Ye Tian did was very strange to him. Although it was strange, each one had a very tricky angle, so that he didn't know how to respond or how to respond. How to fight back.