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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 785 - SSU 785

    Chapter 785: Learn From Mistakes

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    "I don't know what's going on. Anyway, when we were taken away at the beginning, we were taken to a small courtyard. No matter what, we couldn't get out. It seemed that we were put under some sort of formation.

    And to be honest, at the beginning, they didn't treat us like kidnapping us. They always ate and drank, and they didn't let anyone come to threaten us. So when we didn't see them in person at the beginning, we really don't know who took us away. Therefore, I have always felt very scared in my heart. After all, I am most afraid of such things that do not know the roots. "

    After Ye Tian and Yun Feiluan heard what they said, they naturally understood very well. After all, they were suddenly taken to a strange place, and they couldnt get out of anything. They didnt know who was behind the scenes. This feeling is indeed a kind of fear in people's hearts.

    "But I would like to thank the headmaster for talking to them this time. Otherwise, we might not have been released yet. After all, they have never meant to release us, and no one has come out. Talk to us. It's just that we have food delivered to us at a fixed time."

    After the three of them heard Ye Tian and Dongfang Maoling had a conversation, they were very excited. Originally, they thought that Ye Tian must have been kidnapped by Dongfang Maoling. But now it seems that the men's football has already made these things very clear, and they are still striving for very good benefits for themselves in the negotiation, otherwise they will not let them entertain themselves so well.

    Ye Tian just smiled about this matter. After all, Ye Tian also knew that there was no need to explain this kind of thing too much. After explaining too much, it would appear to be too deliberate, so they think what they like. , I definitely wouldn't tell them that I was invited away.

    "If this is the case, you will definitely have to practice harder in the future. It's just a few sips of wine, so you can be taken away by others so casually. Then if there really is something big in the future If it happens, what else do you do?

    So there is still a point here for you to reflect on it carefully. Although it is said that you can come back safely this time, but who knows what kind of people will come to trouble us next time, if it is really that kind Desperadoes, then maybe your life is really lost now. "

    Regarding this point, Yun Feiluan did still feel that the vigilance of these three people was really too weak, after all, they could be taken away by others in this Tianyun City. Then it can directly show how much they feel that nothing will happen to them now, and whether they are in a safe place on weekdays, they must still have some guard in their hearts.

    "This time your head can protect you once, but it doesn't mean that he can be by your side every time in the future, and he can support you every time.

    So the most important thing in the future is to rely on yourself. If you don't have such a heart, then we don't have any need to be like this. We have always been thinking about your safety. "

    Yun Feiluan also knew that at this time, Ye Tian would definitely not be able to continue to say anything, so at this time the bad guys might as well let him do it. Anyway, he has already agreed to enter the Heavenly Sword Gate. The honorary elder of, that must be to take care of the disciples below. It was true that their vigilance was too weak this time. If they were to be people in their own house, they would definitely not be like this.

    "Elder Yun's lesson is that in the future, we will definitely pay attention to our own safety. After all, people live in this world for this life. If we are really lost so casually, we will definitely not have another life. You can find it again."

    Ye Tian looked at Yun Feiluan teaching them, but he thought it was a little funny. After all, Yun Feiluan was actually a group of people very similar to them on weekdays, and he would never consider whether he would do this thing. in danger. However, due to Yun Feiluan's relatively strong strength, he would basically not encounter any major dangers, and this had already substantially determined the difference between him and them.

    But even if this were the case, Ye Tian would definitely not be able to reveal Yun Feiluan's bottom on the spot here. If this were the case, maybe Yun Feiluan would really turn his face with him.

    "This time, lets stop here. I dont want you to continue to encounter any dangers in the future. After all, as Yun Feiluan said just now, I cant be by your side all the time. , So this time I just happened to be by your side.

    If you put it in the future, I can't guarantee whether you will be able to protect you. You must still pay attention to it. If you don't even pay attention to it, then I will do nothing in vain. "

    Ye Tian felt that it was time for him to come out and beat them. After all, Yun Feiluan had already said what he should say just now, and he would naturally save that part of his tongue now.

    But after thinking about it, I really feel that this time things were handled too simplistically. After all, why would Dongfang Maoling send them back so directly?

    "This time the gift he gave you, you just keep it for yourself. I also looked at it just now, there is no big problem, it is all things you can use right now, so he is really I have a heart, and I have prepared these things for you. If this is the case, he has already given it to you. Then you can accept it without any worries. Anyway, its all the things given by others. If you dont take it for nothing, its just right. They are all things that are responsible for your current cultivation level and are of great help, so after you take it, you will definitely need to cultivate well in the future to improve your strength.

    He took you away these few days, and indeed there is a lump in your heart, and I hope that you can raise your vigilance in the future, just as you have learned a lesson, but dont Then he left so casually. "

    After hearing what Ye Tian said, the three of them were naturally very happy. They could also see that this time Dongfang Maolin gave them all good things. So if it is given to them, it will definitely help their cultivation. But if Ye Tian didn't speak, it was naturally impossible for them to directly tell Ye Tian that they wanted this thing.

    Now Ye Tian just opened his mouth to return these things to them. They really dont know how to thank Ye Tian in their hearts. After all, things may be useless to Ye Tian, but they are very useful to them. Gone