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    Chapter 784: Gift

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    Seeing them, Ye Tian still felt a little gratified. After all, Dongfang Maoling had already said that at the time. They still didnt move. Instead, they just went back, but Ye Tian felt that it was very much inside. Comfortable, after all, this is the person in his school.

    "I'll be back when I come back, so why are you asking? Since they've all come back, let's sit down and have a good meal together."

    Regarding what they said, Ye Tian naturally didn't have any idea about this matter. After all, the main thing this time had nothing to do with them.

    If it is said that the person who matters most is himself, it is not because of his own words, the people on their side will not target these little guys in his school, so when he actually thought of this, Ye Tian still felt in his heart There is some guilt.

    Lin Yunan and the others originally thought that they would be Yifan Ye Tianze when they came back this time. After all, it was indeed because they were playful, so they said they were kidnapped by others, but now Ye Tian is a little bit different. There were no other feelings, and it immediately made them feel their whole body relaxed. After all, if Ye Tian really wanted to punish his mother-in-law, they must have no opinion at all, because they were wrong.

    "Although you don't care about these things about us, to be honest, we still feel a little sad. After all, we have heard others say that you have been looking for me during this period of time?

    In fact, if it weren't because we were too greedy for fun, it wouldn't be what we would end up with, so you can rest assured that you are the boss. Next time we will not just go to such a place casually, and we will also pay attention to our own safety. "

    Lin Yunan did not continue to speak. Instead, the people around him began to talk. Although they were very proud and unyielding inside and outside, when they were really in front of Ye Tian, they were all very unyielding. Respectful look. After all, in their hearts, Ye Tian is the most powerful person in the world, and Ye Tianping is very good to them, and they are convinced by Ye Tian.

    After hearing these words, Ye Tian was actually moved in his heart, after all, even though they were taken away because of their own affairs. But it is very good for them to have this kind of consciousness. If they change to another person, it is estimated that after they have said the words just now, they will just treat it as nothing happened.

    "If you can think about it this way, it is naturally good. The most important thing is that you have returned safely now. If you didn't come back safely this time, then I would naturally look for the old Eastern thief.

    In fact, in the final analysis, the most important thing this time is because of his grievances with me, that's why it will rise to your side. After all, I definitely shouldn't care about you this time. "

    After Ye Tian finished speaking, they greeted them to come over to eat. This time Ye Wan'er prepared a lot of things, so naturally there is no problem with the addition of three people.

    "By the way, this is a gift that Dongfang Maoling gave us when we were leaving. Although we don't know why they want to give us gifts, we think it is better to give this thing to you. After all, stay with us. Here, we really feel that there are some discomforts in our hearts, and there is always a pimple there. After all, if these things are really used for us, then we may really not use them, who knows in the end Is it good or bad."

    After eating, the three of them all consciously handed over the things Dongfang Mao you gave them and showed them to Ye Tian. After all, for them, they were very disdainful of these things. The first point is because this thing was given to them by Dongfang Maoling, and the second point is because they feel that these things are not clean.

    "I just said it casually before. I didn't expect that he would actually give you some gifts. This really made me feel a little curious. What exactly would he give you?"

    Ye Tianxin naturally knew that Dongfang Maolin's body was not a real human being, but a demon soul. Therefore, I am naturally very curious about the gifts he sent out, whether it is related to the Demon Race, if it is really related to the Demon Race, then naturally it can't be used by them.

    After all, Ye Tian said it very early before. If these things are related to the Demon Race, they will definitely not make the people around him fat. After all, you only need to touch the Demon Race's things forever. It is impossible to give up, and the whole life can only be so muddled.

    Fortunately, after receiving the item, Ye Tian felt it, and did not feel that there was any different aura inside. After opening it, he found that there were a few small weapons and a few ore. They all looked very good. Not bad.

    So just judging from these few gifts, we can know that Dufa Maolin should have lost the money this time. Otherwise, it would be impossible to give such a good thing to these disciples.

    After all, although these things are relatively ordinary to Ye Tian, if they are really put outside and replaced in a few small schools, they are all very precious things.

    "Unexpectedly this time, he really got the money. Is he so scared? Later, you will continue to trouble him. It is really funny. If so, just don't come to us at the beginning. , He already knew we were the ones he couldn't afford to offend.

    If that is the case, then why dig a hole for yourself and jump into it yourself? I really don't understand. Is it that their brains are different from ours? Or they think that Qi is too simple, or they really want to give us something, otherwise there is no need to use this method. "

    After seeing these things, Yun Feiluan laughed out loud. Originally, he had the same thoughts as Ye Tian, and felt that these things must be more or less related to the people of the Demon Race. Well, after all, the soul in its body belongs to the demons. So thinking inertia would definitely make him come up with something related to the demons.

    But now not only these things have nothing to do with the demons, but they are all considered good things in the human world. Therefore, Yun Feiluan naturally finds it very funny, but he also really doesnt understand why Dongfang Maoling was so expensive this time. It should be not only because he was afraid that Ye Tian must have other reasons, or else completely. There is no need to do this.

    So this point made her feel very strange, because no matter what aspect of public or private, he didn't need to present such a gift at all. At most, he just took something to deal with it casually. is allowed.

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