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    Chapter 783: Untitled

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    Hearing the sound coming from the door, everyone turned their heads together and found Jia Qingqing angrily standing at the door, looking at the group of people in front of them. Looking at this group of people, he didn't know whether he should cry or laugh.

    Although he also knew that Ye Tian had to deal with those address matters when he came out, of course it was difficult, mainly referring to the two people coming out with Yun Feiluan, then he could still accept some in his heart. But now they are not the only two. Instead, Ye Wan'er and everyone have basically come out. If you continue to stay in the vein, doesn't it make him feel very aggrieved, it is simply unacceptable.

    He was originally a person who likes to play, and after he doesn't have such a familiar price around him, he will feel that his sense of security in his stomach is instantly eliminated. Although he is always carefree on weekdays, in the final analysis he is still very insecure, so naturally I hope that there will be more familiar friends around him.

    This will make Jia Qingqing feel more at ease. In fact, Jia Qingqing and Ye Wan'er have very similar personalities. It's just that Jia Qingqing doesn't show it in the daily life, but deep down, he still longs for someone around him. Always be with myself.

    "There is no such thing. Actually, I didn't want Ye Wan'er to come with me at the beginning, but there is no way. He just wants to follow. Then I can't stop him from coming. If I don't let him come. , Who knows if he has exercised good training in the veins? If so, it would be better to be in the inn. Although it was indeed dangerous, he also said that he would call them rhubarb. Come here, then, if this is the case, there is naturally a guarantee of safety.

    In the final analysis, this time I did leave you behind. I want to apologize to you for this, but now that you have all come out, lets have a meal together. Maybe its been a long time since Ye Wan'er did it together. Its over, to be honest, I really miss it. Don't worry, next time you will definitely not leave you alone. "

    After Ye Tian heard what Jia Qingqing said, he immediately understood that Jia Qingqing was actually very lonely and insecure in his heart, so naturally he hoped that there would be a few people around him with him, at least that way. The words will not make Jia Qingqing feel abandoned by others.

    After all, Jia Qingqing's experience has been more bumpy since childhood. In addition, the body is not good since childhood, so I always hear outsiders say something. If you dont raise your body well, you will be abandoned by your parents. If these words are heard by a child since childhood, then naturally there will be a very big trauma in the heart. It is just that he himself does not show it. But Ye Tian was still very clear.

    Yun Feiluan didnt know why. When Jia Qingqing saw this, he felt distressed in his heart. Maybe he couldnt see the others, but Yun Feiluan could see it. Jia Qingqing was seeing the group in front of him. When I was a person, there was a flash of injury in my eyes. It also made Yun Feiluan feel that he hadn't brought Jia Qingqing by his side at the time, and he wanted to tie Jia Qingqing to his waistband with a rope.

    "Yes, yes, you can rest assured. If you say where I am going in the future, I will definitely take you away. As long as it is where you want to go, I will also take you. For safety You don't have to think about it at all. I definitely have the strength to protect you.

    So if there is any place you want to go in the future, you can boldly tell me directly, I will definitely not refute you, uh, and the two of us will have a very long time together in the future, so I also hope that we Two people can get along well. "

    Jia Qingqing, who was still a little annoyed, was already very comfortable after listening to Ye Tians words, but after hearing Yun Feiluans words, her face turned red all of a sudden, and she didnt know why Yun Feiluan. You can say these things without blushing and breathing, and in front of so many people, Jia Qingqing felt embarrassed all of a sudden

    "What are you talking about? Who wants to get along well with you? Who wants to go here and there with you? I'm an innocent girl, and now what you have said has become It looks like this. Dont be like this next time, otherwise I dont know how to explain it. I havent said what to do with you."

    Jia Qingqing has already stammered a bit, and everyone naturally knows what the situation inside is like. Therefore, I didn't continue to fight Jia Qingqing. After all, although Jia Qingqing said that his personality on weekdays looks very bold, but in fact, there are still a lot of little girls in his heart. Now if I continue to joke about Jia Qingqing, it is estimated that Jia Qingqing will blush for one night.

    But Jia Qingqing is already like this, and some people still dont understand the madness. Yun Feiluan is such a fool. Seeing Jia Qingqing like this, he thought that Jia Qingqing was shy, so he immediately continued. Continued.

    "I know all this, and you don't need to be shy, but after all, everyone already knows our affairs. So it's nothing to be generous, and I have already said enough that I will protect you well. But Naturally, you will definitely be well protected in the future, just like Ye Tian protects Ye Wan'er, so as long as you want, you just ask me directly. I will give you everything I can do. It's done properly.

    If those things are beyond my ability, I will work very hard to help you. I will definitely be able to pick the moon from the stars, so I just say you just be more generous, and nothing at all. You must be shy. After all, this kind of thing is very normal, and everyone can definitely understand it. "

    When the people around Yun Feiluan heard Yun Feiluan suddenly say this, they almost laughed out loud, but since Jia Qingqing is still here now, if they say they are laughing now, it must be Will scare Jia Qingqing away.

    So I still held it back secretly. Jia Qingqing was also very helpless seeing Yun Feiluan's appearance. I simply couldn't think of why there are such stupid people in the world, so I just ignored him.

    Just when a few people were about to sit down, Ye Tian looked at the sky, and estimated that the three kidnapped lads should have returned by now. How come this hour has not come back? ?

    "Master, we come back to please sin."

    Just when Ye Tian was still thinking about whether to go out and take a look, suddenly Lin Yunan's voice came. When Ye Tian heard this voice, who was the one who immediately realized it? My heart was also completely relieved, after all, I didn't see them coming back, but I was really worried.