The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 958 - TPNOFW 958

    Chapter 958: Home

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    Liu Shengnan never thought that this real estate certificate had his name written on it. And all the columns are also written independently.

    Therefore, this house is now legally its own. I own a house worth tens of millions!

    Liu Shengnan's heartbeat speeded up suddenly, and when he picked up his mobile phone, he was about to call Li Jianfei, wanting to ask him what it meant. But if you call him this phone, it doesn't mean that you have already come here, otherwise you won't see the real estate certificate.

    At the last moment, Liu Shengnan resisted the impulse and put the phone back in his bag. But he left the house the fastest.

    When I went out to a cold drink shop and ate a large glass of ice cream, my beating heart slowly calmed down. Recalling that with Li Jianfei, he was sincere when he realized every scene, every word he had said, and every look he had exchanged with Li Jianfei. But he lied to him again and again. As if now, he went to the house like a thief, still dare not let Li Jianfei know.

    I always felt that I was an upright person, but in front of Li Jianfei, I became a shameless clown. Obviously like it, but dare not admit it. He obviously went to the house, but didn't dare to admit it.

    Liu Shengnan is not a vain girl. If she really wants a house with Fairview, Li Bei can also buy it. But if you take the initiative to buy and open your mouth are two concepts.

    A man's willingness to spend money on a woman cannot tell the whole story, at least it expresses his sincerity.

    Li Jianfei has been using various methods to convey his sincerity, but what about himself?

    Liu Shengnan made a decision. Perhaps the decision was impulsive, but she wanted to listen to Panpan's words and follow her heart.

    From the cold drink shop, Liu Shengnan went to the home city. I chose my favorite sofa, coffee table, bed, dining table, curtains, kitchen appliances.

    When swiping the card, she used Li Jianfei's salary card. She was sending a message to Li Jianfei, and I began to decorate that home.

    Li Jianfei looked at the newly arrived shopping card information on his mobile phone, and the corners of his lips couldn't help but raise the old high.

    The assistant asked: "Manager Li, what's the matter so happy."

    Li Jianfei put away the phone: "My wife sent me a message, saying that she missed me."

    As expected, what Wu Yan said was right. Facing Liu Shengnan's escape, all he had to do was to be proactive and sincere. If you indulge Liu Shengnan's escape, then she will escape for a lifetime and suffer for a lifetime. And I will regret it for a lifetime.

    You retreat, I enter. You retreat and I enter again. When the escaping person retreats to nowhere, he will try to reconcile himself once. And this reconciliation is Li Jianfei's only chance.

    Li Jianfei first liked Liu Shengnan because of her nonchalant "sex" style. Little by little, it was because of her kindness. And deciding that she must not be responsible for her in this life is after fully understanding her childhood.

    Li Jianfei felt sorry for the psychological trauma Liu Shengnan suffered, and he wanted to give Liu Shengnan the love and warmth he needed for the rest of his life. Every man has a hero complex in his heart and wants to be the hero of his beloved woman.

    It took a week for Li Jianfei to finish his work on a business trip. When he got on the plane, he sent a message to Liu Shengnan: I'm on the plane and I am going home.

    Waiting for a long time, did not wait for news. I wonder if Liu Shengnan's sometimes smart and sometimes "confused" head can know the information revealed in his message. Or did she not read the news at all?

    Anxious all the way, I thought of a hundred possibilities in my mind.

    After getting off the plane, the assistant asked while driving, "Manager Li, where are we going?"

    "Go to Jinxiuyuan." Li Jianfei held a pink box in his arms and looked at the box when he spoke.

    The assistant saw the gentleness of the boss's eyes in the rearview mirror, and the goose bumps were all up. The box must be a gift the boss bought for his wife. He just doesn't know any precious things. He can't touch it all the way. He holds it all by himself.

    Li Jianfei carried the box behind him and pressed the password to open the door.

    At eight o'clock in the evening, the room was lit with a warm yellow "color". There is a sweet and deadly romantic drama on the TV, the window is open, and the light blue "color" screen moves with the breeze in the window. The fabric sofa looks warm, there is a vase on the wood-grained coffee table, and a few tulips in the vase are blooming. An oval-shaped glass fish tank is placed on the short table, in which a few big-eyed goldfish are swimming freely in the water plants.

    On the dining table were crispy fish in sugar, grilled ribs, celery and shrimp, spoonful beef, sauteed okra, and broccoli with garlic. The six dishes have meat and vegetables, and they seem to be delicious. A spinach meatball tofu soup was still steaming, apparently just brought to the table.

    I still read my own news, I still know my thoughts. Its just that the dishes are ready, how about people?

    Li Jianfei put the box with his back on the dining table and turned to find someone.

    There were no two bedrooms, and there was a rushing sound from the bathroom.

    Li Jianfei's heart jumped wildly. Liu Shengnan is taking a shower, she...she...

    Swallowing in his throat, he was still a boy for twenty-eight years.

    The bathroom door suddenly opened, and Liu Shengnan suddenly appeared at the door and gave Li Jianfei a fright. The boss stared up, looking at Liu Shengnan's wet hair and slender white neck... Loose cotton t-shirt, jeans? Carrying a big "hair" towel in his hand.

    It's not a bath, but I just washed my head...

    The romantic meeting scene designed by the two people in their hearts resulted in one standing in the bathroom and the other standing outside the bathroom, all embarrassing.

    "I... my hair smells of oily smoke. I washed it a bit." Liu Shengnan was annoyed that this guy would come back ten minutes later, and he dried his hair and tied it up, not appearing so deliberately.

    "Oh, I... came back." Li Jianfei was annoyed. If he prepared himself, I didn't mean to say these words that are not salty or not.

    What the two people said was all nonsense, and the faces of the two were even redder than the other.

    Liu Shengnan coughed slightly, "Do you want to wash it too?"

    "I didn't bring a change of clothes." Li Jianfei regretted not bringing up the suitcase.

    Liu Shengnan frowned: "I just want you to wash your hair and face, who asked you to take a bath and change clothes?"

    Li Jianfei: "...well, I think too much."

    "Then you wash your face, I'll go to serve the meal." Liu Shengnan quickly wiped his hair, staggering Li Jianfei.

    "I bought you a gift. At the dining table, you go and take it apart." Li Jianfei's voice came from behind.

    It is always a pleasure to receive a gift. Liu Shengnan saw a big pink box on the dining table and didn't know what was inside.

    clothes? package? Shoes? It's nothing more than these things when men give gifts to women.

    I still like this pink box. When I was young, I liked pink color, but my father didn't allow it. He said that color was too squeamish. When I grow up I like pink "color", I was said to be too rustic. So you can only secretly like it.

    Gently opened the box, his eyes lit up suddenly. It turned out to be a beautiful Barbie doll. The full set includes not only a blonde doll, but also many sets of small clothes, small shoes, and small bags.

    Oh my God, the Barbie doll that I dreamed of in childhood. Of course, because of her father, she could only hold back her dream and go to play with cars and water guns. But I dont know how envious it is to see that sister Panpan has so many Barbie dolls.

    But this is Li Jianfei sent to himself? There must be a mistake. How could he give his children something to play with. I am an adult now.

    Reached out to open it, then retracted. But looking inside through the package is already very satisfied.

    "Open it if you like it." Li Jianfei's voice suddenly appeared behind him.

    Liu Shengnan quickly retracted his hand: "This is a Barbie doll. You can't take the wrong gift."

    "I only brought a gift for you on my business trip. How could I make a mistake." Li Jianfei picked up the box and looked at it: "This doll is the best looking doll in the mall. Look at the pouted little mouth. Isn't it particularly like you?"

    I praised me for being good-looking, this guy would just say it if he wanted to, and he was so oblivious.

    Liu Shengnan didn't talk back to Li Jianfei for the first time, but asked: "Why would you give me this? Only children like such naive things."

    "Children here represent innocence, innocence, and cuteness. It's not as naive as you think. If you think this gift is worthless, or don't like it, then give it to me and I will bring it to you next time I travel... "

    "This is the best gift. The gift in my heart is never measured by money!" Liu Shengnan was afraid that Li Jianfei would return the gift, so he hugged it and put it in the bedroom.

    Li Jianfei smiled when he saw that Liu Shengnan liked the gift he gave. I was really hungry when I sat at the dining table and looked at a table that was delicious. In order to get home quickly, he hasn't eaten anything for a day.

    Liu Shengnan hid the good things to serve at the table and served Li Jianfei a bowl of warm soup.

    "Have you studied specifically?" Li Jianfei took a delicious bite of fish, and the ribs were also delicious, almost swallowing his tongue in his stomach. He has eaten many five-star hotels, but this is the first time he has eaten such delicious home cooking.

    "What?" Liu Shengnan was puzzled.

    "I'm asking if you have learned to cook. It's delicious, especially delicious." Li Jianfei came from a wealthy family, but now he doesn't have a wealthy temperament. Talking and eating, like a beggar who has been hungry for three days.

    Liu Shengnan is quite proud: "This may be a talent."

    "This kind of talent is really good, I have taken it. You eat it too, really, really delicious."

    Li Jianfei said two things were particularly delicious, which shows how delicious the meal is.

    Liu Shengnan and Li Jianfei have eaten together before, but eating in a restaurant and a place where they belong to two people, its completely different when they eat. There is no "chaos" or anxiety in my heart, but at ease, inexplicably at ease.


    When decorating this house and putting in the things I like, I think it is a home in my heart. But now, when the man he likes sits opposite to eat with him, the feeling of home becomes even stronger.

    After eating a full meal, Li Jianfei took the initiative to clean the dishes. Liu Shengnan felt sorry for Li Jianfei on a business trip, and the long-distance flight was too tired to let him wash the dishes, but he insisted.

    Okay, then I'll go see my baby.

    Liu Shengnan rubbed his hands and got into the bedroom, put the Barbie doll on the bed, carefully unpacked the big doll, took out the big doll, braided the doll, changed skirts, and put on high heels. It was a joy to play.

    Li Jianfei gently pushed the door open a crack, and saw Liu Shengnan kneeling on the bed, which was covered with Barbie doll clothes and accessories. She couldn't turn her eyes away, she smiled like a child.

    Li Jianfei closed the door gently again, walked to another bedroom, and called Wu Yan: "Thank you Wu Yan, she really likes the gift you recommended."

    "Jian Fei, people who have been injured will use a hard shell to protect themselves. But if they are willing to give up the hard shell, it means that they are willing to expose the softest and weakest side to you. Jian Fei, you start today, Not only must there be love for Shengnan, but also responsibility. Otherwise..."

    "Wu Yan, nothing else. In the future, I will not "force" step by step. I will go with the flow and everything will go with the flow. I will not force her to do anything she doesn't like."

    "I believe in you. Waiting for the happy news from you."

    "Thank you."

    Li Jianfei hung up and glanced at the bedroom where Liu Shengnan was staying. The smile on the corners of the lips floats up again, they have already had such a good start, can happiness be far away?