The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 957 - TPNOFW 957

    Chapter 957: A Wonderful Family

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    Liu Shengnan is not a twitchy person, even though he has no bottom, he walked into the door with Li Jianfei as calmly as possible holding the bouquet.

    Li Qiang and his wife have been waiting at home for a long time. In the morning, they heard his son said that he would bring his girlfriend back tonight and thought he was joking. At this moment, seeing someone really came, it was the little reporter who had been talking to his son before. He didn't dislike it, but was very happy.

    "Liu Shengnan, right? When I watched the gossip news before, I thought you were a good match for my son!" Linda smiled into a flower.

    Li Jianfei turned his head and said to Liu Shengnan: "Don't worry too much, my mom thinks that girl is a good match for me."

    Liu Shengnan: "...Auntie, send you flowers. I wish you a good mood every day."

    "Thank you, thank you, I am really interested. Auntie likes flowers the most." Linda took the flowers.

    Li Jianfei continued to make up the knife: "Don't worry too much, my mom will say that you like it the most, even if it is a big carrot."

    Liu Shengnan: "..."

    Li Qiang kicked Li Jianfei from behind: "No matter how big or small, what can you say about my wife?"

    Li Jianfei: "..."

    Linda turned her head to show off to Li Qiang: "Look, my daughter-in-law's wife gave me flowers, you don't even have a grass."

    Li Qiang: "..."

    Liu Shengnan was stunned, this family is too fun. It's completely different from the giants I imagined. The giants on TV are not all male masters cold and inviolable. The hostess has a lot of rules and faults. The evil mother-in-law is a classic forever. And the fat middle-aged woman in front of her came back from playing mahjong with her neighbor, and went to the market to buy a bag of vegetables as a kind aunt, especially grounded.

    After dinner, Liu Shengnan chatted with Li Jianfei's parents for a while, and Li Jianfei sent her home.

    Linda kept it: "Katsunan, it's not early anymore, or just live here at night."

    Before Liu Shengnan spoke, Li Jianfei said no, "Mom, please forgive me. Shengnan's dad opened the martial arts gym, I can't beat it."

    Linda immediately showed her adoring eyes: "The man who opened the martial arts hall? Is a master like Ye Wen? It is great to be able to hold you down. If you dare to bully the victor, let you The old man beats you all over the floor!"

    Li Jianfei asked his father with a bitter face: "Dad, are you sure I am her own? I have always suspected that I was sent by her for the phone bill."

    Li Qiang said seriously: "I can prove that you didn't give it to your mother for the phone bill, but bought the pressure cooker to draw."

    "Puff." Liu Shengnan couldn't help but laughed. Li Jianfei's father is very interesting, although he is the boss of a company's vice president, he has no pretensions. Sometimes with his wife because of the fruit arranging quarrel, sometimes two people stand in a team to attack the son together.

    Such a family atmosphere is really good, much better than my own family. Liu Shengnan finally knew that Li Jianfei once said that his parents often quarreled, and the quarrel she understood was a world of difference. The quarrel in her family can be quarrelsome to the point where the sky is broken and the earth bursts into flames. But the quarrel is pure flirting.

    In the car back, Li Jianfei gave Liu Shengnan an envelope. Liu Shengnan took the envelope and glanced inside: "What?"

    "The password of our house. The general decoration is given by the builder. You can buy something you like and put it in when you have time. When you finish decorating our house, we will move in. The bank card inside is my salary card. Password your birthday." Li Jianfei said lightly, as if to say that the weather tonight is good.

    Liu Shengnan gasped, "Our family? Still moving in!"

    "Then you want to live with my parents?"

    "Of course not!"

    "Then it will end. We are young, so it is more convenient to live alone. My parents also agreed with us to live, they are very open-minded old people."

    "Wait, did I agree to live with you? Are you paranoid?"

    "Sooner or later, you disagree now, and you will agree later. It is always right to arrange the house first."

    Liu Shengnan was really speechless, completely speechless. This person's ability to talk to himself is really number one in the world.

    Liu Shengnan threw the envelope to Li Jianfei: "I want me to decorate your house and be a free laborer. There is no door!"

    Li Jianfei focused on driving without explaining or getting angry. When he arrived at the martial arts gym, Liu Shengnan got out of the car, picked up the bag and went home.

    After going home to wash, I went to bed and remembered that the phone was still in my bag. But after opening the bag, I was stunned. When did the envelope that I had obviously thrown back into my bag?

    Out of curiosity, I took out the envelope and poured out the contents. A bank card, a sticky note. A few strong words on the note: Jinxiuyuan, area a, 20 seats, one unit, 1502. Password 726726.

    Liu Shengnan unexpectedly Li Jianfei bought a house in Jinxiuyuan. Jinxiuyuan is just behind the TV station, a super high-end residential area. Closed management, unified fine decoration, area a has a construction area of 200 square meters, one ladder, two households, two bedrooms and one living room, study room, cloakroom. Two large balconies. The north balcony can put fitness equipment, and the south balcony can be a tatami mat with a few comfortable cushions and leaning on it to read.

    Don't ask why Liu Shengnan is so familiar with Jinxiuyuan's house and layout, because she didn't find a job for a while when she graduated, and went to Jinxiuyuan to be a saleswoman for a few days. I took clients to see many Jinxiuyuan houses. When she stood in that house, she felt that if she could own such a house in her entire life, it would be great. When she was free, she even imagined how to decorate if she had such a house.

    Is this a coincidence, or is it a telepathy with Li Jianfei?

    The next day, Saturday and Sunday.

    Liu Shengnan is not sitting at home, nor is he standing, so he wants to go to the house to see it. But yesterday, his attitude was so firm that he could not decorate his house. Wouldn't it be a slap in the face if it passed in a blink of an eye? Wouldn't it be even more embarrassing if I met Li Jianfei there?

    Don't go, don't go, don't go.

    Liu Shengnan picked up his mobile phone and dragged his friends circle.

    amount? When did he and Li Jianfei be friends? It must be yesterday when he was chatting with his parents, he secretly used his mobile phone to add it. This cheeky guy.

    Li Jianfei used his own name and posted a message ten minutes ago: going on a business trip on weekends. The picture is on the plane.

    Aha, Li Jianfei is on a business trip, he will not go to Jinxiuyuan!

    Liu Shengnan jumped on the ground, grabbed the bag and ran out. She herself didn't know how she was so excited. As if the news gave her the best excuse to act.

    Anyway, just go and see, really just go and see.

    I took the subway to the vicinity of Jinxiuyuan, and it was fifteen minutes from where I went to work and Jinxiuyuan. I still had to walk.

    A security guard outside the community stopped and asked Liu Shengnan to show his ID card. Liu Shengnan said he was so strict that he had to register, but fortunately he brought his ID card.

    The security guard took the ID card and scanned it with a handheld scanner, and the information appeared on the scanner. The security guard then respectfully handed the ID card over with both hands: "Hello, the owner of the 20th seat, please come in. You will not have such a procedure again in the future, please understand."

    Liu Shengnan scratched his neck, the owner? Where I am the owner, I am a visiting guest. There must be something wrong with his scan.

    But Liu Shengnan was too lazy to explain, so he went straight in. Twenty seats, one unit, go to the elevator, 1502.m, the password will open the door.

    Push the door in, a beautiful entrance. Passing through the entrance, there is a spacious living room, European-style minimalist style, the kitchen is open, the balcony is big, and the view is wide. When I opened the window in the past, I faced an artificial lake. Weeping willows are on the lake shore, and flat boats appear on the lake. The scenery is simply not too good.

    There is a red "color" real estate certificate on the windowsill.

    Liu Shengnan thought that Li Jianfei was really careless, and he put such important things as the real estate certificate on the windowsill.

    I flipped it casually, wanting to see what the real estate certificate looks like, because I have never owned a real estate certificate.

    In the column of the owner of the house, Liu Shengnan's eyes froze.

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