The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 954 - TPNOFW 954

    Chapter 954: Daigo Initiation

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    If Li Jianfei heard Liu Shengnan ask this question before last night, she would definitely think she had a problem. In his cognition, there are no parents in the world who do not love their children. What does this have to do with boys and girls?

    "Katsuo, I like both boys and girls, and there will be no situations that you worry about."

    Liu Shengnan's gaze suddenly looked at Li Jianfei, the consternation in his eyes was so obvious: "You...what did you say?"

    Li Jianfei put a glass of water into Liu Shengnan's hands: "I know what you are afraid of, and I know why you obviously feel about me, but refuse to accept my confession. But your fears and worries are not a problem with me. I will not be as patriarchal as your father, and I will not quarrel with you all day."

    Liu Shengnan's hands gripped the glass tightly, as if to crush the glass. All the unbearable ones were exposed to the sun at once, as if they were stripped of their clothes, I can't find a place to sew them in.

    In Li Jianfeis scorching eyes, Liu Shengnan could no longer sit still and suddenly stood up: "You know what can be done with those? So you are pitying me now? Who do you think you are, the savior? Excuse me, I I feel that my life is very good now and I dont need anyone to save it!"

    After Liu Shengnan spoke, he turned and strode away. Li Jianfei was left sitting on the chair with a little frustration, clenched his fist and hit the chair where he sat down.

    He already knew the crux of Liu Shengnan's refusal to agree to him, and also explained that he would not care about everything she was worried about. Why did she not be moved, but went away angrily?

    Depressed and unable to make a call, Chen Shen sat across from Li Jianfei in a short while.

    Chen Shen sat down and ate a bunch of shabu-boiled belly, and asked grimly: "What day is it today that I actually invited me to run here for a drink. Could it be that I took the girl in my heart?"

    Li Jianfei drank a cup of boring wine and shook his head: "I didn't take it, but messed up."

    "Ah? You messed up? You want someone who wants everything, and if you have an extraordinary family, you don't gamble or prostitute, and you have no bad habits. What's wrong with her? She doesn't agree with you so caring?" Chen Shen first fought the injustice for his friend, and then tentatively asked: "Could it be that she deliberately wanted to catch and play with you carefully."

    Li Jianfei sighed, "I hope she will play with me carefully, but I am not feeling it, she is really angry and left."

    "Then tell me what's going on. After all, I'm here, and you know my wife. I used thirty-six tricks to chase after me. I may not be able to catch up with you in other abilities, but it's about chasing women. , I have a great say."

    Li Jianfei was reminded by Chen Shen's words.

    Yes, how come I forgot Chen Shen's ability. Chen Shen was also a special soldier, training hard all day, and adding tasks, it is inevitable that there will be bumps and bumps. Chen Shen was injured and went to the hospital, and suddenly saw Wu Yan, the new beautiful psychologist in the hospital.

    A rough man "feeling" in the mud and water, a lively delicate beautiful woman. These two are originally from two worlds, and they won't even fight together. But under this premise, Chen Shen still caught up with Wu Yan. Not only did he catch up, but he held the baby in one year and held both in three years.

    Li Jianfei talked to a good friend about his current predicament just like his close sister. Also talked about Liu Shengnan's situation.

    After Chen Shen heard the whole incident, he also felt that the matter was serious. Rubbing his hands: "This involves psychological issues. I think I should look for Wu Yan to be more professional. But even if I can't solve Liu Shengnan's psychological problems, I still have a piece of advice to tell you."

    "What advice?"

    "Silly women like to listen nicely, smart women like to see actual action. Liu Shengnan is a smart woman, especially having experienced heart trauma. And I listened to you for a long time, you seem to have been making promises, just shouting slogans."

    Li Jianfei was a little unconvinced: "I didn't just shout slogans, I also asked you to take care of her."

    "Please, that's my credit, not yours. Okay. And, even if it's yours, do you think that a little action can move heaven and earth? Don't be afraid to tell you that I can chase Wu Yan, It took five years, ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties, seventy-two changes, and thirty-six tricks to return the beautiful woman. What about you now? How many times have you met with others, except What are you doing after shouting a few slogans? You don't think that you are better than Liu Shengnan in all aspects, just think that you shout, and she will be grateful for Dade to pounce on you?"

    Chen Shen's remarks were very heavy, but they didn't save Li Jianfei any face. But it was just like a slap in the face, waking him completely. Although he didn't want to admit it, Li Jianfei subconsciously felt that he was excellent in all aspects, and he took the initiative and promised that Liu Shengnan should have no reason to reject him.

    The result was another slap in the face.

    This evening, Li Jianfei thought a lot. He asked himself, if Liu Shengnan seems like Chen Shen chased Wu Yan for five years or even longer, do you think it is worth it? He asked himself again, is it necessary for Liu Shengnan to be irreplaceable by others? Finally, he asked his own heart, do you have the confidence to hold up the rest of her life?

    The final answer is yes.

    That night, Liu Shengnan did not go home to live, and she suddenly did not know how to face her father. She went to Panpan's home, because Panpan's husband went on a business trip abroad and would not be back for a short time.

    After washing, the two women lay on the bed and chatted with the mask on.

    "Panpan, it is said that marriage is the tomb of love. You and your Tianzi have been married for two years, do you feel the depression of the grave?" Liu Shengnan asked Panpan curiously.

    Panpan, who knows that his good friend is afraid of marriage, smiled: "Male, male, people who say marriage is the tomb of love are unhappy people. But those who live happily will never say that. Marriage summed up in this way. I think marriage is like a pony crossing the river. Im not allowed to hear what others say. I only know if I try it myself.

    "The pony crosses the river?" Liu Shengnan thought of the texts he learned in the first grade when he was a child, and he was very fresh, and Pan Pan actually described marriage like that. "Then you are already standing in the river, how do you feel?"

    Panpan patted her face with her hands and said: "I feel very good. The river water will reach the calf, it will not be dangerous, and it will be cool and comfortable. Sometimes there will be something on your feet. But when you bend over and pick up something on your feet, you will find that Things are probably beautiful and colorful shells."

    Once again, Liu Shengnan felt that Panpans description was fresh, and he actually compared the contradictions and quarrels in marriage to stubborn things. He also said that quarrels are beautiful little shells. She is such a literary and artistic makeup artist, not writing poetry is a waste of materials.