The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 951 - TPNOFW 951

    Chapter 951: Kindly Remind

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    Liu Shengnan thought that Yue'er was just a prank and deliberately frightened herself like this. But gradually the girl in front of her became a double shadow, and even the smile on the girl's face became hideous and twisted.

    Liu Shengnan struggled to get up and wanted to walk, but he didn't have any strength on his legs. Trying to shout for help, I can't make a sound when I open my mouth. I tried hard to grasp my thigh to make myself sober, but he couldn't control my consciousness at all. Before falling into the darkness, I was thinking about the adult's words, and sincerely did not deceive me. No matter how old you are, the things that strangers give are still uneatable.

    Ma Haoyu came back with ice cream, and saw Liu Shengnan leaning on the bench with his eyes closed, and Yue'er smiling on the side of the thief.

    "You want to pry into her heart?" Although Ma Haoyu didn't see with his own eyes how Yue'er fainted people, it was not difficult to guess what Yue'er was going to do when he saw this situation.

    Together, they double cultivated day after day, and their cultivation bases are greatly improved. Their abilities have long been different from their previous levels.

    Yue'er nodded with a smile: "I only know that Liu Shengnan's heart is really what I think, can I help Li Jianfei work hard."

    "Then I'll come." Ma Haoyu offered to fight. Because prying into others' hearts is still very costly.

    Yueer shook her head: "You can't do it, I'll come. We are all girls. I can find the crux of the problem more accurately after prying into her heart."

    Ma Haoyu thought about what Yue'er said made sense, and let her come.

    Yue'er put her hand gently on Liu Shengnan's, and a pure infuriating energy slowly entered Liu Shengnan's body from her hand. Zhen Qi wandered through Liu Shengnan's body, and finally reached her head.

    It took a quarter of an hour for Yue'er to withdraw his true energy. And let go of Liu Shengnan's hand.

    Ma Haoyu asked concerned: "How is it, are there any results?"

    Yue'er split her mouth and laughed: "I have found the crux of the girl's heart."

    Ma Haoyu breathed a sigh of relief, and then put his hand on Liu Shengnan's head, erasing this memory of her: "Everyone will always meet in the future to avoid embarrassment."

    Liu Shengnan opened his eyes and looked around blankly. Consciousness gradually returned, and I fell asleep after sitting on a park bench for a while. Is it because you didn't sleep well last night? Smash it, it feels sweet in your mouth, as if you have eaten a mellow chocolate candy. But I am pretty sure that I did not eat any candy today.

    What a strange thing.

    Liu Shengnan was puzzled and sat cold, so he wrapped his clothes and went back.

    Yue'er and Ma Haoyu found Li Jianfei, who was hammering sandbags in the fight hall, and were eager to try: "Brother Jianfei, let's have a try."

    Li Jianfei was just feeling bored, not that his mind was caught by the door: "You are as powerful as an ox, so I can't compare with you."

    Ma Haoyu handed Li Jianfei a can of Red Bull: "Yue'er wants you to say something."

    Li Jianfei took the Red Bull and walked to Yue'er and asked directly: "What can I do?"

    Yue'er squinted at her neck and raised her ears to eavesdrop on Chen Shen, and dragged Li Jianfei directly to leave the fighting gym. Chen Shen deliberately gave Ma Haoyu a look: "Your wife is so sturdy, she actually dragged other men in front of you.""They are good girlfriends." Ma Haoyu said coolly. Was the relationship between him and Yue'er provoked by others?

    Chen Shen didn't see the excitement a little bit horribly, so he wanted to sneak out to see what the two good girlfriends said, but after taking a step, he smashed into the air and fell into the ground and ate shit.

    "Oh, I'm going, hell!"

    Chen Shen "kneaded" his aching knee and got up, and looked at the ground flat without any obstacles. I really don't understand how I fell down out of thin air.

    After Ma Haoyu made a little prank, he said with concern: "Is it all right? Is there any injury?"

    "No, it's okay." Chen Shen said it was okay, but how could it be okay to fall out of thin air. My whole body hurts and I'm going to lose my air. He didn't even bother to eavesdrop, and limped to his room to apply "medicine" oil.

    Outside "showing" the sky coffee seat.

    Li Jianfei said with a look of disbelief: "You said Liu Shengnan is afraid of marriage? How can she fear marriage with her unreliable "sex" personality."

    Yue'er said solemnly: "Does the "sex" pattern that is not afraid of heaven and earth must be not afraid of anything? You like Liu Shengnan, but you only met a few times. Do you really know Liu Shengnan? Do you know her family? , Do you know her growth history, do you know everything about her?"

    Li Jianfei was asked to stop, but he said firmly: "Even if I don't know those, but I like her seriously. I miss her when I eat, I miss her when I sleep, and when I walk, I see other men beside her. I just want to beat all those people away, isn't that enough?"

    "Of course not enough. You are selfish and self-righteous. If you feel that you have paid, and you accept everything from her, she should accept you. In fact, otherwise, you just touch yourself and don't want it, and feel that you are the best in the world Man. But did you ask if this is what Liu Shengnan wanted? Even if she is a "sexual" man, is she a girl?"

    Yue'er's words were sharp, and Li Jianfei began to reflect: "Am I being selfish? Is it just touching me?"

    "of course."

    Yue'er said again: "You live in a very happy family. Uncle Li and Godmother have a good relationship. They are also very easy-going and reasonable. They have never forced you and your brother to do things you don't like. So you are mentally healthy, but because of this, you can feel that people all over the world are as healthy and happy as you. You have time to play sandbags here and worry, it is better to spend more time to really understand Liu Shengnan. Yes, She has a public account. If you have time, you can go and take a look."

    That's all Yue'er can tell Li Jianfei. The key to solving the problem is himself. Click to the end, and the rest will depend on his own efforts.

    Li Jianfei has always believed what Yue'er said. This is not a blind approval, but a testimony from childhood to what Yue'er says and does everything right. Therefore, listening to Yue'er's words today, I feel a kind of initiation.

    I have always felt that Liu Shengnan is caring for him. But she took the initiative to confess, but she flinched. I couldn't find the reason, so I complained and ran out to beat the sandbag, but I didn't know that this was actually a ridiculous act of moving myself.

    Li Jianfei returned home soon, and immediately took out his mobile phone to search on the official account. After paying attention, I found that this official account has a lot of fans. After reading one article after another, I feel that Liu Shengnan's Three Views are what I like very much. She also likes her righteousness, justice, and the courage to tell the truth. Then, after Li Jianfei saw the article about the influence of the original family on the child's life, he fell into deep thought.

    Since Liu Shengnan remembers, his parents have been arguing constantly. The main reason is because I am a girl.

    Liu Wuliang was passed on for three generations. After his wife gave birth to a daughter, he wanted to have another child. Even if it violates national policy. But the wife disagrees. Firstly, the policy does not allow it. Secondly, if a son is born, the husband will definitely favor the son and treat his daughter badly. If the second child gave birth to a daughter, the husband would still be worried about not having a son.

    Liu Shengnan's mother is a gentle woman, but she is determined only on the child. Only one daughter is needed, never reborn, and if her man insists on having a son, she will divorce and take away the daughter, make room for her man, and find a woman to have a son.

    Liu Wuliang wanted his son very much, but he also really liked his wife and was not willing to divorce. I don't want a divorce, but I want a son. Naturally, I see how my daughter is not pleasing to my eyes. The contradiction between husband and wife surrounding the children is a small noise in two days and a big noise in three days. When Liu Shengnan was a child, he often wondered if he shouldn't have come into this world. If they were not born in this family, father and mother would not have endless quarrels.

    Many of Liu Shengnans memories from his native family are negative. The ideal family in her heart is full of love and warmth, not a battlefield of quarrels. If the family is like that, then she would rather not get married than have children. Because she was not sure, she just gave birth to the child her husband was looking forward to. If the birth is wrong, the mother's life of suffering must be continued.