The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 949 - TPNOFW 949

    Chapter 949: Give Me A Reason

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    Liu Shengnan didn't know what to say. She has a good impression of Li Jianfei, and she was very excited to hear him confess to herself. Moreover, he is the type he likes. Tall and tall, he can worship himself.


    Liu Shengnan stopped abruptly, turned around and said: "I called you, and the number you used when traveling became an empty number. This month, you seem to have evaporated from the world, and then suddenly appeared. Tell me these are not available, what do you want me to say?"

    Li Jianfei asked hurriedly, "Then, apart from these objective reasons, what do you care about? You can say it all together."

    Liu Shengnan thought it was funny: "You haven't explained anything to me, do you want to hear me say something else? I'm not nobody wants it. Now when I go back, Young Master Li will definitely rush out and hug me around happily."

    "Do you like to be held in a circle?" Li Jianfei's eyes lit up.


    Liu Shengnan was stunned, and in the next second he was suddenly picked up by Li Jianfei and turned around.

    "Is one lap enough?"


    "Then come a few more laps." Princess Li Jianfei hugged Liu Shengnan, turning round and round on the sidewalk by the side of the road. Regardless of the strange gazes other people saw, Liu Shengnan turned many times in a row, and Liu Shengnan was dizzy. Swollen hands subconsciously hugged Li Jianfei's neck, fearing that he would throw it out for himself.

    Li Jianfei felt beautiful in his heart. Without putting down the little girl in his arms, he hugged him and walked to a Korean-style barbecue restaurant and went to the private room.

    Liu Shengnan sat on the tatami and was still a little dizzy. He held his head with his hands, and his voice became soft and less aggressive. "Why don't you turn so many laps?"

    Li Jianfei put a glass of water in front of Liu Shengnan: "I have undergone special training in the army, and it's fine to rotate dozens of laps under weightlessness."

    Speaking of the army, Liu Shengnan's face collapsed suddenly, and he lowered his head and whispered: "Sorry, I caused you to be expelled from the army."

    Li Jianfei pursed the corners of his lips, and said, "I was fired from the army not as reported in the news, nor as you thought it was."

    "What is it like?" Liu Shengnan suddenly raised his head, his eyes full of curiosity and inquiries.

    Li Jianfei hesitated for a long time, and said: "There are some things that I can't say too clearly. I left for a month to perform a special task. Afterwards, I leave the army to protect me."

    What did Liu Shengnan understand? Li Jianfei couldn't talk about his difficulties. To perform a special task, could it be possible that he was doing special work? Very cool. Since it was a secret, I couldn't tell, then Liu Shengnan didn't ask any more questions. There is no need to ask about the time-space number to call him, it must be because the situation does not allow it.

    The cautious thoughts held in Liu Shengnan's heart instantly disappeared, and the smile on his face floated up again.

    "What do you want to eat?" Li Jianfei saw Liu Shengnan not asking, so he picked up the menu.

    Liu Shengnan happily took the menu and drew it with a pen. The waiter came in and took the menu. Liu Shengnan leaned close on the table and asked, "Li Jianfei, then you will not be in the army anymore. What are you going to do?"

    Li Jianfei took a sip of water and said, "My father wants me to be in Asian management. My mother wants me to do my own business and start my own company. My comrade-in-arms persuaded me to open a kickboxing gym, saying that there is no problem supporting my family. ."

    "The three options you mentioned are all suggestions from others, what do you want to do?" Liu Shengnan also took a sip of water. Li Jianfei looked at Liu Shengnans eyes and said, "I want to marry you and be your wife."

    "...Puff, cough cough..."

    Liu Shengnan choked with a sip of water. Are all troops coming out so straightforward? The words of love are so hard-core that I didn't expect it at all.

    Li Jianfei took a tissue and wiped the corners of Liu Shengnan's mouth: "No? I'm afraid I can't support you?"

    Liu Shengnan rolled his eyes and rolled over, "Who uses you to raise it."

    The waiter who delivered the food interrupted the two people's big eyes. Charcoal barbecue is Liu Shengnan's favorite. Beef, pork belly, seafood, vegetables, dipped in special sauce after roasting, it is perfect.

    Li Jianfei eats very little and spends most of his time doing barbecue work. After Liu Shengnan had a pass, he was a little embarrassed, so he took a piece of pork belly, dipped it in sauce and wrapped it in lettuce and passed it over.

    Li Jianfei raised his brows as he looked at the meat bun that was sent forward, "Hey me?"

    "I'll feed you a big-headed ghost..." Liu Shengnan was about to retract his hand regretfully, when Li Jianfei caught his hand, and as soon as he sent it forward, he successfully took away the meat.

    "Duplicity, you just want to feed me but your mouth is stiff. It's like you want to marry me, but you don't spit out, and it's sulking my appetite."

    "Which eye did you see that I wanted to marry you? We only met a few times, and when we met, it was better to quarrel more than when we were in harmony?" Liu Shengnan was not convinced.

    Li Jianfei continued to roll the curtain and put the meat on, and said unhurriedly: "Two people quarrel can't be said to have no feelings. My mommy and my dad have quarreled for more than 20 years, don't you live together now?"

    Liu Shengnan's eyes moved, and he couldn't help asking: "Your parents' marriage has also been spent in quarreling?"

    Li Jianfei nodded.

    My father is a little talker, but my mother talks a lot, and he is always a little unreliable in doing things. I didn't admit what I did wrong, and often after being taught by my father, the old mother fought back when she was angry. In the end, it was the father who admitted the mistake. Perhaps, for fathers and mothers, their quarrel is a joy of life. They even enjoy the lesson, and the process of being taught, apologized, and reconciled, is just enjoying it anyway.

    Liu Shengnan's eyes sank. It turns out that every family lives in the quarrel.

    Li Jianfei stopped the barbecue and looked at Liu Shengnan and said seriously: "Liu Shengnan, although we have known each other for a short time, we have even been together for a few days, and have met several times, but it feels like a very strange thing. Love does not depend on reason and Time to control. Suddenly I am tempted. When eating, I think about what you are doing. When I sleep, I think whether you are thinking about me. I have been hesitant to leave the special team until I meet you. I decided Obey the order and leave. Because I dont want you to be afraid of me, and I dont want me to come back from a mission one day, and no one will protect you."

    Li Jianfei's words severely touched Liu Shengnan. It turned out that when his heart was moving unconsciously, he also responded to himself synchronously. It turns out that there is another man in this world who wants to protect himself.

    Liu Shengnan suddenly remembered something: "When I was retaliated by a man who was hit by a porcelain man, a man appeared to help me out. I think his way is a bit like you. Is that person related to you?"

    Li Jianfei nodded: "Chen Shen, my comrade-in-arms, I retired a year earlier. Now I have opened a free fighting gym. Knowing that you are impulsive, I like to be brave with the skill of being a little three-legged cat. I can be a hero when I meet counsellor , Ill suffer a big loss when I encounter a bad stubbornness. So when I left the mission, I was worried, so I asked Chen Shen to take care of you. As a result, you really caused the "chaos"."

    Liu Shengnan's mouth was pouted, and then he said: "I said how the man happened to appear in time, and after he happened to help him, he said strange things to me. It turned out that you arranged to protect me."

    "It turns out that it's right to be careful and careful."

    Li Jianfei said that he sandwiched the grilled prawns on a plate, and put on a "sexual" glove to peel off the shell little by little. After peeling it cleanly, he pushed it to Liu Shengnan.

    Liu Shengnan couldn't think that Li Jianfei's rough hands could peel the shrimp so cleanly, and he deeply felt his care for himself.