The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 948 - TPNOFW 948

    Chapter 948: You Don't Welcome Me?

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    Whether Liu Shengnan will regret this choice in the future is a matter for the future, but now, she respects her heart and made the choice she thought was right.

    The big deal is to be a little busy, do the work, and operate the official account.

    Liu Shengnan came downstairs and saw that Li Bei had come to the martial arts gym again. This month, Li Bei has been sincere and will report to the martial arts hall every day. If you don't want Liu Wuliang to teach him kung fu, you must worship Liu Wuliang as a master.

    Li Bei thought that since Liu Shengnan didn't like small fresh meat, he would work hard to become Liu Shengnan's great hero. But learning Kungfu is really tired. Very tired. Very tired. Li Bei insisted on it for a month. But every time I see Liu Shengnan, my whole body is full of power again.

    When Li Jianfei came to the martial arts gym in a black suit and black trousers casual suit, he saw Li Bei holding his head in his hands and leaping around the martial arts gym.

    He didn't say hello to Liu Wuliang right away, but looked at Li Bei thoughtfully for a while.

    "Sir, what are you doing here?" Sun Rong stepped forward and asked Li Jianfei.

    "I'm coming to Master Liu." Li Jianfei retracted his eyes and said.

    Sun Rong trot to find the master, Liu Wuliang then walked up to Li Jianfei, with surprise in his eyes: "Why did Master Li come?"

    Li Jianfei hurriedly said respectfully to Liu Wuliang: "Master Liu, don't call me Master Li, just call me Jianfei."

    "That's it, that's fine. Jian Fei, are you here to find me something?" When Liu Wuliang said this, he glanced at Li Bei, who was sweating over there and was about to become a dead frog.

    Li Jianfei followed Liu Wuliang's sight and asked, "Master Liu, why is the wireless prince here?"

    Liu Wuliang sighed: "He has been here all this month, saying he wants to worship me as a teacher."

    Li Jianfei is not a fool, and everyone knows that Li Bei wants to worship Liu Wuliang as his teacher. Why did he learn kungfu and why he had to come here to apprentice? It must be for Liu Shengnan.

    The last task performed by Li Jianfei still had to deal with the aftermath, and it would take a few days to return. But listening to Chen Shen said that Li Bei is working hard every day to transform into what Liu Shengnan likes. He also said that he made up again, and his wife was abducted. So wherever he stayed, he hurriedly arranged work and returned in secret. When I came back, I just changed my clothes and kept coming to see Liu Shengnan.

    Liu Shengnan looked away from Li Bei and saw Li Jianfei all of a sudden. At first I thought I was dazzled, but after "kneading" a few times, I opened it again. Seeing Li Jianfei still standing with his father and chatting, he hurried over. The flowers bloomed in my heart, but his face stretched tightly: "Li Jianfei, Why are you here?"

    Li Jianfei turned his head and saw the girl who was thinking day and night standing in front of him, his eyes softened subconsciously, but his mouth was still unforgiving: "You don't seem to welcome me."

    "Why should I welcome you? We both owe nothing to each other." Liu Shengnan held back his heart's joy and glanced over.

    Before Li Jianfei waited to say anything, Li Bei came to Liu Shengnan with sweat, and stared at Li Jianfei with hostile eyes: "Master Li, what are you doing here?"

    Li Jianfei looked at the exercise for a month, although he was a bit masculine, but Li Bei, with red lips and white teeth, deliberately raised his eyebrows and said: "What the young Master Li is here to do, I will do here."

    Li Bei was a little anxious for a moment: "Li Gongzi, don't be too arrogant, things always come first, come first."

    "First come, then come depends on the specific things. You can't generalize everything." Li Jianfei returned with a cool tone.

    Li Bei turned his head to look at Liu Shengnan. Seeing that she didnt mean to speak for herself, he went to Liu Wuliangs side and said respectfully: "Uncle, I have been here for a month and have passed your test. Will you accept me as a disciple? Up?"

    As long as Master Liu can accept me as a disciple, then I will get the moon first. It is equivalent to knowing the opinion of Liu Shengnan's father.

    Liu Wuliang was a little embarrassed. When he didn't know how to answer, Li Jianfei smiled suddenly: "Sorry, it turns out that Young Master Li came here only to learn art from a teacher. I'm sorry, I misunderstood you, because I Im not here to apprentice a teacher." Li Bei frowned: "Then you came for..."

    Li Jianfei looked at Liu Shengnan with a faint smile, "I came for her. I thought we had the same purpose."

    Li Bei suddenly reflected that he had been tricked by Li Jianfei, and when he was about to change his words, he was also here for Liu Shengnan, Li Jianfei had already held Liu Shengnan's hand: "Is there time? Go out for a meal."


    Li Jianfei approached Liu Shengnan suddenly, and whispered in her ear: "Are you willing to be entangled by Li Bei here?"

    Liu Shengnan is happy, his eyes lit up, and he nodded: "I have time, Dad, I'm going on a date with Jianfei."

    Liu Wuliang smiled and nodded: "Go go."

    Li Bei anxiously pointed his finger at the backs of the two people, without saying a word, and took Liu Wuliang's arm again: "Uncle, they...when did they...were together!"

    Liu Wuliang told the truth: "It should be just now."

    Li Bei's eyes stared: "That uncle agrees with them? Li Jianfei is a proud and conceited guy. He is a big man, he is self-sufficient, and he will definitely not give men happiness."

    Liu Wuliang smiled: "My child cannot help but my father is older. I respect the choice of a man. If she chooses you today, I will also support him."

    Li Bei: "..."

    Liu Shengnan followed Li Jianfei out of the martial arts hall for a long time. Seeing that Li Jianfei was still holding his hand without letting it go, he pulled out his hand vigorously: "When the play is over, you don't take advantage and become addicted."

    Li Jianfei looked at Kong Laolao's hand and looked at Liu Shengnan's eyes: "Do you think I was acting for them just now?"

    "Otherwise?" Liu Shengnan asked, scratching his neck.

    "Of course not." Li Jianfei said seriously: "What I said was the truth, I went to the martial arts gym for you."

    Liu Shengnan never thought that Li Jianfei would suddenly say such things to himself. Is this... Is this confessing to himself?

    I drop the sky!

    Liu Shengnan's little heart jumped up and down suddenly, and he even felt that his breathing was not enough. The cold wind raged in the late autumn, and Liu Shengnan's face burned red without any promise.

    "You and I"

    No, you need to be quiet.

    Liu Shengnan turned and walked in stride, walking quickly and in a hurry.

    Li Jianfei looked calm and calm on his face, but his heart was jumping fiercely. He has lived for twenty-eight years. Before, he was a childhood sweetheart Yueer, and he had never confessed so clearly. But just now, the ghosts and gods spoke baldly, and the words were said.

    He couldn't take it back if he said it, and he didn't plan to take it back. His previous feelings for Liu Shengnan were vague, and he couldn't explain what happened to him. Until this month after leaving, Liu Shengnan's small face and a frowning smile always appeared in his mind every time he was in danger. He knew that he was tempted by Liu Shengnan, and he was out of control.

    Li Jianfei is not the "sex" pattern of the ink. Now that he is sure of his own mind, he will go all out to do it. No matter what the outcome is, you can't let regrets appear in your life.

    "Liu Shengnan, what are you going?" Li Jianfei caught up in Liu Shengnan's footsteps: "What do you think in your heart, you have to say it, escape can't solve anything."