The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 947 - TPNOFW 947

    Chapter 947: Your Head Is Smashed

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    Panpans voice was filled with excitement: "Yes, thats Lin Xin. Its said that she likes my makeup skills and style very much, and she has targeted me a long time ago, but I have a contract with Lin Shutong. Now Lin Shutong is finished. I cant afford my makeup artist, so I terminated the contract. Now that I am free, Lin Xins assistant came to me immediately."

    Liu Shengnan was puzzled: "Since you have a better job, then you won't blame me. What do you mean when you say that I'm on fire?"

    "It's your official account. Your previous official account only had more than ten thousand and a half dead fans. You have some topics and writing styles, but you don't like to update. But your official account yesterday is It was on fire, and the number of clicks in one night was over 100,000, and fans increased by tens of thousands. More than a dozen mainstream media reposted it, and dozens of celebrities liked it."

    "...Ah!" Liu Shengnan hurriedly turned on the computer in surprise and joy. As soon as I entered the public account, it was really different from before. There were tens of thousands of messages, thousands of private messages, and the amount of forwarding was amazing, and this was just a one-night event.

    "Male, male, you see. So, what kind of job you are looking for, use your strengths and manage your official account well. You have a good pen and a keen sense of society. You just have to Once you have managed your official account, Chengda v, partners and advertisers will come to you. By the way, is it better for you to achieve your own business than to find a job everywhere?"

    Liu Shengnan thinks about it, Panpan makes sense. Why do I have to go out to look for a job and look at other people's faces to work? You can work for yourself.

    The haze that had hung in my heart for a few days was wiped out, and Liu Shengnan immediately chose the next topic: on the importance of the "sex" of the native family to the child.

    This time, Liu Shengnan didnt happen overnight like the China encounter. Instead, he went to find a lot of information and combined his childhood fear of his father and Xiao Ans abuse by his stepmother. He was serious, well-founded, thoughtful and connotative. In addition, I wrote an article and posted it on the public account.

    Touching the porcelain, Liu Shengnan is poking at the objective facts that are hated by people but are real. It resonates with many people.

    This article discusses native families. With the contemporary divorce rate rising year after year, adults have the right to choose freely and the right to pursue happiness without taking into account the healthy growth of their children. Liu Shengnan is not against divorce. An unhappy marriage does not need to be maintained for the children, but when making a decision, the child's living environment and mental health must be given priority.

    Lucky is not every day, but as long as you work hard, luck will not be far away.

    The number of clicks and reposts on the second official account was also unabated, which aroused heated discussions between the public and fans.

    The topics of Liu Shengnans selection are all sensitive topics in contemporary society, and she has three views, good writing, and willing to spend time to research data and go out to find inspiration materials. So in just one month, her public account has reached 3 million fans. . Become a veritable big v. Various advertisements are also coming.

    Liu Shengnan is no longer a poor little bug who bumped into a wall looking for work more than a month ago. She has now become the sweet pastry in the eyes of many people. On this day, when she was free at home to pack her bag, she accidentally turned out a gilded black business card. When she picked it up, she remembered that the owner of this business card was touched, and she became who she is now.

    Turn it over and look at the business card for the first time: Director of Dongshi, Shao Jiahui!

    Liu Shengnan's eyes widened instantly, Shao Jiahui, the top leader of Dongshi. At that time, if I looked at the business card directly, I just asked for a job without catching him. But now I saw this, and it was too late to say anything.

    "Male male, someone is looking for you." Sun Rong said outside Liu Shengnan's door.

    Liu Shengnan put down his business card and came over to open the door. When he saw the person behind Sun Rong, he was stunned: "Shao, Director Shao, why are you here."

    Shao Jiahui is in her forties, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, spirited, refined and talkative.

    "Miss Liu has read my business card."

    Liu Shengnan was embarrassed: "I just saw it just now."

    Shao Jiahui smiled when he saw the business card on the table: "It seems that my name is not big, and it did not attract Miss Liu's attention.

    Liu Shengnan scratched his neck embarrassedly: "I really didn't expect that an impulse that day was to relieve Chief Shao Tai. Because someone in your position must have a dedicated driver and don't need to drive by yourself."

    Shao Jiahui said: "I do have a dedicated driver, but the driver happened to ask for leave on that day to attend my brother's wedding. I received a call again, and my father accidentally fell and was admitted to the hospital and received a critical illness notice, so I drove hurriedly. At the hospital or at the intersection, I didn't even notice if I really hit someone."

    Liu Shengnan understood, and hurriedly said: "Taiwan Shao's father is all right?"

    "Passed." Shao Jiahui saw Liu Shengnan go silent, like a child who had made a mistake, and said: "Fortunately, Miss Liu rescued that day and I was able to rush to the hospital to see my father's last side. At this point, I I am very grateful to Miss Liu."

    Liu Shengnan halted: "Taiwan't be grateful to me, I just did what I did. But you, sorry."

    After dealing with his father's funeral, Shao Jiahui returned to work at the company and asked the secretary specifically if a girl had called him. Because the phone number printed on the business card is the landline number of the company office. When the secretary answered no, Shao Jiahui felt a little surprised, but also made sense. Later, Shao Jiahui saw a popular official account. From the time and plot of the first popular article "Is the old man getting bad, or the bad guy getting old", I knew that this blogger was the girl who helped him.

    It is not difficult to find someone for Shao Jiahui's location, and it is not difficult to investigate someone. Only then did today's take the initiative to visit.

    "So, Director Shao came to invite me to work on your station?" Liu Shengnan was shocked when he learned of Shao Jiahui's purpose.

    Once, Liu Shengnan's first job application was handed to Dongshi TV Station. I really hope to get in, even if it's good to be a handyman in the first place. But Dongshi TV station ruthlessly rejected it. The reason is also the official one: "Sorry Miss Liu, we need experienced people to work. We are not a staff training center."

    But now, the chief director of the family has personally invited it.

    Liu Shengnan's heart thumped with excitement, but suddenly he remembered something, and his excitement slowly slowed down: "Taiwan Master Shao, you have condescended to ask me to work on your station this time. Did someone say hello to you? ?"

    Shao Jiahui was puzzled: "Who said hello to me?"

    "The wireless eldest master, Li Bei." Liu Shengnan remembered Li Bei's entanglement with him again, and by such a coincidence, Shao Jiahui came to visit him in person.

    Shao Jiahui smiled: "Miss Liu is so worried, I don't know your relationship with Li Bei. I have never seen Li Bei before, and he never greeted me specifically asking me to use you. So I want to ask, what is Miss Liu? There will be such a question."

    Liu Shengnan said: "Because I handed a cover letter to Dongshi TV Station when I graduated, but Director Zhan of your station responded to me that I have no work experience. Your TV station is not a vocational skill training base and rejected me. Someone later rejected me. Tell me, Li Bei greeted Director Zhan and refused to let her hire me."

    Shao Jiahui frowned and didn't say yes or no. Instead, he picked up the phone and made a call: "Look for Director Zhan. Director Zhan, it is the wireless prince Li Bei who once said hello to you. We are not allowed to hire Liu Shengnan. People are you? Dont ask me how I know, Ill just ask you if there is anything like this. Okay, very good. I will be on my desk tomorrow morning, hoping to see your resignation."

    In Liu Shengnan's accident, Shao Jiahui didn't know that Li Bei went to the Dongshi TV station to say hello. Even more surprising, this gentle and elegant man is so resolute and resolute in doing things. He seemed to be a very powerful character, and he actually decided on his stay on the phone.

    Shao Jiahui hung up the phone and said to Liu Shengnan: "Miss Liu, I apologize for the unfair treatment the staff of Taili caused to you. As far as I know, you are professional first when you are in school. And I have personally seen you. The moral character is high. Our TV station lacks a person like Ms. Liu who is rich and just and very professional. Therefore, if Ms. Liu has any questions or requests that I dont understand, I can raise them now."

    Seeing Shao Jiahui's sincerity, Liu Shengnan nodded firmly without hesitation: "Headmaster, I have no problems. I hope I can hide from him in the future."

    "Definitely, it will." Shao Jiahui went back to work without leaving a sip of tea.

    Liu Shengnan sent away Shao Jiahui, but he couldn't calm down for a long time. Her official account is running very well now, and there are many advertisers to negotiate business. If the official account is run well, the benefits to Liu Shengnan will definitely far exceed the income of the TV station.


    It is Liu Shengnan's dream to go to the Dongshi TV station to host the broadcast. When bread and dream were placed side by side in front of her, she chose the dream.

    After learning about Liu Shengnan's choice, Panpan angrily chased up the door and poked her forehead and cursed: "You pig, pig. It's not appropriate to put such a wealthy free man, not to be a broadcast host. The broadcast host is only superficial. Glamorous, but it's actually a chore, and the salary is not comparable to that of your official account. Big v, the investment of an advertisement is hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands. And you go to work? From 9 to 5, I'm afraid that you won't even have a fraction of your advertisement."

    Liu Shengnan clutched his forehead and chuckled: "Everything in this world cannot be measured by money."

    "such as"

    "Like a dream."

    Panpan looked contemptuous: "Your mind is muddled with shit. Sooner or later you will regret it."