The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 946 - TPNOFW 946

    Chapter 946: Got Revenge

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    The man was naturally afraid of the police coming and dared not wait. So after another vicious curse, he ran away.

    When the Audi car owner saw that an unwarranted disaster was resolved, he came over to thank Liu Shengnan, "Thank you girl, thank you for recording the whole process. That person got off the car from behind, which is the blind spot of the car recorder, otherwise the police will come." I cant justify it."

    Liu Shengnan smiled: "Actually, I didn't record anything just now. I just bet that the two of them deliberately defrauded them with a guilty conscience."

    The Audi owner accidentally helped the glasses, and finally laughed: "What a smart and enthusiastic girl. This is my business card. If you have anything, please come to me."

    Liu Shengnan took the gilded business card and put it directly into the bag: "Okay, goodbye."

    The Audi owner left, and Liu Shengnan went over the road and continued to walk home. The street that is approaching home is a bit back, and there are usually few people walking. When Liu Shengnan walked, he saw that the road ahead was blocked. It was the young man who had left with Porcelain. The man was holding a steel pipe more than two feet long and bumping it in his hand.

    Liu Shengnan turned around and saw that the road behind him was also blocked. They are two muscular men with bare heads. They also had a steel pipe two feet long on their hands.

    Bad others good things, so get revenge by bad people. This is why many people are afraid to stand up when they see others doing bad things.

    Liu Shengnan was not afraid of these three people. He turned his head to face the man's fierce cheeks, and snorted coldly, "Come on revenge?"

    The man squinted his eyes slightly as he stepped forward and said fiercely: "Blocking people's wealth is equivalent to killing their parents. If the dead girl is nosy today, I will come to let you remember "sex"."

    "Hehe, I didn't expect me to learn from Lei Feng to do good deeds and become your father-killing enemy without paying attention. Since you want me to remember "sex" for a long time, then come on."

    Liu Shengnan's undaunted appearance made this man a little unsure, is it possible that this girl is a master who is not "showing"? But looking at her thin appearance, her white hands didn't look like Lianjiazi at all. Moreover, the two people I brought are both amazing. If the three big men couldn't clean up a little girl, they might as well find a piece of tofu and kill him.

    "Since you are looking for death, don't blame me for being impolite!" The man let out a grimly growl, waving a steel pipe and hitting Liu Shengnan's shoulder. And his helper, Zhang San and Li Si, was watching the battle.

    These two people are dark, astringent, and meeting, and they usually fight and kill. They were called by their friends to teach someone who was ignorant, only to know that they were going to teach a young and beautiful girl.

    Kill the chicken with a sledgehammer. Teach a little girl, but they don't need to take action, they can just watch the excitement. As a result, I could see that it was wrong. This girl was actually a practicing family, and she grabbed the steel pipe of her companion with her bare hands, and beat a five-and-three-thirty man crying to his mother.

    "Oh, my god!"

    Liu Shengnan waved a steel pipe and hit the man again and again: "What's wrong with a healthy-limbed man who touches porcelain? Is it ashamed? Isn't it ashamed?"

    "Oh, you two are dead, get on me quickly!" The man shouted for help.

    Zhang Sanli glanced at each other, ignoring the excitement, waved a steel pipe and hit him.

    Liu Shengnan didn't pay attention to these two people at first, thinking that they were just like the man who touched porcelain, they were ordinary people. But it was only after getting through with them that they knew that these two people were Lianjiazi, not only had the skills, but also looked for them.

    "Dang Cang!" With a cry, the two steel pipes hit together, and Liu Shengnan's hand holding the steel pipe felt numb. She had a bad hunch, she was not the opponent of these two people, if she couldn't get out of her head as soon as possible, she would definitely suffer a big loss today.

    "Grab her! Grab her! This dead girl is bad for us. Tonight, I will use her to give us meat!" The man who was beaten before saw Liu Shengnan's "exposure" and "chaos" appearance, excited. She yelled, clutching her arms.

    Liu Shengnan was anxious and fought and retreated, and looked around, wanting to see who the senior brother or senior brother passed by to help him, if there is a way to see the injustice, it would be better to draw a knife. Of course, even someone passing by can call the police.

    Perhaps Liu Shengnan's luck was so good. As soon as her idea came out, she saw a man passing by. The man saw the situation here and ran over and shouted, "What are you doing? Get out of here!"

    The Porcelain man waved the steel pipe threateningly: "It's nothing to do with you, get out of the way, or I will break your leg!"

    Not only was the man not scared away, but instead kicked the porcelain man far away with one foot. Then the cheetah pounced on the two bald men who were attacking Liu Shengnan.

    Liu Shengnan was rescued, standing aside and gasping for breath. The man who stared at the righteous and brave man was like a tiger and wolf, and kicked the steel pipe in the hands of the two with three punches and five kicks. Then he swung a few sharp moves, and the two fell to the ground one by one. The two of them were seriously injured and couldn't get up after falling to the ground.

    Liu Shengnan hurried forward in excitement: "Awesome buddy! If it weren't for your righteous action, I would suffer a big loss today."

    The young man looked at Liu Shengnan up and down and asked, "How did your girl's family provoke them?"

    Liu Shengnan naturally had to answer questions about his benefactor, so he said that the man was retaliated against after touching porcelain.

    The man laughed after listening, and then said: "It's a good thing to be brave when you see righteousness, but you have to do what you can. It's a courage to see righteousness and courage to take care of things like me. A girl who can please God but not give it to God is called burning the body. "

    Liu Shengnan: "..."

    The police came and took away the three people who fell to the ground. Liu Shengnan and the man also went to the police station to explain the situation.

    Liu Shengnan went home from the police station in a depressed mood. After looking for a job for several days, she is not used by people with brain power, and she is not reconciled with physical power. Seeing the injustice, Lu drew his sword to help, and almost caught himself.

    I turned on the computer in a irritable mood, sat quietly for a while, and wrote an article "Is the old man getting bad, or the bad guy getting old" on the official account that was not updated for a long time.

    Liu Shengnan was born in liberal arts and is a good hand at writing. Today, I have seen and heard and felt tortuous, babbling thousands of words in one go, turning off the computer and sleeping.

    The next day, a good friend Panpan called.

    Liu Shengnan answered the phone dumbly, "Panpan, why are you doing so early."

    Panpan yelled excitedly on the phone: "Man, you are on fire!"

    Liu Shengnan's mouth pursed Lao Gao: "Panpan, Lin Shutong is over, I am sorry that you, a makeup artist, lost your job. But you can't make fun of me like them. You know the ins and outs of this matter best. ."

    "What and what. Lin Shutong is over. It's a good thing for me, the makeup artist who is monopolized by her, to get a freshman's freedom to reply. I thank you for being too late, so why can I blame you. Lin Xin's assistant has already called me the day before yesterday. , Deliberately invite me to be a queen makeup artist for Lin Xin."

    Liu Shengnan's sleepiness disappeared, and he gasped, "Is that Lin Xin with the top traffic?"