The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 944 - TPNOFW 944

    Chapter 944: Became Empty

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    Liu Shengnan knew that Big Brother would stop Li Bei, so he slept well this night. He was finally approved and discharged from the hospital the next day, and he could continue his training while returning home.

    Sun Rong accompanied Liu Shengnan home. Liu Shengnan entered the door and saw that his father was teaching more than 30 students Kungfu, so he went upstairs alone without interruption.

    In the evening, Liu Wuliang ate dinner and watched TV in his house. Liu Shengnan came in with a pot of hot water: "Dad, I got you hot water to scald your feet."

    Liu Wuliang was very happy to see her daughter sensible, but couldn't help but blame: "You kid just doesn't care about the body at all. I don't think I can get foot washing water for washing my feet, so I still need you to bring it?"

    Liu Shengnan grinned, "Dad, I actually want to talk to you."

    Liu Wuliang stretched his feet into the basin. The water was a bit hot, but he could not take his feet out. It's the first time for my daughter to bring herself footwashing water. She really is Daddy's little padded jacket, just warm.

    "Dad, thank you for going to Li Jianfei and speaking for me." Liu Shengnan sincerely thanked his father.

    Liu Wuliang knew that his daughter had come to tell him this, and said with a smile: "I am your dad, and my daughter has been wronged. Naturally, my dad is going to help her. This is justified."

    Li Shengnan hugged his father's shoulders with feverish eyes: "Dad, my daughter used to be ignorant and did a lot of things that disappointed you. My daughter will definitely change in the future, and everything will be up to my dad."

    Liu Wuliang's big rough hand "touched" his daughter's satin-like hair, and said with emotion: "You have not been at home in the past few years, you have been living in school, and you have rented a house with your classmates after graduation. In fact, dad knows that you are hiding from your dad. Dad passed on for three generations. At that time, your mother gave birth to your daughter. I really regret that you are not a boy. So when you were raised by a boy, I always wanted to vent my regrets. But since your mother passed away, Dad If I regret it, I will reflect on it.

    Your "sex" is not something you can choose, but dad is trying to judge you for his own reasons. When my dad now sees a little girl in a red skirt and a green skirt on the street, he thinks how beautiful my daughter would be if she also wore a colorful skirt when she was a child. Every time Dad saw those little girls playing piano, dancing, calligraphy, or painting on TV, he would regret that he always "forced" you to learn squatting and boxing instead of learning a girl. Things to learn.

    Male male, Dad has done too many things over the years, so I don't want to keep going wrong. Dad wants to understand. Dad will support the choices of men and men. Dad will never interfere in your life anymore. You like it. "

    Facing his father's push, Liu Shengnan's eyes were already red.

    "Dad, my daughter is also at fault. I used to be "sexy" and I dont know how to understand your feelings. I will live outside without discussing with you after graduation. Ive decided, Ill go and leave the room tomorrow, and come home with Dad. Live together. When I was young, I always wanted to run away from this home desperately. If something happened, I knew that my home was my permanent home."

    People always need time to grow and feel. Dad is not born to be a father, and some dads also make many detours. And children are not always smart, well-behaved, sensible and motivated. Liu Shengnan knew how to be a daughter after experiencing things.

    "Dad, Li Jianfei apologized to me yesterday. I can make such a arrogant man apologize to me. I think it is Dad's ability to conquer him, so he is willing to believe it, and he willingly apologizes to me." Liu Shengnan calmed down and said .

    "Male, male, you also said that Li Jianfei is an arrogant and domineering person. But if such an arrogant person can bow his head and apologize to you, it means that he is a real man, capable of bending and stretching, and good character. So you have a good vision, Dad. Support you and Li Jianfei together." Liu Wuliang became an enlightened father.

    Liu Shengnan's face flushed, and it was rare to "show" the little daughter's shyness: "Dad, what are you talking about? Li Jianfei and I are nothing. I didn't like him either.""If you have no thoughts about Li Jianfei, would you be willing to come to the camera and try to innocent him?"

    "I did it out of justice!"

    Liu Wuliang got up, didn't speak, just hehe. Hehe Liu Shengnan's face couldn't be stretched, and he got up and left. After walking for two minutes, he came back quietly: "Dad, you...didn't you always like the big brother?"

    Liu Wuliang looked at her blushing face and said, "I like my daughter better than my big apprentice. I have an apprentice to pick me up, so my daughter will do whatever she wants boldly."

    "Thank you, Dad!" Liu Shengnan was so happy this time, raised a brilliant little face to say goodnight to his father, and turned away.

    After Liu Shengnan and Li Jianfei let go of their suspicions, they stopped hiding from being an ostrich. When they returned to the room, they turned on their mobile phones and went online to watch the gossip news these days. It is strange that the online news about myself and Li Jianfei seemed to disappear overnight. Previously searched for the top few, now they are "Lin Shutong was raised by the coal boss", "Lin Shutong and Xiaoxianrou Midnight Hotel discuss the script", "Lin Shutong once wanted to rely on his stomach to take the lead, but was directly beaten by a director. The news about abortion is overwhelming.

    what's the situation?

    Did Li Jianfei find someone to settle the hot search again? Did you find Lin Shutong as a scapegoat?

    Although Lin Shutong had come to this step to deserve it, if she didn't offend Li Jianfei, these things would probably not be exposed.

    In any case, it is always a good thing that everything on the Internet is clean. Li Jianfei is no longer trapped in the vortex of mud, and he will not be tracked by paparazzi. But one thing is irreparable, that is, the fact that Li Jianfei was expelled from the army. He was admitted to the military academy at the age of 18 and has been in the army for ten years now. In ten years, the best years of youth were given to the army, and finally he was expelled from the army with stains. This one was something Liu Shengnan couldn't let go of.

    That night, I told Li Jianfei that the two were even and no one owed anyone anymore. But how can it be even now? Li Jianfei suffered a big loss because of himself, and even changed the trajectory of his life.

    The more Liu Shengnan thought about it, the more he felt that he owed Li Jianfei too much, so he wanted to invite Li Jianfei to dinner, and sincerely apologized and obtained his forgiveness.

    But Liu Shengnan also hesitated, always afraid that Li Jianfei would be too heartbroken to find opportunities to approach him on purpose. After hesitating for a whole day, he dialed Li Jianfei's cell phone, but what was displayed over there was: The number you dialed is empty.

    Empty number?

    Liu Shengnan looked at the phone in a daze. This number was used by Li Jianfei when he was traveling in the Southwest Scenic Area. When he left it to the mobile phone repair shop, he heard it clearly and wrote it down. How could this become an empty number?

    Thinking that he might have written off this account in order to hide from himself, Liu Shengnan's face was broken and heartbroken.

    I slept drowsy all night and had a terrible headache in the morning. Lying on the bed was also uncomfortable, so I thought about going out to get some air. When I walked out, I couldn't help but notice the supermarket, so I went in to buy some ingredients and cooked a big meal for my father in the evening.

    Walking in the fresh food area, someone patted Liu Shengnan on the shoulder.

    Liu Shengnan turned his head subconsciously, and when he saw the person who came, his expression revealed unfriendliness: "Li Bei, are you following me?"

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