The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 941 - TPNOFW 941

    Chapter 941: I Don't Have Much Time

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    Liu Wuliang turned his head to look at Li Jianfei: "Intentionally humiliating you, it turns out that this is your perception."

    Li Jianfei was uncomfortable with Liu Wuliang's eyes, but after thinking about it, he felt that he had not made a mistake because that was what he thought.

    "You can't just look at things on the surface. What you can see through at a glance is not that the matter is simple, but that the people who look at the matter are shallow. I wear ordinary clothes, my appearance is not good, and I have no temperament. You think I may be a scavenger. , Or mental illness with an abnormal brain. You despised me for the first time, and that was the main reason for your failure today."

    Li Jianfei wanted to refute what Liu Wuliang said, but after thinking about it carefully, it seemed that he had not made a mistake. The first time I saw Liu Wuliang, I really felt that he was an ordinary person. He offered to have a few tricks with himself, and he really wondered if he was a neuropathy.

    "Similarly, in the things my daughter reported to you, you think that my daughter hurt you, caused you a great influence, and even borrowed you to be famous. You feel that you see the truth of the matter, and you believe My daughter is guilty. You are an outsider and you dont know my daughter. I can understand that. But as a father, I dont want my daughter to be wronged, so I have to say that Shengnan is not a greedy for fame and fortune and money. people.

    Although Shengnan is "sex", he is kind in heart. When she was very young, in order not to have conflicts with my wife, she endured grievances and learned kung fu with me. In order to help her classmates repay bad loans, she starved herself and didn't buy a piece of clothing for half a year. She was concerned about reporting that Xiao An, a child who was abused by her stepmother, was retaliated by the family. If she hadn't done a little bit of effort to avoid sulfuric acid in time, I would not even dare to imagine how she looks now. But despite this, she helped Xiao'an's biological mother win the custody change lawsuit.

    If Sheng Nan wanted to be famous, she could be famous by this, but she handled everything in an anonymous volunteer way without any publicity. Then do you think she will use you to make herself famous?

    She initially reported you, just for professional needs. She went to report on Lin Shutong, but you have to bump into it. Even if she does not broadcast, others will not broadcast it, and what she writes is definitely more "explicit" than what my daughter wrote. Later, she was injured because of this, because she wanted to pay you back and took the initiative to walk to the screen. She is a journalist, and she doesn't know what kind of target she will become after she stands up. No matter what the result is, her starting point is definitely not to make you fall into right and wrong again. However, your performance disappointed me as a father. "

    It took Liu Wuliang some work to see the roadside surveillance and how Li Jianfei was sharply accusing his daughter. At that moment, he really wanted to beat Li Jianfei violently. But after thinking about it, Li Jianfei is not evil, but he is too young, too superficial to look at the problem, and not good at speaking.

    The most important thing is that if I beat Li Jianfei violently, my daughter will definitely feel distressed and unhappy.

    After thinking about it, I have such a unique meeting today.

    Liu Wuliang got up and said one last sentence: "At this moment, my daughter is lying in the hospital. If she really wants to be famous, she should be in front of the cameras of various reporters at this time."

    Liu Wuliang left. After walking for a long time, Li Jianfei sat in his seat stupidly, motionless like the statue.

    Liu Shengnan's father really came to find a place for his daughter. But he didn't really humiliate himself with a big fight against him, nor did he angrily deny himself. He slowly talked about his daughter's character and thoughts on this matter.

    In fact, Li Jianfei is not really that superficial, if he is really superficial, he wouldn't have played such an important position in the army at a young age. He didn't know what was wrong with him. He was usually calm and restrained and he met with Liu Shengnan and everything went wrong. The mood will be shining with the sun because of her action, and will be thunderous because of her words.

    He used to treat the women around him equally, not looking, not thinking, or thinking. Only Yue'er, a childhood sweetheart, and Liu Shengnan who suddenly appeared.

    He is courteous to Yue'er, spoiled, and tolerates all her bad temper. He is always good-tempered in front of Yue'er, always angry. But it was completely different for Liu Shengnan. His good temper has become a decoration, a firecracker that catches fire all day long. I don't know right from wrong when encountering things, and I am immersed in my emotions and only look at the surface with impulsive conceit.

    After Li Jianfei fired Liu Shengnan that day, he calmed down and actually felt that he was reckless. Perhaps things were not as extreme as he thought. But he didn't dare to explore the truth, fearing that he was really wrong. That way, I really have no face to see Liu Shengnan again. So he was very upset these past two days, so he hid in Chen Shen to vent.

    Chen Shen probed his brain at the door, and when he saw the fighting field, Li Jianfei came in quickly and asked, "Master Liu is gone?"

    Li Jianfei returned to his senses, gave a vicious look, got up and walked to the dressing room. Chen Shen immediately followed: "What did Master Liu tell you, tell me something?"

    "Your Master Liu told me that her daughter is a good young man who is not fame and profitable!" Li Jianfei said in an angry voice to Chen Shen.

    Chen Shen nodded: "Master Liu's daughter Liu Shengnan, I really know. I remember the wireless prince chased Liu Shengnan hard, and he went to school to pick him up in a luxury car for more than two months. Flowers and jewels were sent for free, and he played romantically. As a result, Liu Shengnan didnt appreciate it at all, and he beat the prince so fat that he didnt recognize his mother. Later, Liu Shengnan graduated from the first place in broadcasting and hosting, but none of the TV stations hired Liu Shengnan, thats the prince. The ghost behind the Lord. Liu Shengnan was desperate and didn't want to be soft, so he went to work as a reporter in a gossip company.

    Li Jianfei angrily pulled the collar of Chen Shen's clothes: "Why didn't you tell me about this before!"

    Chen Shen was wronged: "You haven't asked me either."

    Li Jianfei was really mad at Chen Shen. He threw the pig teammates away, changed his clothes and left.

    In the car, Li Jianfei called his subordinates: "223, help me find someone. I want Liu Shengnan's information, all. The focus is on the wireless prince."

    The assistant of Asian Vice President Li Qiang is a capable person, and Liu Shengnan's information is no secret.

    After Li Jianfei took a bath and put on pajamas before falling asleep, all the information about Liu Shengnan entered Li Jianfei's mailbox. After reading the email, Li Jianfei punched the quilt fiercely.

    Liu Shengnan wants to be discharged now. She just passed out due to anemia. She has been in the hospital for three days, and her body aches. But as soon as he wanted to go out, Sun Rong blocked the door. Liu Shengnan looked at the windows on the thirteenth floor, and stopped the unrealistic idea.

    It's ten o'clock in the evening. Liu Shengnan really couldn't sleep, so he tiptoedly opened the door and saw Sun Rong dozing off on the bench outside. Haha, after three days, Sun Rong couldn't stand it anymore.

    Liu Shengnan endured his joy, quickly went back and put on his coat, and sneaked out of the ward.

    After eating the sick meal for three days, it was not pig liver soup, pork blood meal, brown sugar millet porridge, or boiled eggs in white water. A bird faded from my mouth.

    I want to eat barbecue, I want to eat Mala Tang, I want to eat hot and sour noodles...

    Liu Shengnan ran out of the ward with bright eyes, and Li Jianfei, who was almost hesitant to enter the hospital, could not escape.

    Li Jianfei was puzzled, what happened to Liu Shengnan suddenly ran out of the ward. She was wearing a windbreaker outside, but she was still wearing a blue and white hospital gown inside.

    The ghost followed up. Seeing Liu Shengnan finally stopped at a food stall, he hurriedly shouted: "Boss, bring me two skewers of roasted kidneys, three chrysalis chrysalis, four skewers of squid beard, and five skewers of beef tendon. In addition, let's have another bowl of spicy and spicy soup, plus hemp Spicy and soup!"

    The boss asked: "Girl, eat here or take it away?"

    "Eat here, eat here, hurry up, I don't have much time." Liu Shengnan swallowed and knocked on the table.

    Li Jianfei: "..."

    According to the data, she was in ischemic shock and was taken to the hospital by emergency. In just a few days, you actually ran out of the hospital to eat such junk food?