The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 939 - TPNOFW 939

    Chapter 939: Is Hospitalised

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    Liu Shengnan didn't expect that the act of taking out evidence and standing in front of all the public to clean up Li Jianfei had become such a despicable thing in his eyes.

    The scolded Liu Shengnan stood by the side of the road without moving for a long time. The legs are stiff like wood, as if moving, the whole person will be broken into **** immediately. The whole person is dumb, and the brain is blank.

    More than a dozen reporters didn't know where they came from, surrounded Liu Shengnan with Tuantuan, and asked all the questions, and Liu Shengnan flicked back to his senses.

    "Liu Shengnan, I am from Pioneer Entertainment. May I ask you to go to the morning news to expose the former club, is it because you have a holiday with the former club?"

    "Liu Shengnan, I heard that Wang Qiaohua, the director of Bagua Culture, has issued a lawyer's letter to you saying that you slander and insult their company. How do you respond?"

    "Liu Shengnan, are you really as innocent as you said before the camera? Do you have elements of malicious hype?"

    Liu Shengnan watched the group of people around him gradually become hideous, watching their mouths open and hehe like a sharp sword, straight "plugging" into him, bloody, but he didn't know it. How to respond. Gradually, all the voices were mixed together, as if a huge bell ding covered herself, her ears buzzed, and her head buzzed.

    The sky turned dark for a while, and people fell to the ground without waking up.

    Liu Wuliang's apprentice, Sun Rong, came back and saw a group of people chatting together. Then the next second, the group of people was suddenly silent as if they were pressed. In the next second, this group of people will blow up their nests, running faster than rabbits, leaving one person lying on the ground.

    Sun Rong hurried over and found that it was his younger sister lying on the ground. The running away couldn't catch any of them, so he hurriedly informed the master while taking the younger sister to the hospital.

    When Liu Shengnan arrived at the hospital, the doctor's examination did not cause any major problems. He was injured and lost blood and his body did not recover. Now he was stimulated to cause short-term ischemic shock. After the nutritional "liquid" is infused, people wake up slowly.

    Opening his eyes, Liu Shengnan saw his father's worried look at first sight.

    "Dad." He opened his mouth, and couldn't help crying in grievance and sadness.

    Liu Wuliang's big rough hands gently stroked his daughter's hair. A rough man who was unwilling to express emotions was also full of distress and worry at this time: "Man, don't cry, dad is here, dad is there. ."

    Sun Rong and several senior brothers were also in the ward, eagerly gearing up: "Master, it's the paparazzi reporters who write nonsense, and the juniors and I will find them!"

    The other young men echoed: "That's right, Master, we can't watch the little sister being wronged."

    Liu Wuliang said suspiciously: "What paparazzi? What'scribble'?"

    Just as Sun Rong was about to speak, he was interrupted by Liu Shengnan: "Big brother, I am not being bullied, I am making my own mind. If I had listened to my dad early, I would pass on Liu's boxing method, not read news broadcasts, or go to entertainment companies As a paparazzi reporter, there is nothing like now. Everything is my fault and has nothing to do with others. Please don't care about this matter anymore, don't let this matter continue to ferment, okay?" Today Li Jianfei came to Liu Shengnan to scold her and let her understand one thing: if someone wants to create a topic, then no matter what you do or say, those people can find the topic to say. Go talk. Your eating is a topic, and your drinking is a topic. The best way to stop the topic is not to reason, to tell the facts, but to be silent. If silence does not work for one day, then silence for one month, if silence does not work for one month, then silence for one year. Time will not deceive you, and the public does not have so much patience to continue eating melons that you have no taste for. Because the most indispensable thing in this world is freshly baked melons.

    Liu Shengnan understood now, but it was too late. The only thing I'm sorry is that Li Jianfei has sunk into the deep water.

    Sun Rong was very angry when she saw that Junior Sister swallowed all the grievances by herself. And Liu Wuliang also began to doubt. He knew that his daughter was kind and righteous despite her unwillingness. Don't like to let yourself be wronged, unless it is someone who wants to protect. Otherwise, she wouldn't even blink her eyes even if she pierced the sky into a big hole.

    Liu Wuliang let his daughter take a good rest, so he took his apprentice out of the ward. Worried about someone coming to the hospital to "harass" her daughter, she also arranged two apprentices to guard the door of the ward.

    In the car outside the hospital, Liu Wuliang asked Sun Rong: "Do you know all the things that happened to your junior sister recently, tell me about it."

    Sun Rong knows that the master never pays attention to the entertainment gossip news, so he has a little knowledge of the little sister. A few days ago, the master went to other cities to pick up the younger sister and came back, thinking that the younger sister was just fighting with others outside. The master didn't pay attention but he was concerned, so he took out the phone, and while flipping through the news, he explained the ins and outs of the matter to the master.

    After Liu Wuliang knew the ins and outs of the matter, his face was dark. How could her daughter suffer such a grievance for a man!

    "Sun Rong, take good care of your little junior sister and don't let anyone disturb her."

    Sun Rong asked hurriedly, "Master, where are you going?"

    "Don't worry, get out of the car." Liu Wuliang said with a calm face. Sun Rong knew the master's temper and didn't dare to ask any more, so he drove the door and got off the car.

    Sun Rong didn't like to learn, and he worshiped Liu Wuliang, a neighbor's martial arts master, as his teacher since he was ten. Liu Wuliang's other students learned martial arts as physical fitness or hobbies. The students walked in batch after batch, just like soldiers. Only Sun Rong regarded martial arts as his life's work, so he later became Liu Wuliang's closed disciple.

    Liu Wuliang did not have a son. After studying news broadcasting from his daughter's university, he recognized Sun Rong as a righteous son, thinking that in the future, he would teach Sun Rong his own mantle.

    Therefore, Sun Rong is not only Liu Wuliang's apprentice, but also his half son. Sun Rong was two years older than Liu Shengnan, and grew up with a younger sister. His thoughts about Liu Shengnan are known to all over the world. Liu Wuliang likes Sun Rong very much and deliberately makes him his whole son. Sun Rong also respected the master, and would never go against the master's words.

    Sun Rong bought pig liver soup and red bean porridge and returned to the ward. He wanted to make up for the little sister.

    Liu Shengnan is very dependent on Sun Rong, but this dependence is his sister's dependence on his brother.

    "Big brother? Is my dad angry with me?" Liu Shengnan swallowed red bean porridge and asked with his little nose.

    Sun Rong took another spoonful of red bean porridge to Liu Shengnan's mouth: "Master is not angry."

    "My dad must be angry. He must hate iron for not making steel. Otherwise, I am hospitalized and would not stay with me for a while."

    Sun Rong knew that the master was angry, but it was definitely not angry with the younger sister. But he didn't know where the master went. Seeing that the younger sister lay down to rest after drinking a few mouthfuls of porridge listlessly, he was also very unhappy.