The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 938 - TPNOFW 938

    Chapter 938: Kindly Do The Wrong Thing

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    Liu Shengnan wanted to find Li Jianfei, and knew that Li Jianfei would never see himself. Even if I saw myself, I wouldn't give myself a good face, and would say something vicious that I couldn't accept.

    This night, Liu Shengnan, who went home in despair, made a decision. She wanted to help Li Jianfei wash away the stains on his body, and to return Li Jianfei's innocence. Although his own little ant's power may be very small, it will not have any effect at all, perhaps Li Jianfei would not appreciate it. But Liu Shengnan wanted to do it, so he wanted to do something for Li Jianfei. Otherwise, her conscience is disturbed. She will never forgive herself in her life.

    Liu Shengnan took the recording and went to the rival of Wang Qiaohua's company the next day. The news was broadcast early.

    "Editor-in-Chief Xia, this is Miss Liu, who worked in gossip culture before. She said that she has important things to look for you." The assistant brought Liu Shengnan to Xia Man.

    Xia Man looked at Liu Shengnan, who had taken off his mask and hat, and smiled: "Miss Liu is a dark horse in the news now. Many people want to interview you, but what do you mean by coming to me?"

    Liu Shengnan laughed at himself: "I know I am very newsworthy now, and many entertainment news want to interview me. So, I will send this big news to editor Xia, do you want it?"

    Xia Man walked up to Liu Shengnan and smiled: "I don't believe the good thing about pie falling in the sky. Who knows if it is pie or discus."

    Liu Shengnan took a step closer to Xia Man and said: "I did not choose the morning news report randomly. Because I know that editor Xia and Wang Qiaohua have a holiday. In recent years, all news broadcasted by gossip culture will be published in the morning news report. Fight back.".

    Xia Man raised bright red lips: "So, I don't know whether you and Wang Qiaohua turned their faces because of the uneven distribution of the spoils, or because of something else, but you want to use my holiday with Wang Qiaohua to get me to avenge you. Its obvious. Miss Liu, you think of me too narrowly, right? Everything in the company is not a trivial matter. How can I use company resources to avenge myself? Yes, our company has indeed been a lot in recent years. This time, it positively refutes the news broadcast by the gossip culture, but that is because the news they broadcast is untrue and misleading the public. Without a real counterattack, Shaman is not such a person without a bottom line. "

    Liu Shengnan nodded: "It is because I know that Editor Xia is a person with a bottom line and is upright, so I will come to you. Although I was an intern in the gossip culture before, I did not conflict with Wang Qiaohua over money. The fact is: They designed me to fabricate news without my permission, and artificially created news hot searches. And I had already left the gossip culture in a fit of anger and wanted to find a place to "expose" the shady of gossip culture news."

    Xia Man still hesitated: "How do I trust you? Do you just say a few words?"

    Liu Shengnan put a USB flash drive in front of Xia Man: "This is my sincerity, what you said is a real hammer."

    After listening to the recording, Xia Man tapped his finger on the desktop and said: "Do you know the relationship between this self-media tycoon Li Dav and Wang Qiaohua?"

    Liu Shengnan shook his head blankly: "Is there a relationship between them?"

    Xia Man nodded: "Li Dav is Wang Qiaohua's lover. Li Dav can operate his own official account in two years. It is Wang Qiaohua who used the company's resources to secretly send first-hand news to Li Dav, so Li Dav v The influence of the official account will only increase."

    Li Shengnan suddenly understood: "Editor Xia meant that at this sensitive time, the encounter between Li Dav and Lin Shutong was not a coincidence. Perhaps it was not Li Dav that Lin Shutong was looking for, but Li Dav. Lin Shutong who actively contacted?"

    "Very likely." Xia Man raised his eyebrows: "If so, then each of you has been designed by Wang Qiaohua, and everyone in this news has become a **** for Wang Qiaohua's promotion and Li Dav."

    "Then next?" Liu Shengnan asked Xiaman tentatively after being angry.

    Sharman clenched his fist and knocked it on the desktop: "The morning news broadcast is a place that seeks truth from facts, and it will never let such smoky media people mix with it. If I take over this matter, I will aim at the whole gossip culture. Rather than Wang Qiaohua alone, will Miss Liu dare to fight alongside me? If she does not dare, it is too late to leave with your USB drive."

    Liu Shengnan shook his head firmly: "I am not afraid, even if I am threatened or intimidated, I am not afraid!"

    Two hours later, Liu Shengnan sat in front of the camera and told the general public the true situation. At the same time, Liu Shengnan's Weibo also issued the latest update. There are not only texts, but also pictures and screenshots on WeChat with her and Wang Qiaohua.

    At dark, Liu Shengnan went home wearing a mask and hat. When he arrived near his house, he unexpectedly met Li Jianfei, who also wore a mask and hat. But Liu Shengnan still recognized Li Jianfei at a glance. Similarly, Li Jianfei recognized Liu Shengnan at a glance.

    Liu Shengnan's first thought when he saw Li Jianfei was delighted. She felt that Li Jianfei must have read the news and knew that she had misunderstood her, so she waited here to apologize.

    But after all, he had done something sorry for him, and he was expelled from the army, so he felt guilty. He rubbed his feet against the ground and walked in front of Li Jianfei, and said in a very small voice: "Actually, I just did what I should do. You don't have to apologize to me."


    I apologize to you! This dead girl always has the ability to let her forbearing anger break her work within a second.

    "Liu Shengnan, you mean I am here to apologize to you?"

    Liu Shengnan was shocked by Li Jianfei's roar: "That...that...isn't it? I have already broadcast the ins and outs of the matter on the media, and I will clean up the stain for you. Everyone knows that you were designed."

    Li Jianfei gritted his steel teeth and squeaked and thought, "Are you trying to wash away the stains? You are watching the news, and you want to push me to the cusp of the storm again. My father had already suppressed this matter. Going down, it's you who made things out of control again!"

    Liu Shengnan stared at his glasses: "I...I...really just want to help you."

    "Put away your mouth and face, don't think that you are so careful that I can't see it. You use me here to get enough heat and get countless traffic. When you see the heat going down, you turn around and run to the other side and say this The so-called truth is actually just borrowing me to get another wave of enthusiasm. Everything was originally a ghost of you, but in the end you became an innocent victim!"

    Liu Shengnan was completely stupid facing Li Jianfei's accusation, how things were completely different from what he thought. Seeing Li Jianfei's eyes full of disgust, turning around to leave, Liu Shengnan hurriedly shouted behind him: "No, it's not what you think! I really want to tell the truth, I didn't want to use your heat!"

    Li Jianfei turned his head and said angrily: "If you really want to clean up the stains for me and give everyone the truth, why didn't you take out the recording and make a sound when the nightclub news broke with Lin Shutong, but after so many geniuses? take it out!"