The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 937 - TPNOFW 937

    Chapter 937: Li Jianfei Ruined

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    Liu Shengnan approached Wang Qiaohua for a theory, but the theory failed, and he was given a lesson.

    In the past, Liu Shengnan felt that he was omnipotent, but now he knows that he can do nothing.

    When Wang Qiaohua saw Liu Shengnan clenched her fist but did not follow, she knew that her threat had succeeded. He sneered in his heart: Although he has brute force, he is a idiot with well-developed limbs and simple mind. You are still too tender if you want to be fair to me.

    "Liu Shengnan, the more you grow up, the more you will know that there are many things in this world that cannot be true. The reality is that, except for the need to be true, nothing else is necessary. Reputation is important? Innocence is important? The identity tells you that the most important thing for you now is your formal work, which is a huge bonus, and the news value of you."

    Wang Qiaohua handed the HR appointment letter to Liu Shengnan as he spoke: "Take it, don't be angry with your interests. I have been young, and I have been noob, but in the end reality turned me into this way, but I lived very well. Listen to me, you will save ten years of detours."

    Liu Shengnan slowly took over the appointment letter, with Liu Shengnan's name written on it, and it was written as a reporter in the News Department, with a monthly basic salary of 10,000 yuan, with a generous year-end bonus, housing benefits, and five insurances and one housing fund.

    Wang Qiaohua handed another envelope to Liu Shengnan. Liu Shengnan "touched" and "touched" the thickness of the envelope, he knew it was at least 10,000. The two press releases are not considered a basic salary, but only a bonus of 10,000. That's a lot. If you find good news by yourself in the future, how much money will you get every month?

    But the money was earned by Li Jianfei, by stepping on his face and ruining his future.

    One person's future, one person's innocence, 10,000 yuan is really too cheap.

    Liu Shengnan gripped the envelope tightly, and the blue veins on the back of his hand were stretched high.

    Wang Qiaohua reached out to encourage him to pat on Liu Shengnan, but Liu Shengnan tore the appointment book to Wang Qiaohua's face: "Sorry, you compromise with reality does not mean that I will do it too. I am not uncommon for this smoky company. This bonus is what I deserve, even if the company rewards me for tuition! But if I find that you continue to use me for news and hype, I will reserve the right to sue you for damaging my reputation."

    Liu Shengnan took the envelope in Wang Qiaohua's head full of scraps of paper and strode away. Instead of depositing the money in the bank, she went to a children's hospital.

    Some time before this news, the unemployed Liu Shengnan was concerned about an incident in which a child was domestically abused by his stepmother.

    The incident was simple. Because of domestic violence, the relationship broke up and the couple divorced. Because he was a boy, his father insisted on the custody of the child, and his mother left to work in pain. The father soon married another wife who gave birth to her own son. In this way, the early son became the thorn in the eyes of the stepmother, and the thorn in the flesh. He has been beaten, physically punished, and abused by his stepmother for a long time, and the father not only does not protect the child, but sometimes even helps beat his own flesh and blood in a bad mood.

    The thing was told by the neighbors to the neighborhood committee. The neighborhood committee took the child to rescue the child to the hospital and also notified the police. The police found the child's mother. The mother went to the hospital and saw that the six-year-old son was covered in scars, and his skinny and skinny fainted. After Liu Shengnan learned about this matter, he took the initiative to contact the mother and helped her to appeal the custody of the child, but the reality is that the mother only works for a living and earns a meager income. And the child has been abused for a long time, not only has his whole body traumatized, but also suffered serious psychological trauma. He will have to go through long-term psychological counseling later.

    Liu Shengnan handed the envelope to the child's mother.

    Sun Li moved and pushed the envelope back uneasy: "Shengnan, you have helped me so much during this period of time, how can I still ask for your money."

    "Sister Li, take it. Although this money came from a serious channel, I think it is disgraceful. If you don't want it, I won't want it myself. I will donate it to the Red Cross Society. But I actually want the money even more. I can help you because you and Xiao An need it."

    Liu Shengnan pushed the money back into Sun Li's hands, and Sun Li accepted it with red eyes: "Thank you, thank you, I thank you for Xiaoan."

    "Sister Li, believe me, as long as you give the child enough love, the child will get better. Once, I was also deeply afraid of the strict discipline of my father. It was my mother who warmed me with all her love. Step out of the shadows, and even reconciled with my father a few days ago."

    Sun Li, who used to wash her face in tears, has now become strong: "Shengnan, thank you. Without you, I can't get Xiao An's custody. A woman is weak, and she is strong when she is a mother. Xiao An is only me now, I must To be strong, we must support him. Xiao Ans trauma is almost healed. Tomorrow I will take him out of the hospital and go to the place where I work. We rent a house and I let Xiao An go to kindergarten. We are together with mother and child every day. It will protect him and never let him suffer any more harm."

    "Sister Li, I believe you will give Xiao An a particularly good future."

    Liu Shengnan left the hospital and looked up at the sky with a sigh of relief. Although doing this good thing can't wash away the mistakes I made, at least the anger and depression in my heart are bettered.

    Liu Shengnan went to a nearby fast food restaurant and ordered a fried chicken set meal. He was eating and saw a news broadcast on TV. The general meaning of the news is: Recently, a senior commander of a certain unit committed a serious violation of rules and discipline during his vacation, which caused a very bad impact. In response to this, the military department made a decision to circulate and criticize the officer concerned and expel the military.

    Although the news dealt with the officer's face, Liu Shengnan recognized from Li Jianfei's figure that it was Li Jianfei.

    I don't know when the fried chicken in Liu Shengnan's hand fell on the table. I don't know when a piece from my mouth got stuck in my throat. When the person at the table next door kindly reminded her, she suddenly coughed violently. After drinking a large glass of Coke, she went to the bathroom and vomited.

    The owner of the fast food restaurant was terrified and almost hit 120.

    Liu Shengnan ran out of the fast food restaurant and ran hard along the road. He didn't know the direction, had no purpose, and didn't even know what he was running. Later, when she was tired and collapsed, she knew what she was running when she fell to the ground. She was trying to escape, from the shackles bound to her body. But the shackles are like shadows, no matter how fast or far they run, they can't get rid of them.

    Li Jianfei is a high-ranking officer with unlimited prospects. But he was destroyed on his own body. Although, his two news articles were implicitly beautiful and did not have a substantial impact on him. But knocking on Li Jianfei's door and Li Jianfei's intention to help him severely wound people in the alley later night, they are the protagonists, and these two things are the main events that ruined Li Jianfei.

    Liu Shengnan lay on his back, tears streaming from the corners of his eyes unconsciously. It's never been so sad. When I was a child, I was "forced" by my father to learn Kungfu, but it was not so sad. She doesn't know what to do now, she really doesn't know anymore.

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