The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 935 - TPNOFW 935

    Chapter 935: Furious As A Beauty

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    Liu Shengnan looked Jiaoqiao, but he was capable, after all, his father was the master who opened the martial arts hall.

    Four men with big arms and round waists surrounded Liu Shengnan, and Liu Shengnan was not afraid, so he fought with them. The men thought that subduing this little girl would be as easy as a cat catching a mouse, but after a few rounds, not only did they not take advantage of it, but they all suffered.

    Li Jianfei followed Liu Shengnan to the entrance of the alley and saw her beating with a few tattooed men.

    The woman and Gao Qiu came out of the hotel one after another, didn't they want to meet outside? Why is she fighting people in the alley now?

    Liu Shengnan deliberately went out to "swing" in order to catch the sneak shot. Highball didn't know it was a trap, naturally, it was to keep up with Liu Shengnan's footsteps. I wanted to see if I could get valuable news again.

    After the praying mantis catches the cicada oriole, Li Jianfei is the oriole. Following the two people in front, he wants to catch Liu Shengnan's meeting with Gaoqiu, and see how she can sophistry.

    Li Jianfei didn't want to be true to this woman, because she was full of lies and it was not worth wasting time on her. But the fire in my heart couldn't be suppressed at all. I wanted to grab Liu Shengnan's handle like a demon, and expose her lies face to face.


    Liu Shengnan was fighting with a man in the alley. Why didn't her companion step up to help, or called the police, and just held up the phone to take pictures?

    Li Jianfei didn't understand these two people anymore, and when he glanced at the battle in the alley, the men couldn't beat Liu Shengnan with their bare hands, and they pulled out their daggers. One also took out a machete more than a foot long.

    These bastards!

    Li Jianfei clenched his fists with both hands. Liu Shengnan has a few tricks, and he has no problem dealing with a few normal men. But now she has a murder weapon in her hands, but she is bare-handed.

    One step forward, I wanted to help, and then I remembered the disgusting thing Liu Shengnan had done to me. Moreover, her colleague was taking a sneak photo not far away, and she would be photographed again when she appeared, and then she wrote about it.

    Wait, will Liu Shengnan and Gaoqiu set himself up? The hard work is to "force" yourself to make news?

    Just after Li Jianfei's hesitation, Liu Shengnan couldn't dodge, a dagger struck Liu Shengnan's arm and opened a gap of five or six centimeters, and blood suddenly appeared.

    As soon as Li Jianfei saw that Liu Shengnan was injured and bleeding, his eyes were instantly stained with blood. He had seen ghosts for any reason and speculation. He rushed forward and beat the men violently.

    Liu Shengnan held his arm, and blood flowed from her fingers. She didn't care about her injury. What was unexpected was how did this guy suddenly appear? And he appeared like **** Shura, and he was ruthless and merciless. The four men were beaten and knelt down to beg for mercy. One kicked and broke several ribs, and one broke his arm. The man who injured himself with the dagger, Li Jianfei even grabbed the dagger and plunged it into his thigh.



    "Kill it!"

    When the troubled brother Kun saw this situation, he piled up his pants in the corner in shock. But Li Jianfei did not intend to let go of Brother Kun.

    When Liu Shengnan saw Li Jian flying towards Brother Kun, he quickly ran to Brother Kun to block Li Jianfei: "Stop it, you are crazy!"

    Blue veins burst out of Li Jianfei's eyes: "Are you stopping me?"

    Liu Shengnan is very anxious: "He is a bug. It is not a pity to die, but don't forget your identity!"

    Li Jianfei jumped up at the corner of his eyebrows: "Are you concerned about me?"


    Liu Shengnan suddenly noticed the high ball shot in the alley, and ran out without any explanation. When Gao Qiu saw that he had been exposed, he hurriedly posted the secret photos, raised his phone to Liu Shengnan, and said with a grin: "Apprentice, thank you, you cooperated well, I took the picture again. Clear and true."

    Liu Shengnan: "...what cooperation?"

    "You really are uniting and giving me a set!" Li Jianfei suddenly appeared behind Liu Shengnan, his face full of evil spirits. The clenching of his hands shows that he is now extremely angry.

    "No! I don't!" Liu Shengnan denies loudly.

    The high ball jumped a few steps away, and he laughed: "Apprentice, editor Wang said, you can make up for it if you perform well this time, and you will be promoted to a full-time employee when you go back. You must also have salary and bonuses. This is the master for you Yes, you have to thank me very much."

    Liu Shengnan turned his head and shouted, "Shut up!"

    Li Jianfei suddenly wanted to laugh. It was so stupid to laugh at himself. He repeatedly fell on a dead girl who was full of lies. He glanced at Liu Shengnan's **** arm and actually smiled: "I should really admire your professionalism. For a press release, the price is...not small."

    Li Jianfei left an extremely uncomfortable smile and left. He took a big stride to make a decision, and even his back showed a palpitating coldness.

    Liu Shengnan, who has been fearless and fearless since childhood, was afraid for the first time, and she couldn't tell what she was afraid of. I was afraid of Li Jianfei like this, and he was afraid that Li Jianfei would hate himself from then on. Still afraid that I will never see him again?

    The instigator of all this is golf.

    Liu Shengnan ignored the blood wound on his arm, and pulled the golf ball forward, which was a violent beating.

    "You're crazy! Do you dare to hit me? I'm your master! Ouch, don't fight, don't fight...Help..."

    People come and go on the street.

    Liu Shengnan's blood knocked off the teeth of the golf ball like Shura from hell, his face was beaten, and his phone was kicked to pieces. Then the dispatched police were dispatched.

    When the police arrived at the scene, not only did the golf have their breath left, there were four crying fathers and mothers in the alley. So quickly asked for 120 support.

    The emergency department of the hospital suddenly became lively, and there were six fights, all of which were injured. Among them, Liu Shengnan suffered the least injury, and he had ten stitches.

    After everyone's injuries were dealt with, the police came to question one by one.

    Gao Qiu was lying on the hospital bed, crying like a pig head on his head, crying to his mother: "Comrade police, you have to punish criminals. I am a good law-abiding citizen. I was beaten for no reason. I was wronged. I don't accept selfishness. Now, I'm going to sue her, and I'm going to sue her to kneel and apologize!"

    Liu Shengnan heard clearly in the ward next door. This regret should be dealt with by hitting the **** more seriously.

    The police also spread the word that Li Jianfei had come to record his confession, but Li Jianfei received an urgent task and was already on the return flight. Li Jianfei notified his father of this matter, and his father found a lawyer to be fully responsible.

    The golfer is in the hospital, but he passed the picture to the editor Wang. When editor Wang saw the explosive news, he immediately wrote a press release and posted it on his company's portal website. Then within an hour, the forwarding volume reached hundreds of thousands.

    The Asian vice president, the big son, became angry as a confidante, and violently beat the gangster who molested his woman.

    Liu Shengnan saw the press release on her mobile phone, accompanied by the clear and **** pictures, and closed her eyes with a headache.

    The last thing I don't want to see still appears. There was still something in his hand that could wash Li Jianfei's whites, this one was choking.