The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 934 - TPNOFW 934

    Chapter 934: You Misunderstood Me

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    Liu Shengnan never thought that he kindly went to Li Jianfei, but he got into a disaster because of this.

    When she woke up and turned on the phone for the first time, Li Jianfei's various news were already overwhelming. The most popular news portals are the first. These hot searches are not only the news about him and Lin Shutongs hotel, but also the news that she went to find Li Jianfei last night?

    She was wearing a suspender nightgown, and Li Jianfei was naked. Her front, side, back, everything. And Li Jianfei's front face was also photographed, it was called a very clear one.

    Liu Shengnan's scalp is numb, and he feels that something has happened. It is really something big! He jumped out of bed and made a dozen or so laps on the spot, and finally decided to look for Li Jianfei to speak clearly in front of him.

    After washing, I quickly changed into clothes and went out. Who knew that as soon as I opened the door and went out, I was pushed by a boss's hand and pushed her back to the room, and then the room door slammed with an old bang.

    Liu Shengnan's heart twitched, and he glanced intently, and it was indeed Li Jianfei. Li Jianfei was holding a mobile phone in his hand, a blazing fire was burning in his eyes, and he looked like he was going to burn people alive.

    Liu Shengnan didn't feel that he was wrong, and never felt that he was wrong. But at this moment, she was shocked.

    "..." He opened his mouth, without saying a word. And the more she was like this, the more Li Jianfei was furious, the more convinced she was of her conspiracy.

    "Explain!" Li Jianfei snarled his mobile phone in front of Liu Shengnan.

    Liu Shengnan gave a meow: Asian Vice President Duke really knows how to play, flirting with female celebrities in the forefoot nightclub, and meeting little lovers in the hotel on the back.

    This title is so ridiculous, I can never write such a vulgar thing.

    "Do you believe that I said it has nothing to do with me?" Liu Shengnan asked with a small neck.

    Li Jianfei knew that she would die without admitting: "Did you treat me as a three-year-old child or relied on you as a woman? I won't hit you! At midnight, you dressed like that and knocked on my door, and then you were photographed. Clearly Chu, there is no bottom line in the writing. Liu Shengnan, are you shameless enough for your work!"

    "I didn't, really didn't, it's not what you think." Liu Shengnan anxiously explained: "The thing is... is..."

    "Enough, I thought you had already thought of the excuses, but I didn't expect to edit it!"

    Li Jianfei sneered and laughed at himself even more, annoyed that even if she was deceived and used this way, he still couldn't raise a fist against her.

    "Liu Shengnan, you said no, then you look at the source of this news, it is exactly the same as yours. You can look at the signature of the news again, is it your good partner?"

    Liu Shengnan's eyes widened, and then he went to see the signature and source of the news.

    The source is indeed his own company, and the signature is Gaoqiu. The company takes its own predecessors and is an extremely wretched man.

    "How could this happen? But I really don't know! You don't believe me!" Liu Shengnan saw the full of mockery in Li Jianfei's eyes, and he blew up.

    "Believe in you? Do you think you are worthy of trust?" Li Jianfei laughed at himself again: "I used to believe in you, but after so many things, if I still believe in you, I would be a complete fool!"

    "You are a fool!"

    Li Jianfei's voice is not low, but Liu Shengnan's voice is higher. The two men fought at each other, glaring at each other, and there was a tendency to fight one another in the next second.

    Li Jianfei wanted to say that the reason was not high, and wanted to say that you were so excited because of a guilty conscience? But Li Jianfei suddenly found a suspicious point. It was that Liu Shengnan always saw her guilty conscience avoiding her eyes, but this time, she looked at herself frankly from beginning to end. Whether it is when trying to explain, or when stab "Mao" yells to himself.

    However, I certainly did not wrong her. She has no guilty conscience. It is not that she has been wronged, but that her acting skills have improved again, and she has been cheeky until the final bottom line is lost.

    When Li Jianfei finally slammed the door and left, Liu Shengnan wanted to step forward to stop him and explain to him that she actually had evidence to prove his innocence, but Li Jianfei's decision to leave made her feel that she was troublesome.

    After thinking about it, I still felt uneasy. The misfortune was caused by himself. Without his own photos and manuscripts, even Lin Shutong would not let Li Jian fly to this field even if he tried to play tricks.

    I took out my phone and flipped through it, and the push revealed new news.

    Da Gongzi, vice president of Asian culture, is in emotional crisis?

    It was the photo of Li Jianfei when he opened the door and went out. The anger on his face remained unrelenting, and his already stern face was tense as if he was looking for someone to fight at any time.

    Even if Liu Shengnan had been working in the newspaper office for nothing before he could think of it, his room must have been monitored, as was Li Jianfei's room.

    Regrouped, Liu Shengnan stopped the phone screen, stood up to organize himself, and walked out after making himself look less embarrassed. She was going to catch the black hand behind the scenes, grab the black hand and throw it in front of Li Jianfei, telling him clearly: You, his mother, injustice, Im innocent!

    As soon as he got out of the hotel, Liu Shengnan felt that someone was stalking him, and he secretly hummed, "Auntie's "milk" or "milk" who doesn't show off her power, really think she is a soft bun?

    Walking on the streets of the ancient city, there are crowds of people coming and going and the streets leading to various places. Liu Shengnan walked casually on one of the streets and took out his mobile phone, which seemed to be afraid of himself, but he was actually using a selfie camera to observe the scene behind.

    The person stalking him wore a gray sports suit and a baseball cap with the brim down. But no matter how tightly packed you are, you will know that you are a golf ball when you look at your wretched aunts "milk" and "milk".

    Lead you to the alley, and then take care of you!

    Liu Shengnan walked into the small alley but was dumbfounded, and was bumping into a few thugs squatting in the alley to divide the spoils. And one of them was Brother Kun who robbed her of her phone that day, was kicked over by her, and finally escaped.

    This...It's so **** narrow.

    "Oh, little beauty, we meet again. Since goodbye is destined, you have no one to help this time. How about playing with your brother?" Kun threw the cigarette **** to the ground, carrying "Kinky" stood up with a smile.

    "Why? Was it not good enough to beat you last time? It's an itchy beating?" Liu Shengnan quickly glanced at the opponent's number, thinking about a quick fix, and don't let these bugs ruin his business.

    "Smelly girl, the last time I planted you was careless. I always wanted to get revenge from you, but I ran into the door when I didn't expect you. This time, I will show you how good my new brothers are! Brothers, whoever caught this little lady today, brother let him be the first to enjoy!" Brother Kun said to the gangster behind him.

    This time, he brought all the new brothers who had practiced, and they were all new brothers who had just been transferred from other districts, so he took this opportunity to establish his prestige.

    Seeing Liu Shengnan's tender and supple appearance, the gangsters behind him felt it was a bully. First, he stepped forward and grabbed Liu Shengnan's wrist, pulling her into his arms with strength, smelling the fragrance of Liu Shengnan's body. The suppressed desire moved.

    "Thank you Brother Kun, then." I didn't want Liu Shengnan to follow his hand and slam the person over the shoulder.

    The first **** was thrown to the ground before he could react, and the pain in his chest made him unable to even cry. Rolling on the ground, his face was pale.

    Looking at Liu Shengnan's weak and helpless appearance, the other two realized that it was just this woman who was acting.

    "Really two things?" The gangster on the left of Brother Kun wiped the corner of his mouth, the expression on his face became more interesting.

    "This little girl knows a little bit of work. Just now, the brothers ran too fast to say it. Now the two of you should be careful to deal with them." Kun's reminder made them suddenly excited.

    It was as if the long-lost hungry beast saw its prey, and the dying resistance of the prey made them feel inexplicably excited.

    "Don't worry, it's just that the brother was careless. Brother Kun is not bad. He is a brother worthy of being acquainted with. Brother, do you think we are going together, or should I try this little girl's hands and feet first?" The man with a scar on his left face is gloomy Sen stared at Liu Shengnan and asked.

    Liu Shengnan had been irritated by the news, but now he should use these people to vent his anger.

    He twisted his neck, moved his arm, and then stretched out a finger: "Beep peat, you have to hurry up. If it's not a man, just roll away for my sister."