The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 933 - TPNOFW 933

    Chapter 933: Benevolence

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    Liu Shengnan looked at another USB flash drive on Li Jianfei's finger, and only felt that his brain exploded, his hands and feet were numb, and his liver trembled. Ten thousand possibilities flashed through my mind for a moment, but I tried to pretend to be calm and twitched the corners of my mouth, laughing more ugly than crying: "Huh? There is actually a backup. are so open, you must have never seen it Content right?"

    Li Jianfei sneered and glanced at her. There was a cold light in his black eyes: "Guess."

    No need to guess, Liu Shengnan was sure from the look in Li Jianfei's eyes. After reading the content on the USB flash drive, he must know that he wrote his gossip.

    The legs of the guilty conscience are soft, and she subconsciously swallows her saliva and comforts herself: that is because she is a professional need, and at that time they were not familiar with each other.

    "I, I, this is me..." Liu Shengnan thought to be harder, but couldn't speak.

    Li Jianfei's eyes gradually condensed cold, but he still smiled: "What am I? I really haven't seen it yet, Reporter Liu."

    Liu Shengnan met Li Jianfei's eyes, bit his posterior teeth, and raised his neck. "This is my job. I don't think I have anything wrong. You don't have to look at me like that."

    Her attitude completely ignited the anger that Li Jianfei had accumulated for a long time.

    "You're right? You can still say you're right so arrogantly? I really underestimated your face! Liu Shengnan, is your job just making up and distorting facts? You really let me Increased knowledge!"

    Liu Shengnan clenched his hands into fists to encourage himself: "What's wrong with me? Didn't I just write two manuscripts? I asked you to pose for those photos, right? I mentioned your name for every word in those manuscripts. Is your last name? No. Compared to other gossip news, I'm already merciful!"

    "Hehe, you are still showing mercy? According to your wishes, I should still thank you, right?" Li Jianfei smirked, the dark smile in his smile made Liu Shengnan's scared scalp numb.

    "Of course you have to thank me!"

    Liu Shengnan said with certainty: "You should know that Lin Shutong is not an ordinary person, and there will definitely be gossip reporters who follow the trend where she appears. Then you are still entangled with her, pulling and pulling. , That makes me think that you want to expose yourself to the public eye is excusable. Therefore, I followed your will and exposed this matter implicitly and tactfully, which was sharper than other reporters. Its better to verbalize and write, isnt it? Shouldnt you thank me?"

    "I... I thank you, I thank you and your family!"

    Li Jianfei was really mad, and it was a curse to say this. I also thoroughly experienced the clever tongue of a reporter. The black froze was said to be white, but in the end it became his own. Such a woman has taken her eyes away, and she can't help but blow her head if she takes another look.

    After staring at Liu Shengnan angrily for a few minutes, Li Jianfei finally strode away angrily.

    Liu Shengnan looked at Li Jianfei's back, his stubborn neck shrank little by little, and he slumped on the ground after closing the door. All the thorns were put away, as if my heart had been hollowed out, and I couldn't say how sad. He hugged his knees and buried his head between his knees. I don't know when, the shoulders trembled, and there was an extremely depressed sob from the knees.

    In the bar near the hotel, Li Jianfei was unbearable, pouring the spirits glass after glass.

    I originally thought that she would be the second woman after Yue'er, and she gave her the opportunity to explain tonight, but she ended up like this.

    He deserves it, really deserves it.

    Cups of spirits poured into his throat, and the drunkenness of Li Jianfei was gradually rising.

    Lin Shutong had originally seen Li Jianfei leave the hotel angrily, followed up out of curiosity, and at the same time notified her hidden person.

    Seeing Li Jianfei constantly filling himself with wine, Lin Shutong thought that this was a good time. After taking a glass of cocktail, he twisted his waist to wince at another place and approached Li Jianfei.

    "Oh, why is Li Gongzi drinking here alone?" Lin Shutong passed by Li Jianfei, his slender fingers brushed the collar, his actions were charming and enchanting.

    Li Jianfei glanced at the woman coldly, ignoring that he just poured a glass of wine into his mouth again. Li Jianfei was sober for a moment after the irritation of the spirits passing through his throat.

    Lin Shutong also doesn't care about Li Jianfei's indifference to herself, anyway, tomorrow's headline is about to be set.

    "Young Master Li, don't do this to me. Drinking alone is lonely. Why don't you let me accompany you?" After that, Lin Shutong pretended to fall into Li Jianfei's arms. In the middle, the woman is beautiful and beautiful, and Li Jianfei releases herself to look forward to the romance.

    "Go!" Li Jianfei said in disgust, pushing people away.

    This woman's endless proximity to herself is really disgusting. If it were not for her, Liu Shengnan would not humiliate herself so much.

    Lin Shutong is not annoyed, since the other party is boring to herself, use everything that can be used to let her get everything she has.

    Anyway, she only liked his identity to Li Jianfei, and she didn't really like him. Bai had such a handsome face, and she was puzzled by the style.

    "Dont be like this, Li Gongzi, its a bit related to what everyone says. Im an artist under your fathers hands. Im a friend when I met him. How can I be so unkind to others?" Lin Shutong saw the man doing it to herself After a gesture, he tidied up his skirt.

    With the stuff already in hand, Lin Shutong doesn't need to continue acting.

    "Forget it, since Li Gongzi is not interested in Shu Tong, I can only leave so as not to make Li Gongzi unhappy. It will hurt my heart to let the company block me at that time." As he said, he raised his chin and twisted his waist. Leaving Li Jianfei's side.

    The mosquito that had been buzzing in his ears finally left, and Li Jianfei impatiently finished the last glass of wine and paid to leave.

    When passing by Liu Shengnan's room, Li Jianfei's eyes darkened, and he returned to his room after a short stay.

    At night, Liu Shengnan turned over and over again and couldn't sleep anymore, so he sat up and drafted a resignation report and sent it to the editor's mailbox.

    Now that the editor-in-chief Wang had already said that, Liu Shengnan thought, why not take the opportunity to leave, as for returning Li Jianfei's innocence. Liu Shengnan sighed slightly while lying down, and could only think of another way. Unable to sleep left or right, Liu Shengnan flipped through the mobile web page.

    The page pushed a few messages, but Liu Shengnan clicked to close it. When the last one was...

    A leader of the Special Forces of the People's Army defending their homeland was entangled with a certain actress in a nightclub!

    Liu Shengnan's heart squatted, and after clicking in, her heart was instantly pulled together.

    The first reaction may be similar to that of others, but after seeing his face clearly, Liu Shengnan had an indescribable guilt towards Li Jianfei.

    It is only past two o'clock in the middle of the night, and a large number of naval forces have gathered under this revelation.

    The situation seemed to have begun to get out of control. Liu Shengnan looked at the words on it, poking her heart with every word.

    Liu Shengnan turned to the address book and found Li Jianfei's mobile phone number. After hesitating for a while, he finally called.

    The first time it rang for a long time, no one answered the automatic hang-up, and the second time it rang twice and was hung up artificially. For the third time, the phone you directly dialed has been turned off.

    Liu Shengnan held the phone tightly, knowing that this was Li Jianfei's normal reaction. If Li Jianfei did something like that to himself, then he would have the mind to kill him, so how could he still answer his phone.

    Lying down to sleep is my own nosy. He is such a powerful big man, maybe all news can be settled, but he is not worried about eating carrots.


    I can't sleep, I always feel that something is wrong, something is wrong. Li Jianfei is not an ordinary big man, his background is too special.

    I didn't know where I was hitting the string wrong in my head. I got up and rushed out of the door in pajamas with suspenders, and came to Li Jianfei's door. I smashed the door without opening it until the door was finally opened.

    "What do you want?" Li Jianfei appeared naked at the door wearing a pair of pajamas, shouting impatiently at Liu Shengnan.

    Liu Shengnan was shocked by the scene, and his gaze slid along Li Jianfei's neck to his collarbone, his chest muscles, his lower abdomen, and his two beautiful mermaid lines. The pajama pants are too loose, they are put on the waistband. The hot and tempting scene is all dead.

    "'s okay, it's okay." Liu Shengnan persuaded, covering his eyes and turning his head and ran away, hitting the wall regardless of the southeast, northwest, and wailing, and then clutching his forehead and fled back to the room awkwardly .

    When Liu Shengnan returned to the room, he regained his senses. Wait, what was he doing just now? It was so easy to see him, why did he roll back without saying anything. Go again? Don't kill it!

    Its not my business anyway, its yours. I asked myself, I have done my best.