The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 927 - TPNOFW 927

    Chapter 927: Why Guilty

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    At this time, the police arrived, the police accompanying the security guard.

    When the police saw that the scene was quite big, there was a large area lying on the ground with a blood pool in his head, and he quickly called for first aid.

    The police followed by the security clarified what was going on, and the police naturally stopped Li Jianfei: "Sir, you attacked these people?"

    Li Jianfei glanced at the back of Liu Shengnan's departure and nodded: "Yes, I did it all."

    "Then please send us out and make a record. Those people just now are the ruffians in this area, and they will definitely retaliate in the future. It's fine to keep the case."

    Li Jianfei was very cooperative: "Okay, I will go to the police station with you to record a statement."

    Li Jianfei went to the police station and came back. When he went to the lobby of the hotel, he saw Liu Shengnan cleaned and changed his clothes, and he was talking to the staff at the front desk. He knew that Liu Shengnan didn't want to see him now, so he walked over by ghosts.

    Liu Shengnan took out his mobile phone and asked the front desk clerk: "Do you know where there is a mobile phone repairing? It is to repair this kind of mobile phone soaked in water."

    The front desk clerk glanced at her mobile phone, and kindly persuaded: "Miss Liu, it's better to change to a new mobile phone. This mobile phone is originally an old model, and there is really no value in repairing it. You dont look like someone who cant afford to change a phone , Why bother to fix it?"

    Liu Shengnan knew that the waiter was kind, and sullenly said, "This mobile phone is the last birthday gift my mother gave me. It is of great significance. It contains many pictures and videos of my mother and me."

    Liu Shengnan "touched" the back of the phone, thinking about the past.

    This phone turned out to have a story, and the waiter hurriedly said sorry to Liu Shengnan. Then she said sorry again, because she didn't know where to repair the phone. "

    Li Jianfei heard Liu Shengnan's words and finally understood why she was obsessed with a broken mobile phone. The panic when Liu Shengnan was robbed of the phone flashed in his mind, the phone was thrown into a puddle and the desperate save, and the uncontrollable impulse to beat people into pigs, all of which were reasonable explanations.

    Seeing Liu Shengnan's disappointed expression, Li Jianfei suddenly strode forward and grabbed Liu Shengnan's wrist: "I will take you to repair your mobile phone. I know where to repair the mobile phone."

    The appearance of Li Jianfei surprised Liu Shengnan and started struggling to get rid of his restraint: "You dont need your fake kindness, Mr. Li, if you have too much time, please go find your girlfriend to play, dont interfere with me here. Eyes."

    "Do you have to make trouble with me? Also, where did my girlfriend come from, you also believe that the gossip news "chaotic"?" On the way back, Li Jianfei had already seen the scandal between himself and Lin Shutong on the Internet. The news, I was already vomiting and bleeding, this Liu Shengnan mentioned again.

    Liu Shengnan sneered, and squinted at him and said, "What did Mr. Li explain to me? What is my relationship with you? I can't afford the attitude of Mr. Li."

    Li Jianfei stubbornly said: "Okay, stop making trouble. The shorter the time you soak your phone in water, the better the chance it will be repaired. You are wasting time with me now, don't you want your phone to be repaired?"

    "Um..." Liu Shengnan was quiet all at once.

    Li Jianfei secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Sure enough, the snake had to hit seven inches. If you want this girl to be quiet, you have to grab what she cares about most.

    Liu Shengnan kept his mouth tightly closed along the way. No matter what Li Jianfei said, he refused to speak. After the two entered the shop where the phone was repaired, the boss saw the visitor and greeted him: "What's the matter with you two?"

    Li Jianfei took Liu Shengnan's mobile phone all the way and handed it to the boss, restrained his momentum, and asked gently: "Boss, this phone has just been soaked in water, can it be repaired?"

    The boss glanced at Li Jianfei, and then at Liu Shengnan, who refused to speak. He took the phone and looked at it, and he probably had a judgment."It should be that the electric board is burnt out, just replace it with another one. Its just sir, its not cheap to replace the electric board, its almost the same as buying a new mobile phone. Especially this kind of old mobile phone , Electric boards are even harder to find." The boss told the truth.

    "Money is not a problem, the problem is as long as it can be repaired. This mobile phone is of great significance to us." Li Jianfei explained his attitude.

    The boss understands that such things are common. After all, mobile phones are not expensive now, but some of the things stored in them are quite expensive.

    "Okay, I will try to fix it."

    "Boss, it's not a try, it must be. Please, you must fix the phone. Definitely." Liu Shengnan folded his hands and begged the boss.

    Seeing that the little girl is so concerned about this phone, the boss quickly said: "Okay, I must, definitely. You can leave a phone number, I'll fix it and call you."

    The boss said: If this phone is repaired, you can back up the data in this phone. The information inside must be very important, otherwise the little girl will not beg her. Its just that its unknown whether its repaired or not, so I didnt say anything about the backup.

    Liu Shengnan doesn't have a mobile phone for the time being, so Li Jianfei left his number.

    Walking outside the store, Liu Shengnan bit his lower lip. Just when Li Jianfei thought she was about to bite, he heard Liu Shengnan's thin voice: "I'm sorry, I had a bad attitude to you before."

    Li Jianfei "showed" a faint smile on his face. He was reluctant to accept it, but said poisonously: "When did you treat me better? I'm used to it, so I don't need to say sorry."

    Liu Shengnan gave Li Jianfei a stern look, this man really has the ability to chat to death in minutes.

    "In fact, you don't need to worry so much. Generally, it can be repaired if there is no major damage."

    "I hope so." Liu Shengnan thought of those manuscripts and photos that hadn't been sent out with a guilty conscience. He secretly photographed Li Jianfei himself, using him as a gimmick, but he helped himself again and again. It feels like if you let him know what he did to him, it will end badly.

    Liu Shengnan suddenly didn't dare to look at him, and he was guilty.

    Li Jianfei really didn't understand what this girl had done to him, and his guilty conscience made him very confused from time to time. If it's just a secret shot of the scenic spot, hasn't it been deleted? Oh, by the way, there is also a sneak shot of myself in the hotel corridor.

    "Can I ask you a question?" Li Jianfei wanted to confirm his guess.

    Liu Shengnan raised his eyebrows, and now he is the biggest because he helped himself a lot.

    "What? You ask!" Liu Shengnan's guilty voice softened unconsciously

    "What is the reason for your guilty conscience?" Li Jianfei asked directly, because he is a person who doesn't like roundabouts.

    Liu Shengnan was even weaker, and the cold sweat on his forehead was about to come out.

    "Who...who has a guilty conscience? What is my guilty conscience? Don't do anything wrong, don't be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door in the middle of the night. When it's you, your face is pale and your eyes are blue, you are weak, and your kidneys are weak!"

    Li Jianfei: "..."

    Liu Shengnan didn't dare to face Li Jianfei's scary eyes, turned around and left. I didn't say anything about it, and the smallpox that I wrote was "chaotic", and now I suddenly questioned myself that he would be a fool if he didn't run away.

    Liu Shengnan didn't know how other reporters took the sneak shots so openly, and even after being caught, he could brazenly feel that he was shooting for justice. She can't, because as long as she sees Li Jianfei, she will panic inexplicably and her liver will tremble.