The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 915 - TPNOFW 915

    Chapter 915: Beat Daddy With Amnesia

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    Although Tianen is small, he is reliable in doing things.

    Yue'er has a lot of real estate, because part of her business is selling houses, so Tianen's search for a quiet place is easy.

    Tianci hurriedly said: "Sister, please be gentle, no matter what you do."

    "Forgot." Tian En made a grimace at his brother, and quickly turned her father over, then stared at the boss: "Brother, I smashed our father's forehead."

    The father that was picked up was a pretty white face. It's okay now, and one side of his forehead is swollen and bulging up tall, like a horn.

    Tianci climbed up and took a look, it was indeed not a light hit.

    "Should... be okay."

    The two little guys then got busy, one said that boiled eggs should be warmed, and the other said that ice cubes should be applied cold. They hold their own opinions and do what they think is right. After such a hot and cold alternation, the father who was picked up woke up.

    The man first subconsciously reached out and "rubbed" and "rubbed" his forehead, hissed and gasped in pain. Then he opened his eyes vaguely and looked around blankly.

    Tianen's little hand suddenly covered his mouth, and looked back at the gift of God. Godsend, who had always been calm, stared in surprise.

    "Your eyes are blue." Tian En exclaimed after exchanging glances with his brother.

    The man "touched" and "touched" his own eyes suspiciously: "My eyes...why are they blue?"

    The corner of God's eyes jumped twice: "You don't know your eyes are blue."

    The man shook his head blankly.

    Tian En went to pick off the bathroom mirror, and held it to the man: "Look, your eyes."

    The man looked into the mirror, looking at the stranger in the mirror, and then blinked: "You are right, my eyes are really blue."

    Tianen turned his head to look at Tianci again, using his mouth: "Brother, he seems to have a problem with his brain."

    Godsend nodded: "I can see it."

    Tianen was very discouraged and threw the mirror on the bed: "Can we still play well? We worked so hard to find a dad, but we were actually a fool."

    "Tianen, don't talk to people face to face, it's impolite." Tianci urged his sister to pull over.

    Tian En pursed his small mouth: "Where does a fool know what impoliteness is."

    "Tianen, maybe he is not a fool, but you just threw him too hard and smashed him."

    "Will it be like this?"

    Tian En stood up to the man and pointed out a finger: "What's this?"

    "One," the man replied.

    Tianen stretched out another finger: "I have one plus one."

    "Two." The man replied.

    Tian En was pleasantly surprised: "Brother, he is not a fool or a fool."

    Tianci looked at Tianen like a fool: "Your question is too simple, even a fool can answer it."

    Tian En's little mouth pursed Lao Gao again: "Then you can ask, brother."

    Godsend asked again: "Then do you know Neptune?"

    The man blinked his eyes and said, "Neptune is the asteroid among the eight planets in the solar system. According to the distance between the planets and the sun, Neptune is the eighth planet, the fourth largest planet in diameter, and the third largest planet in mass. Neptune is smaller than Uranus in diameter and volume, but its mass is larger than Uranus, about 17 times that of Earth, and its sister planet Uranus is about 14 times that of Earth because of its lower density. Neptune..."


    Godsend interrupted the mans retelling like a repeater: "I asked two totally unmatched questions, but you all said so detailed and accurate. So your mind is fine. I am sorry for my sisters recklessness just now. ."

    "Huh?" The man raised his final tone, his eyes widened, and he seemed even more confused.

    The man shook his head, shook his head, shook his head, looked down at his clothes, and shook his head.

    Tianen's face collapsed, and he muttered, "Still a fool."

    Tianci then pulled Tianen over and whispered: "He is not a fool, he has amnesia! It is probably... I am amnesia after being thrown by you."

    "Oh my god, I threw my father stupid, I'm really an unfilial girl." Tian En anxiously made an idea: "Brother, then I will throw him harder, will our father recover? "

    Godsend frowned: "Tianen, are you sure if you throw him harder, it's not for death but for recovery?"

    Tianen said twice: "This...I think it might be more likely to fall to death."

    Since head-to-head is not easy to handle, you can only give up treatment and return to God's will.

    "Brother, it's a good thing for our father to have amnesia. Amnesia is a piece of white paper. Isn't that what we want to paint on it?" Tianen said thirstyly.

    Tianci nodded, but then cautiously said: "Amnesia is a double-edged sword. It can be sketched like a blank paper, and it can also hide his true information. For example, does he have a family? Does he have children? There is a crime. Have a criminal record? Why wear ancient costumes and why sleep under the overpass? We have no way of knowing this."

    "Oh, brother, you don't want to be so tired. Why did we carry him home? For the sake of his appearance. He has a unique face and it has been overwhelmed. Let us call him father. Now he has amnesia. It's a blank sheet of paper, which is a good thing for us. But you have so many questions now, is it a bit too much?"

    Tianen's "sex" is so generous, never as much as his brother thought. Godsend recalled the amazing sight of this man under the overpass. Indeed, if his face was enough, he would live everything. Even if the father who is robbed in the future has a family and children, it doesn't matter even if he has a criminal record, as long as it is something that money can solve.

    Tian En waited for their father to wash and prepare clean and decent clothes, and invited a barber to cut off their father's long flowing hair.

    After some cleaning, the unknown person lying under the bridge and sleeping dirty became a handsome and warm high-quality man.