The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 913 - TPNOFW 913

    Chapter 913: Sing And Sing

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    The driver stepped on the gas pedal. As soon as the speed of the car was raised, Tianci frowned and said, "Divert to the airport. There has been a serious traffic accident in front of this road and traffic jams."

    The driver Xiao Wu directly turned the steering wheel without any doubt, and the car changed its route to the airport. And Ru Yi and Ru Cheng also continued to quarrel with no surprises.

    Tian En let out a breath and asked, "Brother, is the traffic accident serious? Is anyone dead?"

    "There are no dead people, but the truck pulling the liquefied gas turned over and blocked in the middle of the road. There was a leak. The driver was injured and the fire brigade has not arrived yet." Tianci said, patting his shoulders with a palpitation. Lean on your brother's shoulder and sleep for a while."

    Tianen tilted his head and leaned on his brother's shoulder, and breathed again: "Brother, you have a great ability to predict the prophet. If one day we are down and go out and wander around, my brother can still set up a fortune-telling booth to make money."

    Tianci smiled: "Tianen will just say silly things, don't worry, our family will not be down."

    Tian En smiled: "As long as there is a saying like my brother, then I can rest assured."

    Ru Cheng and Ru were weirdly listening to these two pink and jade dolls talking about the strange heavens.

    In their eyes, Tianci and Tianen were never children, but a pair of monsters.

    Others will leave when they are one year old, read words at two, kindergarten at three, and occasionally pee their pants when they are four. And this pair of children can leave at the age of six months, read a book at the age of one, and never go to kindergarten, thinking that it is a naive place where a group of naive ghosts gather. Yueer invited a teacher to come to her family to teach, and within a few days of teaching, the teacher resigned automatically. It is not that the child is disobedient, nor is it that the child cannot learn, but teaches that both children can learn at once, and have the ability to remember. What skills in the teacher's stomach was quickly emptied, and finally had to leave.

    Now these two little guys are only six years old, but they are all university professors.

    If they were just smart, Rucheng Ruyi would not treat them as monsters. The main reason is that these two children have exploded with extraordinary abilities since their first birthday.

    God is gifted with the ability of an unpredictable prophet, and can say anything that hasn't happened or just happened when others don't know it.

    On the day of Tiancis first birthday, Huo Yaoting originally said he was going to celebrate his grandsons first birthday, but he didnt come, and the phone still couldnt get through. When everyone was speculating, Tianci suddenly said: "Little grandpas experiment failed. , The energy is not well controlled and exploded. But dont worry, little grandpa has nothing serious about it, just the face of being blown black."

    God gave a horror, and adults regarded him as nonsense, and even his old mother Yueer said Tong Yan Wu Ji, Tong Yan Wu Ji.

    But afterwards, Huo Yaoting hurried over, his face full of blackness directly stunned everyone. After inquiring, I realized that Huo Yaoting really exploded during the experiment. He dodges in time without a serious problem, but his face is smoked, and it takes a while to get better.

    The God-given Tong Yan Wuji was verified, and everyone was worried and uneasy. But as the godsend grew up day by day, apart from being smarter and more sensible than other children, he sometimes said something unknown to the prophet. There seemed to be no other special differences and he didn't care.

    Tianen also has abilities.

    Regardless of her sweetness and tenderness, she can easily throw someone who is trying to bully herself and her brother over the shoulder and kick it away.

    Yue'er has also been strong since she was a child, but her strength is absolutely insignificant compared to her daughter. Lu Zhishen drooped the willows and became famous through the ages, and even blushed with a thick neck. But Tianen only needs to use a small hand to pull it casually, and the willow tree is uprooted.

    When she was a child, when Tianen couldn't control her strength well, she had a lot of things in the house. It was crushed, crushed, and crushed accidentally. Not long ago, Tian En and Ru Cheng went out to play and forgot to refuel the car. Tian En volunteered to push the car directly to the gas station, but was photographed and posted on the Internet saying that it was almost child abuse. The matter was a big deal. Since then, Yue'er has strictly forbidden Tianen to use super power at will.

    The difference between the two children was unanimously attributed to the mysterious father. After all, Yue'er only has a little strength, and everything else is normal. But at that time, apart from seeing Ma Haoyu with blue eyes and a particularly smart head, he didn't find any other special skills.

    What Huo Yichen and Blue Star had originally determined was also beginning to doubt that these two cubs belonged to Ma Haoyu?


    Tianci and Tianen kindly instructed the little uncle and little aunt.

    Godsend said: "Little uncle, little auntie, don't get into trouble when you go out. No matter how great my mommy is, it will be beyond reach."

    Tian En said: "Uncle and Auntie, what my brother means is that you are all adults. Even if you get into trouble, you have to bear it yourself. Don't tell my mommy. My mommy is already very good at supporting you to eat, drink and play in order to make money. Its been hard work. Also, dont report your family, you will only lose the Huos family and get scolded."

    God also said: "Little uncle, little aunt, you have to study hard when you go to school, and you are welcome to come back soon."

    Tianen explained: "Uncle and Auntie, what my brother meant is that my mom gave you a lot of money and gave you the most famous university in the world. If you go there, you have to work hard and work hard. , Suspend the subject. Then you will not be ashamed of yourself, but my mommy's people who will be lost."

    Ru Cheng gave a fierce look at the day: "You little girl is really unpopular. For the same thing, your brother is so pleasant to say it, but when you explain it, it completely changes."

    Ruyi also snorted, "That is, God, you are not cute at all. Or your brother is more cute."

    "Well, I also admit it." Tianen shrugged: "So our task of sending you on behalf of Mommy is over, and what should be explained is also explained. The rest is to wish you a pleasant journey."

    "Little uncle, little aunt, have a good journey." Godsend waved gently.

    You Yi came over and hugged the gift of God, and when she came to Tianen, she gave her a roll of eyes: "Tianen, you are so mean and careful not to marry when you grow up."

    "Cut, I don't want my little aunt to be like a nympho, my lifelong wish is to marry a man."

    "Cut, little mean."

    Finally, Rucheng and Ruyi went through the security check to board the plane, and Tianci and Tianen watched the two planes take off again. They looked at each other, and both breathed a sigh of relief. The two unwary elders on the stall are really worried, but fortunately, these two worried guys are gone.

    "Brother, what are we going to do now?" Tianen asked his brother sweetly.

    Tianci curled his lips and smiled: "Continue to set up a stall to find Daddy!"