The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 911 - TPNOFW 911

    Chapter 911: Surrogacy?

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    Huo Yichen and her husband rushed home in a hurry, but their daughter had not returned home when she went to work in the company. The two-month-old sisters in the family are basking in the sun on the balcony of the hall with their two nurses.

    The two milk babies were white, not crying or making trouble, they opened their bright eyes and looked at the magical world outside through the glass, sometimes babbling and exchanging words with each other. Huo Yichen and Lan Xing were surprised, surprised and pleasantly surprised. Busy alone, bending over and picking one up, teasing with love.

    "Blue eyes, look, this kid has blue eyes!" Huo Yichen kept sending it to Blue Star for fear that his wife would not see it.

    "I saw it, I still think that kid looks like him. Could it be..." Lan Xing didn't say clearly in front of Yuesao.

    "So he came back?" Huo Yichen heard his wife say that he also felt that the child in his arms looked like Ma Haoyu.

    "Yue'er will know when you come back and ask." Lan Xing said, looking down at the little milk baby in his arms, couldn't help but smile and curl his eyebrows: "It looks like Yue'er when I was a child, it's like a mold. Yes. Look at Yi Chen, she still smiles at me."

    "My little grandson smiles at me too." Huo Yichen shook the nanny in his arms triumphantly, feeling that he was hugging the whole world. No matter how beautiful the scenery in the world is, it is not as good as these two babies.

    Lan Xing suddenly remembered something, and said anxiously: "Call Yue'er quickly. I dont want to die. I went to the company as soon as I gave birth to two children. Is money important or health important? I gave birth to Ru Chenghe at that time. You Yi didn't have a job for a year."

    Huo Yichen nodded repeatedly and quickly called his daughter. Yue'er, who was holding a high-level meeting, knew what was going on as soon as he saw his father's phone call, and replied with a text message: "The meeting is going to go home."

    Shen Yue drove home after finishing the meeting quickly and concisely. When she entered the house, she saw her old mother standing eagerly at the door of the house, looking around.

    "Mommy, you're back. I haven't seen you in a year. I want to kill you!" Yue'er got out of the car and rushed towards Blue Star, but was blocked by Blue Star. After looking at Yue'er up and down, her face suddenly turned Changed: "Are you looking for a surrogate child?"

    "What kind of surrogacy? No, I was born in October." Yue'er blinked.

    Lan Xing shook his head in disbelief: "The older you are, the more arrogant you are. I lied to your old lady not to write drafts, right? I gave birth to your younger siblings, who were out of shape, and recovered in two years. But you are only more than a month old The figure is restored to its original shape, who are you lying to?"

    Yue'er was wronged very much. The concubine who clothes the baby hurriedly said: "Madam, this is wronged by the young lady. Lan Hua and I watched the young lady recover with our own eyes. The young lady just gave birth to God's gift and God's grace. The figure is also out of shape. The belly is loose like a sack of grain, and the orange peel is wrinkled. But the young lady's physique is special, and the body recovered within a month, which surprised us."

    Lan Xing frowned: "Really? Didn't you collude to lie to me?"

    Yue'er was speechless: "Mommy, am I someone who dare not be? I dare to have a child, am I afraid of anything else? I want to feel the joy of having a baby from start to finish, of course it's impossible Let someone else replace it."

    Blue Star also thinks about it. Yue'er has always been a daring person. If she really finds a surrogate mother, she will not fail to admit it.

    Huo Yichen came downstairs, and Yue'er flew over again: "Daddy, come and comment. My mommy said that my body is recovering well and I have found a surrogate mother."

    Huo Yichen turned to her daughter: "No, no. My Yueertian is not afraid of being afraid of having a child?"

    "That's right, I still know me. Daddy, I promised you when I took you and my mother to the plane, and I came back to designate you to hold the grandson. How about? Is this grandson satisfied?"

    "Satisfied, satisfied, quite satisfied. That's..." Huo Yichen asked tentatively: "Can Daddy know who the father of those two children is?"

    Shen Yue shook her head and shrugged her shoulders: "I don't know, I don't know. I just picked it from the sperm bank."

    Huo Yichen: "..."

    Blue Star didn't give up and asked: "Yue'er, you really chose randomly? Then why did you choose a gene for blue eyes."

    "I think blue eyes look good." Shen Yue answered casually quickly and smoothly, without a trace of other emotions. This caused Lan Xing and Huo Yichen to look at each other quietly, could it be that they guessed wrong?

    Yue'er didn't mention it, and they couldn't take the initiative to mention it. In case they did, Yue'er really didn't think of it, so she went to the sperm bank to find it. They really shot themselves in the foot.

    Yue'er didn't see the little guy in a day, so she thought very much. Those who strode went upstairs to see their children.

    Both Tianci and Tianen are asleep, their long eyelashes are as thick and beautiful as a small brush, casting a small shadow on the eyelids. Yue'er happily changed her clothes and kissed the two little guys on the cheeks.

    Lan Xing followed, watching this heart-warming scene, and felt distressed: "Yue'er, it's very hard for you to give birth to these two children yourself."

    Yue'er smiled: "It's okay, I should eat and drink, and then touch my stomach every day to feel them moving in it. The taste is simply wonderful. These are just my own feelings, even if There is a man by his side and he can't help me with this. There really is no such thing as hard work."

    "But, you are still so young, you can't be alone for a lifetime. A woman always finds a man to have a real home." Lan Xing gently touched her daughter's head.

    "Mummy, Ningquewuluan. I don't just go to the street to find a man to get married for a real home. The man who will come is annoying for a long time, and the divorce has to divide my money and divide my baby. So I might as well just save those steps and troubles and go straight to the stage of having children and raising children. I have the ability to raise them myself. I think my life is very good now. So why must I find a man to blend in with me? What about in life?"

    What Yue'er was saying was full of truth, but Lan Xing couldn't find a rebuttal. But she knew that Yue'er could say this now because she didn't leave a place for the man in her heart. Maybe... I haven't encountered anything that tempted her again.

    "If this is the life you like, then you can live it as you want. Times are different, and your young and young are no longer our old calendar. Having a good time with yourself is the most important thing in this life. "

    Lan Xing said that he lowered his head and touched the small heads of the two children, and said in love: "I heard your Uncle Li called and said that you went to have an IVF and thought you were a fool. But now I see such two cute babies. Guy, I feel that you are not fooling around, and there is nothing precious from them in the world.