The Presidents Number One Fresh Wife Chapter 1 - TPNOFW 1

    Chapter 1: Wedding Surprise

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    Gu Yanxi had seen his father from the hospital, and walked back to the newly married home with Gu Zian in the twilight.

    Pushing the door open, it smells sweet. Bright and angry rose petals spread all over the ground, and winding up the stairs, like an endless red carpet.

    After Gu Yanxi was shocked, she walked upstairs carefully with her wedding dress in her hands, for fear of trampling on the romance of this room.

    The door to the bedroom upstairs was concealed, and a strange voice came from a man and a woman.

    Gu Zian said he wanted to surprise her at home, but this voice

    Gu Yanxi's heart contracted and slammed the door open.

    On Dahong's wedding bed, a man and a woman are entangled in each other at this time!

    It took several seconds for Gu Yanxi to find her voice: "What are you doing!"

    When the two people were arrested, not only did they not panic, they tilted their heads and mockingly looked at Gu Yanxi together, as if Gu Yanxi was the third person who shouldn't break in.

    The actual situation is that the man on the bed is Gu Yanxi, who only held the wedding in the daytime, and the woman is her friend Liu Manman.

    "Gu Yanxi, you are so perverted, you actually have a hobby of peeking at other people's husbands and wives." Liu Manman traced the delicate corners of his eyes and provoked evilly, and his eyes were full of provocation and pride.

    Gu Yanxi trembled: "Liu Manman, what are you talking about? I am Gu Zian's wife. He and I just had a wedding today!"

    Liu Manman sneered, "Gu Yanxi, it's so pitiful that you are still alive in your dream. I don't even know that today is the day to register my marriage with Gu Zian."

    How can it be!

    Gu Yanxi looked at Gu Zian angrily.

    Gu Zian was too lazy to explain, reaching out and threw a document and a red copy in front of Gu Yanxi: "Gu Yanxi, your dad once signed a document with me. If I marry you, he will give me everything from Gu's family. My promise to him has been fulfilled today, so I dont have to involve you anymore. You can leave after reading, dont hinder our husband and wife from doing things."

    Gu Yanxi stiffly picked up the document from the ground and looked at it again, his face was as pale as paper. Dad actually gave Gu Zian the construction of the Gu family and all the properties under his name a month ago. And that red book is the marriage certificate of Gu Zian and Liu Manman. The date is today.

    Gu Yanxi glared at the two who betrayed him, Yinya wishing to crush them: "Gu Zi'an, my dad treats you as a son, so he trusts to give everything to you. And you, really give I was pleasantly surprised. Liu Manman, you were born as a junior, and your dad would not allow you to enter the house or give you living expenses. I help you every time you have no money to live on. And you treat me like this, It's also very good!"

    A guilty conscience flashed across the faces of Gu Zian and Liu Manman, but then they became vicious.

    "Gu Yanxi, just because Zi'an and I were so embarrassed in front of you, that's why we hate you and want you to die."

    "You saw it just now. Everything in the Gu family is now under my name, including this house and Gu family's house. Gu Yanxi, you now have nothing but the living dead father. You hurry off and don't let me see your turn!"

    Gu Yanxi clasped her hands tightly, her slender fingertips turning white from the force.

    Seeing Gu Yanxi not leaving, Liu Manman deliberately arched Gu Zi'an: "My husband, what should he do if he doesn't leave." Gu Zian stretched out his hand and squeezed Liu Manman's face: "She can see if she wants to. Let's do ours. Leave her alone, just treat her as air."

    "Oh, you are so bad."

    "You little fairy."

    This was the home of Gu Yanxi, but the dove occupied the magpie's nest overnight. Those two who were once Gu Yanxi's most trusted people, now they humiliate her in this way.

    Gu Yanxi couldn't stay here anyway, turned around hurriedly and ran out staggeringly.

    She should cry. But hate to the extreme, there are no tears.

    Gu Yanxi's bank cards were all frozen, and the hospital called for his father's medical expenses. She went out in a low voice under the scorching sun to borrow a circle of money the next day, but did not even borrow a thousand yuan. The noble and beautiful princess Gu Yanxi, who was once protected by her father from wind and rain, now sits like a puppet that has been abandoned in the park on the street.

    The world is very cold, and reality taught her a life lesson. She clutched her hair with both hands and thought desperately, what should I do? Where can I find money? Without money, Dad can't live a day.

    "Miss Gu? Our boss wants to see you." A man's voice suddenly came over his head.

    Jingzhou, the emperor of the night.

    Every night, here will be unusually lively. Woman, look for the gold master or the object of the night party. Man, look for prey here for food and pleasure.

    On the third floor, a supreme VIP room, the man opened the door and invited Gu Yanxi in.

    Gu Yanxi hesitated, not knowing who the boss in this door was. But thinking about her current situation, as long as the word boss is enough to make her take a step forward.

    The light in the private room is dim, and there is soft music. A man was hidden in the corner of the sofa, unable to see the specific appearance, and could only vaguely see the man's tall surname and the smoldering cigarettes around his lips.

    Standing far away, Gu Yanxi saw that the man had been smoking without opening his mouth, so he hesitated to ask: "Who are you? Why did you ask me to come?"

    The man heard the sound before regaining his senses. Raise an eyebrow, the woman has actually arrived.

    The man looked at Gu Yanxi wantonly in the gloom, his eyes were thick and dark, with a certain hunting light. It took a full minute before the man retracted his eyes, pinched out the cigarette in his hand in the ashtray on the coffee table in front of him, and said lightly, "Don't you know me?"

    The man's voice is as pleasant as the midrange of a cello, with a provoked end with obvious questioning.

    Gu Yanxi has not yet graduated from university and has not entered society. His father has protected him very well and has little contact with the outside world. So except for some people in her circle, outsiders don't know much.

    Listening to the man's tone, he seemed to know him. So Gu Yanxi took a few steps forward boldly, trying to see the man's face up close.

    As he walked in step by step, Gu Yanxi also saw the man's face clearly. The man has honey-colored skin, a tough appearance and a clear outline. The eyes are deep and dull, like an invisible deep pool, the nose is tall and the line of the chin is perfect and beautiful.

    There is no doubt that men have absolutely eye-catching looks. The eyes were deep and condensed, and there was also a supreme king aura.

    When Gu Yanxi saw the man's face completely, he suddenly stopped and blurted out: "Huo Yichen!"

    Huo Yichen heard this exclamation, and his tight facial features finally became loose. The corners of the lips were not warm, and he got up and walked from the dim light to the light, step by step, as if an elegant leopard came to Gu Yanxi's face, standing still: "Miss Gu, long time no see."