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    Super Cookery System Chapter 870 - SCS 870

    Chapter 870: I Paid For The Food Just Now

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    Upon hearing this, Meng Shihan finally turned off and became angry again, and he immediately carried Meng Shijia's collar and threw it out.

    "I want to come here, so quickly get me back to Kyoto."

    "No, no! I'm talking about working for my brother-in-law!" Meng Shijia's head shook faster than a rattle, and signaled Meng Shihan to believe him, and the latter loosened his collar and sat back in his seat.

    Meng Shijia carefully sat back in his seat, and did not forget to ask Yang Song to get him some food, so she ate a bowl of instant noodles. Meng Shijia felt that her stomach was flat.

    Yang Song, who was coming out of the kitchen carrying a plate of grilled noodle scriptures and chicken wings, heard this with a baffling expression, as if he was a gang leader.

    Especially Meng Shijia took a mouthful of a brother-in-law, which made Yang Song's goose bumps go straight.

    "Eat." Put the plate in front of him.

    Just smelling the scent, Meng Shijia was about to drool. He quickly picked up a bunch and took a big bite. In an instant, his eyes widened in disbelief, my God, this is too delicious! This is more than delicious, it is a rare and extremely delicious delicious!

    Ordinary gluten seems to have injected a new soul under Yang Songs cooking skills. It has become unique. Once you have an entrance, the delicious gluten is like a bomb. It explodes in your mouth and overflows the inner wall of the mouth. Pour into the stomach along the esophagus, and finally occupy the whole body.

    So delicious, so delicious!

    After eating Meng Shijia in three or two bites, Yang Song made a large plate of barbecue, not forgetting the beautiful aftertaste with his eyes closed.

    It was decided, and I would stay here for the rest of my life. Meng Shijia made up his mind without even thinking about it for a second.

    At the same time, he couldn't help but put up a thumbs up and praised Yang Song. "Brother-in-law, no wonder everyone in Los Angeles knows you, what you make is so delicious!"

    Chen Ming made a cut, took a bite of the watermelon in his mouth, and couldn't help but vomit, "Smuggler."

    Meng Shijia didn't care. In front of food, a small irony was nothing.

    However, Shen Huaizhao had a good temper and would take care of others. Seeing Meng Shijia's mouth full of food, fearing he was choking, he quickly brought a cup of hot water and put it in front of him, and by the way, he drew a few pieces of paper and motioned him to wipe it.

    "Thank you beautiful sister." Meng Shijia replied sweetly.

    Shen Huaizhao was a little shy, and turned around to do something else.

    Meng Shihan patted Meng Shijia on the back and urged, "Hurry up and eat, and wait for the police station to reissue the ID card and bank card."

    Even so big that he could leave things in the car, Meng Shihan wondered if Meng Shijia was just a little bit longer.

    Mentioning the ID card, Meng Shijia looked awake, "I almost forgot about it. There is also a mobile phone."

    As he said, he touched his mouth and handed the plate to Yang Song, without any embarrassment, "Brother-in-law, please give me another barbecue."

    "You really treat this as your own home." Chen Ming continued to complain.

    At this moment, the bell rang out of fashion, and several people stopped. Meng Shihan found that it was his own. When he picked it up, it was Father Meng's call. He said straight to the subject, "Did Meng Shijia run to you?" "

    Meng Shihan pinched his eyebrows helplessly, and replied, "It's me."

    Father Meng's tone instantly became angry, "Hurry up and call him back to Kyoto! I can't control it under the eyelids, and he won't fly in Los Angeles!"

    When Meng Shijia, who was eavesdropping on the side, heard this, the alarm sounded loudly, and he hurriedly folded his hands, "Sister, please help me cover and speak nice things for me."

    Meng Shihan sighed helplessly, "Dad, let Meng Shijia stay with me, so I can watch him. If he dares to mess around, I will definitely interrupt his leg." After speaking, he gave Meng Shijia a warning, and immediately Pass him the phone, "Speak to yourself."

    Meng Shijia took it timidly, and carefully shouted, "Dad."

    There was a cold snort on the other end of the phone, "You kid has caused me trouble all the time, and now it's your sister's trouble!"

    Meng Shijia smiled embarrassedly, "It's been a long time since I saw my sister, come to see her, why is it causing trouble..."

    "You think I will believe you! In short, if you dare to cause me any trouble, immediately get me back to Kyoto!" Mengfu directly hung up the phone.

    Listening to the beep on the phone, Meng Shijia instantly turned from depressed to full of blood, and returned the phone to her old sister with a smug expression, "Hey, I agree."

    Before Meng Shihan could answer, Chen Ming jumped out first, "Isn't it, this kid will stay here in the future?"

    Thinking of Meng Shijia walking around in front of him every day, Chen Ming felt that this day was a bit harder, and Meng Shihan could only help him smile, and motioned him to be more tolerant.

    At this time, Yang Song brought up the newly prepared barbecue, and Meng Shijia finished the meal in twos or twos. Finally, Meng Shihan forced him to wash the dishes and said that the task of washing the dishes would be given to him in the future, and the food was satisfied. Meng Shijia patted her chest and said it was OK.

    "By the way, brother-in-law." Meng Shijia suddenly thought of a question, "What kind of money can you make by selling this barbecue?"

    In Meng Shijias world, a bunch of barbecue is only a few yuan, no matter how delicious it is, it is only ten or twenty yuan, and it seems that it will not make much in a month.

    "Don't worry, you won't die from starvation." Yang Song answered indifferently.

    He did not intend to tell Meng Shijia how much money he made, not to mention that he had never done this before. In Yang Song's opinion, people who talk about how much money he makes all the time are really annoying and totally inconsistent with him. Suppose, the really awesome people are doing things low-key.

    However, as the first loyal fan of Yangsong Food, Chen Ming has a lot of opinions about Meng Shijia's despise, "You have asked so, by the way, I paid for what I just ate."

    "Yes, give it." Pay as much as you can. The rich second-generation Meng Shijia thinks he has seen a lot of worlds, and he has eaten five-star stars.

    After agreeing, I turned my eyes around in the store, trying to find the price, and when I saw the price with my sharp eyes, I instantly calmed down. I couldn't help but say "IC!"

    "A skewer of grilled gluten costs 100! A skewer of beef is 300!"

    "158 pieces of fried rice noodles!"

    "A sauerkraut fish costs 1588!"

    "Is it dazzled or wrong!"

    He rubbed his eyes hard and looked at it several times. Meng Shijia was sure that he had not made a mistake, and instantly felt that it was **** that he had seen the world, and that five stars would not dare to mark such a price.

    A bunch of grilled gluten is 100, 10 bunches can cost one thousand, this is a few thousand or even tens of thousands of faster to eat casually! What can not make much money, this is simply a profit, okay!

    "Cow! Brother-in-law, you are really awesome! It's a little brother who has little knowledge and short-sightedness!" Meng Shijia couldn't help but praise Yang Song with a thumbs up.

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