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    Chapter 869: Why Are You Here?

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    "Really?" Meng Shijia still had three points of fear, standing still not daring to move.

    "Yeah." Meng Shihan nodded tiredly, wondering why he had such a younger brother?

    Staying with Mengs father since childhood, Meng Shihan was very familiar with business matters, and afterwards he studied economics-related majors, and was even more comfortable with business matters. This is basically the case for people in the Meng family. Few have a little talent in business.

    But Meng Shijia is an exception. His specialty is doing nothing, sitting and eating.

    I really don't know how he should live if he leaves her and his father in the future. When he thinks of this, Meng Shihan feels that his temple will suddenly jump.

    "Come here." She hooked Meng Shijia.

    "No." The latter shook his head, "Unless you promise not to do it."

    "Do you know it's wrong?" Meng Shijia's eyes glared at him.

    "I see." Now Meng Shijia didn't dare to disobey her old sister, so she could only confess her mistakes in a low voice and cowardly.

    "Do you still dare to gamble?"

    "Never go, a hundred guarantees!"

    "What if I go again?"

    "Just let me, let me..."

    "hurry up!"

    "I won't be able to ask my wife in the future, I was struck by thunder when it rained, and I was hit by a car when I went out!"

    Nodded, Meng Shihan let him go.

    She wasn't really angry at all, just wanted to teach Meng Shijia a lesson, let him increase his memory, and save him in the future.

    Meng Shihan knows that Meng Shijia's good luck this time is purely a drag on Yang Song and Chen Ming's fortune. He thinks in the bad direction. Without them, Meng Shijia might have lost his arms and broken legs or even life-threatening.

    Seeing that the two finally calmed down, Shen Huaizhao, who had been watching the battle from the very beginning, entered the door, picked up the rag, wiped it carefully, and tried to stay away from the two.

    I am used to seeing Meng Shihan's beauty, and suddenly saw Meng Shihan's combat power value, Shen Huaizhao silently reminded himself in his heart that he must not provoke her.

    After the temper of her old sister was smoothed out, Meng Shijia was more confident, and the familiar one turned around in the store, looking around, not to mention, the brother-in-laws store is quite big, and everyone does not think of a Los Angeles city. , This is too awesome.

    I looked around and didn't see Yang Songren, so he asked, "Where's brother-in-law?"

    "Go out." Meng Shihan continued to calculate the accounts at hand, ignoring Meng Shijia's questions.

    Meng Jiaren didn't care too much. After going around the shop, she walked outside, like a child with ADHD. She looked left and then at the food court, and she didn't forget to go up and ask for something new and novel.

    "Sister, why is there a restaurant next to it?" Soon, Meng Shijia was attracted by the sign of the restaurant next to it.

    "Oh, that was opened by an enemy Yang Song, called Zhou Yuanqi. He had conflicts with Yang Song before, so he opened a restaurant next door." Meng Shihan briefly introduced the source of Shiweige.

    Brother-in-law's enemy?

    Meng Shijia suddenly felt that Yang Song's image had risen again, and that he had even enemies. How big is his reputation!

    Sure enough, my trip was not in vain!

    At this time, Yang Song and Chen Ming came back when they went out to shop. They each carried ice cream in one hand and watermelon in the other.

    It is said that Los Angeles has now entered June, and it is approaching early summer, and the temperature is slowly rising. There are already freezers in front of many small shops in the food street, and fruit stalls have begun to put watermelons on the shelves.

    Yang Song has never had a cold with ice cream. The last time I ate ice cream can be traced back to when he was a child, but Meng Shihan liked to eat it and agreed. When he came back, Chen Ming said he would buy two watermelons. Now, Yang Song, a young man like him, is a hundred people who will not believe him, but he can't stand Chen Mingmo, and Yang Song still agrees.

    Sometimes Yang Song wondered if he was bringing two children.

    Seeing that he was almost at the door of the store, looking at a somewhat familiar figure not far away, Chen Ming stabbed Yang Song next to him with his hand.

    "Do you think the person at the entrance of the store feels familiar?"

    "I've been here for dinner before." Yang Song didn't care much.

    is it? Chen Ming approached and took a look. When he saw clearly that it was Meng Shijia who was standing at the door, he jumped up and stared at Meng Shijia with a bad tone.

    "Why are you kid here?"

    "It's been a long time, brother-in-law!" Meng Shijia waved to the two of them, then put his head into the bag of ice cream and searched, "Does it taste like chocolate? I like chocolate."

    Chen Ming stepped forward, slapped his hand away disgustingly, and asked vaguely with the popsicle in his mouth, "Answer the question first, or buy it yourself."

    Chen Mingke still remembers the last time he was taken by this kid to gamble in Kyoto. There was absolutely nothing good about this kid.

    The cheeky Meng Shijia doesn't care so much, "I eat my brother-in-law."

    Yang Song chose to ignore Meng Shijia and saw Shen Huaizhao coming out, asking her to pick up a bag containing ice cream. There were six or seven brands of ice cream in the bag. Because they didnt know what flavors everyone liked, each of them both did it. Take a little.

    Picking a chocolate-flavored ice cream casually, Shen Huaizhao pointed and introduced, "This is Sister Shihan's brother."

    Yang Songzheng wanted to say that he had met Meng Shijia before, but Chen Ming had already preempted him.

    "I've seen this kid a long time ago, fuck, no one said, why did this kid come here?" Chen Ming was not calm for a moment, and he didn't forget to look at Meng Shijia with disgust, "Good Kyoto doesn't stay. Now, what are you doing in Los Angeles? Its not that you have lost all your money again, and you owe a debt and come here?"

    According to the last meeting, Chen Ming thought it was quite possible. He looked at Yang Song and whispered to the side, "What should I do? When Meng Shihan asked about it last time, we said we didn't know each other."

    Seeing the world like Yang Song, he also secretly squeezed a sweat at the moment. The most difficult thing in this world is to get his girlfriend. Last time, I said I didnt know Meng Shijia. How do I get back when I see it? Especially about the casino, I guess Meng Shihan knew that he would be killed.

    Suddenly, the ice cream in Yang Songjue's mouth no longer fragrant.

    Of course, what Yang Song didn't know was that Meng Shijia had "confessed" him.

    "Yang Song!"

    When Yang Song was thinking of a countermeasure, there was a scream from the inside, wishing the world knew that he was standing at the door at this time, and when he looked up, he saw Meng Shijia beckoning at him, and behind Meng Shihan's chilly eyes.

    Those eyes seemed to be lenient in frankness and strict in resistance.

    In the end, under the great disparity in the strength of the enemy and us, the three of them will honestly explain the events that happened before and after the last time they went to the Kyoto Casino.

    As the culprit, Meng Shijia said that she did not forget to defend herself with a look of indignation.

    "Sister, let me say, I was pitted, if it weren't for those people who set up the game, how could I lose so much."

    As he said, it was as if the ice cream in his hand was regarded as Chen Tian's head, and he took a bite.

    "You still dare to argue!" Meng Shihan slapped his head directly, "First, why did you come to Los Angeles?"

    Rubbing the back of her head, Meng Shijia curled her lips, "Come to see my brother-in-law, I'll be with my brother-in-law in the future."

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