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    Chapter 865: Rent Warehouse

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    Can only helplessly say, "Boss, is it really impossible to buy now?"

    Zhou Yuanqi glared at the golden-eyed man, "Say, no matter what method is used, any method! Don't you understand?"

    The man with golden silk glasses carefully pondered the meaning of this sentence. After a long while, his eyes widened, a little scared, "Boss, will this be illegal?"

    Zhou Yuanqi looked at the man with gold glasses like a fool, "Don't tell me, I don't say who knows, in a word, in three days, I want to see it on my desk!"

    Here, Yang Song is going to see the warehouse with Meng Shihan and Chen Ming. The warehouse is located in a place called Xinqi Plaza, about an hour and a half away from Baifeng Pavilion.

    Originally rented another place, called Linyuan, not far from the Cuiyuan, about 20 minutes walk to arrive, but considering that there will be military vehicles at that time, Linyuan people are too messy, not suitable.

    Another reason is that when Yang Song considers that the ingredients are provided directly by the system, if it is too close to the Baifeng Pavilion, it will be easy to wear.

    After all, a large amount of ingredients are shipped out without a car, which is too unscientific.

    Meng Shihan glanced at the time, and Yang Bai's little face had already begun to get a little angry, "I said that ten o'clock, now it has been more than 30 minutes, haven't come?"

    As Meng Shihan, who has had management experience, the most annoying thing is that others are late.

    As soon as the voice fell, a middle-aged woman reminding her of wealth appeared on the other side of the road. She looked around and walked in the direction of the three of them after seeing Yang Song and confirming that she was looking for the person.

    The woman looks very luxurious, with dark red perm and an embroidered dress, holding an Hermes bag, and two jade bracelets on each side.

    "Did you make an appointment to see the warehouse?" When she walked to the three of them, the middle-aged woman asked. As she spoke, the bracelets on her hand clanged, and she didn't care too much about it.

    "Ms. Qin?" Meng Shihan glanced at the woman and asked uncertainly.

    The middle-aged woman named Qin nodded coldly, "Come with me."

    The three of them didn't pay much attention to Mrs. Qin's indifferent attitude, and walked behind them for about ten minutes before they came to the mobile white warehouse.

    "That's it."

    There are three gates in the warehouse. The first one is locked with two big iron locks, one is locked up and down, there is a combination lock inside, and the last is a fingerprint lock.

    Mrs. Qin took out a large bunch of keys from the expensive purse and found two of them. First, she opened the door, entered the password and fingerprints, and took a few people into the warehouse.

    Yang Song, Meng Shihan, and Chen Ming unanimously looked at the warehouse in front of them.

    I have to say that this warehouse is very suitable. The refrigeration system, the control device, the insulated warehouse, and even the shelves are all available. Not only that, the warehouse area is also very wide, and it is more than enough to store thousands of catties of beef.

    If there are other food needs in the future, Yang Song thinks it can be put here, and since entering the park, there is no car or pedestrians, sparsely populated, it is more suitable.

    Yang Song had also visited a few stores before, and no warehouse was more suitable than before.

    "Mrs. Qin, how much is the rent here?" Meng Shihan walked up to Mrs. Qin and asked after turning around.

    Mrs. Qin was also unambiguous, and offered a direct price, "300,000."

    Three hundred thousand a year?

    Combining this lot with these equipment, Meng Shihan thought about it and realized that the price is reasonable, and within expectation, he immediately nodded, "Okay, we rented it, and the three-year rent is 900,000 yuan. I I can transfer it to you now and sign the contract."

    After speaking, he took out his mobile phone and opened the payment page, ready to transfer 900,000 yuan to Mrs. Qin.

    "You made a mistake." Mrs. Qin said.

    "Huh?" Meng Shihan stopped her hand and looked at Mrs. Qin, "Isn't it 900,000 in three years?"

    "It's three hundred thousand a month." Madam Qin explained.

    300,000 a month?

    Hearing this price, even Chen Ming, who claims that money is dung, couldn't help but shake his face, and couldn't help but be surprised, "Are you robbing? Three hundred thousand a month, three hundred and six hundred thousand a year. In three years, it was 10.8 million! This is more than enough to buy."

    "Anyway, you love renting or not. What you don't rent is for people to rent." After finishing speaking, it means that the switch is about to be turned off.

    This price is obviously a pit, Yang Song is not stupid, so he nodded, calmly nodded, "We will give you an answer after considering it first."

    Walking outside the warehouse, Chen Ming didn't forget to glance at the woman surnamed Qin behind him, "Do you think this person didn't rent it to us on purpose? She wouldn't rent it at this price unless she is a fool."

    Yang Song also looked back, and nodded thoughtfully, "It's quite unusual. Anyway, let's go back first."

    At this moment, none of the three of them noticed that a camera was pointed at them behind them.

    Press the camera button quickly to confirm that the shot is clear, Mrs. Qin found a number and clicked to send it.

    At this time, Zhou Yuanqi's cell phone rang, and he opened the page, showing that he had received a text message, and there was a photo below.

    Is this the Yang Song you mentioned?

    Zhou Yuan singularly zoomed in. The man in the hooded sweater was indeed Yang Song, and he immediately called back.

    "Godmother, why do you have a picture of him?"

    "Sure enough, it's him! I'll just say why you are so familiar!" Madam Qin's tone was a bit gritted.

    It turned out that Mrs. Qin was no one else, she was Zhou Yuanqi's godmother. Mrs. Qin had no children under her knees. In addition, she and Zhou Yuanqi's mother were good friends from childhood to childhood, so she has always regarded Zhou Yuanqi as her own since she was born.

    A few days ago, Zhou Yuanqi had been bullied by a person named Yang Song before her. Mrs. Qin kept it in her heart. When she saw Yang Song today, she always felt that this person was a bit familiar.

    It was just a suspicion before, and Mrs. Qin is now sure.

    "Godmother, have you met him?" Zhou Yuanqi couldn't think of the relationship between his godmother and Yang Song.

    "He wants to rent my warehouse." Madam Qin explained.

    "Godmother, you must not rent to him!"

    Mrs. Qin snorted coldly, and comforted, "I just give it to others for free, and I won't give it to them unless they are stupid and willing to give me 300,000 yuan a month. Then I will give you the money Pocket money."

    Hearing Madam Qin's face toward him, Zhou Yuanqi didn't care if he was a big man, and said coquettishly, "Godmother, you treat me well."

    Then I thought of another question, "Godmother, if they don't rent ours, what if they rent someone else's? Isn't it cheaper for them?"

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