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    Chapter 862: Just To You Off

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    The man with gold-rimmed glasses was very upset and grabbed a bamboo mouse, pointed at the fat round bamboo mouse and said dissatisfied: "Brother, look again, where can I find such a big bamboo mouse? Now this thing is hard to find. , Dont pick it anymore."

    As a chef for many years, Lu Yue is most concerned about the ingredients. He slapped the table without sprinkling the tea.

    Pointing to the man with gold-rimmed glasses and cursed, "Fuck you, what did you tell me at the beginning, do you want to find wild bamboo rats for Laozi? Now you are pretending to be a domestic one, and you have a face to fight with me. "

    After all, he pointed to the bamboo rat on the ground and said: "I will leave it alone today. If you don't find me the wild bamboo rat, you won't have to supply me anymore."

    The man with gold-rimmed glasses was so bluffed by Lu Yue's remarks, he helped his glasses down and looked at the bamboo rat Lu Yue had brought with him, and left silently.

    Lu Yue looked at the Phnom Penh man who left and sighed helplessly. He was recruited by Zhou Yuanqi not just for the salary, he devoted himself to studying cooking for many years, and has been eager to become famous.

    He looked in the direction of Yang Song's shop again, his jealousy made his eyes red.

    "Well, do you have any confidence in the new dishes this time? Can you beat Yang Song?"

    Zhou Yuanqi did not know when he appeared. He looked at the firecracker rat on the table, took a bite with his chopsticks, and after a while, he opened his eyes and looked at Lu Yue with a complicated expression.

    When Lu Yue saw Zhou Yuanqi's expression, he did not hide the other party's thoughts.

    He clenched his fist and said angrily: "This is not a new dish, this is the dish at the bottom of my box. It's just that the wild bamboo rats are hard to find, and the meat quality of these bamboo rats is still poor after all."

    After listening to Lu Yue's words, Zhou Yuanqi's expression became more complicated. He stared at Lu Yue for a long time before putting down his chopsticks, and walking to the opposite of Lu Yue, staring at him intently, with a serious expression: "Do you want wild bamboo rats? I'll find them for you, but you must give them. I fiddled with Yang Song's sign and suppressed his reputation. I don't believe I can't do him."

    Lu Yue is still very confident in his unique skills at the bottom of the box. He nodded and convinced himself: "Boss Zhou, if my surname Lu can't even match this dish, I don't need to be a cook."

    Seeing that Lu Yue was forced to say such a cruel thing by himself, Zhou Yuanqi was relieved. He suddenly smiled and said, "Hey, Lao Lu, look at what you said, okay, that's the thing. This will arrange for people to find wild bamboo rats."

    Zhou Yuanqi was busy with Zhang Luo Xincai and was ready to compete with Yang Song, but Yang Song was not idle either.

    There is absolutely no time for Mr. Xu to delay, he is very up and down.

    As for the firecracker rat that Zhou Yuanqi and Lu Yue carefully prepared, he really didn't take a look.

    Produced by the system, it must be a boutique!

    He is 100% assured about the system. In China, there is really no chef's dishes that can compare with the dishes made by the system.

    The day went on like this for a week, just when Yang Song and others thought that Zhou Yuan Qiyan had died down and were about to close.

    The food city suddenly shook the sky with gongs and drums.

    It turned out that Zhou Yuanqi personally planned a grand marketing campaign for Shiweitian. They launched the "I pay the bill when you come" marketing campaign for the firecracker rat.

    As long as the 100 customers who visited the store the day before, they can taste the newly released firecracker rat for free. It can be said that Zhou Yuanqi really paid a lot for the destruction of Yang Song's shop.

    Of course, as shrewd as Zhou Yuanqi, he had already settled the accounts clearly.

    Nowadays, Yang Songs store is so famous that he only needs to use such small means to make Yang Songs store have such food safety problems, then he can use his own financial resources to hype Yang Songs scandal. He can even use his network when necessary to let Yang Song drink tea.

    At that time, it is not always certain who loses and who wins.

    Not to mention, Zhou Yuanqi's marketing methods really touch people's hearts. When the crowd saw that there was a free lunch, who was willing to let go of the opportunity to buy wool from the merchants, everyone flocked to Shiweitian.

    Meng Shihan watched the crowds flocking to Shiweitian, and couldn't help feeling anxious. She looked at Yang Song anxiously and said: "We have to think of a way, we are the only one. But this food for the heavens is a free banner. It's not a problem either."

    Yang Song didn't care about this, he also experienced a lot of ups and downs along the way. He picked up the teacup and took a sip of his tea, watching the hot food scene, and said indifferently: "Let him make a fuss, unless he is possessed by the God of Wealth. There will always be times when he is not free. The food is not as good as ours, so naturally there are no customers. In the end, there are only bankruptcies."

    After that, he turned around and smiled at Chen Ming and said, "Brother, we are called Jiuxiang, not afraid of the deep alley, don't you think?"

    Chen Ming chuckled, gave Yang Song a little thumb, and said with a weird smile: "Fart, you can brag about selling melons. Be careful that there are too many pockmarks on your face and no one loves it!"

    Meng Shihan was immediately upset when she heard this. She is now in a period of passion, how can she allow others to say that she is not a male god. Suddenly his apricot eyes were rounded, his fists were clenched, and he was about to explode.

    Chen Ming saw Meng Shihan's movements clearly, and he hurriedly changed his words: "If you want to sell yourself and boast, you have to have that diamond. Doesn't everyone have the cooking skills of Brother Yang?"

    Meng Shihan loosened his fist this time and glared at Chen Ming and said: "Your kid just played this mouth."

    Chen Ming grinned, just about to be silly. But Yang Song folded his arms and said lightly: "Want to beat me with new dishes? Then I will beat them with their dishes and let them taste the taste of failure."

    When Chen Ming saw Yang Song talking about business, he hurriedly closed his smiley face, and said solemnly: "What, are you going to be a firecracker rat too?"

    Yang Song nodded and turned around to explain to the two of them: "Only by defeating the enemy in the field where he is best, can he be convinced of losing. I will use this firecracker rat to make Zhou Yuanqi completely dead."

    After listening to Yang Songs words, Meng Shihan took Yang Songs arm and was a little worried: "We naturally trust your cooking skills, but rashly came up with a new dish that had not been cooked. Is it too risky? Now? We have a lot of right and wrong now, but not only the Shiweitian family is staring at us, should we be more conservative?"

    However, Chen Ming smiled and said: "Sister-in-law, what are you worried about? Just rest assured that Brother Yang's cooking skills are that this wild bamboo rat is on my body."

    Yang Song was always assured of Chen Ming, and he nodded. Pat Chen Ming on the shoulder and said: "Our buddies have nothing to say. Let me say, the safety of this food is the most important thing. You must be careful with this wild bamboo rat."

    "Don't worry, I've already inquired about it. Recently, a batch of wild bamboo rats have arrived in the food wholesale market in Ximyian. But Zhou Yuan, who was bought at a high price, is not light, let's take a look."

    "Go, let's take a look now."

    When Yang Song heard the good news, he was in a good mood. He took Meng Shihan's left hand, and the two of them interlaced their fingers, and hurried to the food wholesale market talking and laughing.

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