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    Chapter 859: Angry Zhou Yuanqi

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    "I've been there once. It's quite clean and the price is very cheap. Boss, are you not under pressure?" Su Meng vaguely expressed his opinion.

    Shen Huaizhao poured Yang Song a cup of hot tea, Yang Song sat opposite them, smiled lightly, and said indifferently: "The chef of that restaurant is Lu Yue, and it is normal to have such a taste."

    Su Meng blinked big eyes, full of doubts: "Lu Yue? Who? I don't know."

    "Don't worry, I'll tell you later." Xiaoliu quickly said to Su Meng. He is still clear about Lu Yue, "Didn't he go to open a store after the game with you? Why? Go to Shiweige?"

    "Speaking of eating as a pavilion, it should have something to do with me. It should be caused by my enemy. It is a good choice to recruit Lu Yue." Yang Song smiled confidently. Although it was caused by his own enemy, even if you find it. Lu Yue and Yang Song are not worried, he still knows his craft very well.


    "Boss, do you have any enemies?"

    When the two heard the news, it was like a blockbuster, and their faces were full of gossip.

    "Don't gossip, I won't tell you about this. Eat quickly. Go back to rest after eating. It's rare to rest. Do you want to soak in our shop?" Yang Songbai gave them a glance and took a sip of hot tea. Nothing to do every day, just thinking of coming to me.

    Su Meng shook her head and smiled: "Boss, don't say that. It's more interesting on your side than I am at home."

    "That's, stay here, maybe you can still eat something delicious." Xiaoliu's mind is relatively simple, follow Yang Song, maybe you can have delicious.

    Although they all wanted to stay in the store, Yang Song waited until they finished eating and rested for a while before they all went out.

    They haven't had breakfast yet, and now they have to have breakfast.

    The days went on like this. In the blink of an eye, two days passed. Baifeng Pavilion is the same as before. Business is booming every day. There are no people in the queue, and they all come to Shiwei Pavilion for dinner in despair.

    It's not because there are beautiful ladies inside, but in this area, the food that can be like their mouths, only the few shops like Shiweige are left.

    Either go for lamb, or hand-rolled noodles, or choose Shiweige, at least the menu inside is still similar to that of the boss.

    In the evening, after Shiweige closed the stalls, someone announced today that the big boss was coming for a meeting, so everyone stayed at Shiweige and did not go home early.

    At ten o'clock, it was confirmed that Yang Song and the others had already left, and Baifeng Pavilion was closed. Zhou Yuanqi appeared from the intersection and walked towards Shiwei Pavilion with anger on his face.

    As soon as he walked in, Zhou Yuanqi saw all the employees sitting in the lobby, including Lu Yue, yelling at them: "What do you guys do for food? I've said it, and I will destroy Baifeng Pavilion at all costs. The result? Those? Those who fail in the line will choose our food as the pavilion. What have I become? Is Baifeng Pavilions second dining hall?"

    Holding a carrot in his hand, Lu Yue gnawed a bite, making a crisp sound, and said nonchalantly: "I cook the dishes according to my highest standards. The ingredients are not good enough. I will not do it."

    "Especially you! Master Lu, I really don't want to talk about you anymore, cooking! Isn't it enough to make money? Do you care if the ingredients are qualified or not?"

    Speaking of Lu Yue, Zhou Yuanqi was irritated. This kid is good at craftsmanship, and everything he cooks is delicious. Sometimes he comes over for a meal and has endless aftertastes, but the problem with the ingredients is too serious.

    Dont do what is not fresh, dont do what is unqualified, and dont do what is not wild, what are you doing? Are you going to cook food for the emperor?

    It is not a problem to get these ingredients, the problem is that they are too expensive! Especially for special purchases, these all require higher prices, not to mention that if someone has damaged the ingredients, your old man will fall away. These are all money.

    In order to defeat Baifeng Pavilion and defeat Yang Song, Zhou Yuan peculiarly went to find six car models, paid a salary of 50,000 yuan a month, and a special bonus, which allowed the family to stay in the kitchen. .

    Not to mention Lu Yues salary. These are all money. If it is normal sales, it will be no problem. You can earn 20,000 to 30,000 a day. However, since Yang Song came back, the source of customers has been greatly reduced, and the profit is about 10,000 a day. Not bad.

    How can this kind of turnover make money? The expenses of wages alone are almost unsupportable. Since the opening, it has only earned money from wages, which was the time when Yang Song closed the first week.

    In this way, for a month, you will have to maintain the store, water, electricity and gas, and add up, Zhou Yuanqi will lose money in it.

    This boss made Zhou Yuanqi a failure.

    "When I signed the contract, I said that all the standards for the ingredients are based on my requirements. I will not use the unqualified ingredients. If you are not satisfied, I will leave." Lu Yue didn't care at all. There is a reason.

    Because he is very close to Baifeng Pavilion, Yang Song is his lifelong opponent, and Lu Yue also wants to compare with Yang Song secretly, but after these two days, Lu Yue understands one thing, that is Yang Songs popularity or Craftsmanship is not comparable to the current one.

    It takes a long way to beat Yang Song. Lu Yue doesn't know what to do for the time being, and can only continue to sharpen his cooking skills.

    Zhou Yuanqi is not a fool. He knows that this chef has real abilities. He is definitely a chef at the national level. Although he looks younger than the price, but his craftsmanship can impress him, it represents the real material. If he leaves, Zhou Yuanqi I really don't know where to find a second such chef.

    "Master Lu, lets not be impulsive. If you cant leave, thats fine. Just follow what Master Lu said, no matter what level of ingredients you want, we will prepare them for you." Zhou Yuanqi has no choice but to follow Lu Yue did what he said.

    I have invested so much money here at once, and I just want to disperse it. Whats the most important thing is that my father already knows his own shop, if he knows why he opened a shop, its not a slap in the face. on.

    He still thinks that he just wants to start from scratch, open a restaurant to test the water, and he is quite supportive. When he knows that he is just an outrageous shop and wants to break a person, then his life is not so easy to manage.

    Forget it, Zhou Yuanqi confessed to the man with gold-rimmed glasses next to him, probably, hurry up to find a suitable supplier, everything is done in accordance with the highest standards, anyway, the price of Shiweige will not lose money.

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