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    Super Cookery System Chapter 858 - SCS 858

    Chapter 858: Resume Business

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    I don't know when Grandpa Sun will come back. After running to Kyoto with Grandpa Meng, I haven't seen this kind old man for a long time.

    The first time I got help in Los Angeles, it was Grandpa Meng and Grandpa Sun. Yang Song really had a different feeling for them.

    Before falling asleep, Yang Song specially announced a message on his mobile phone to tell everyone that Baifeng Pavilion would resume business tomorrow.

    "Fuck, you still know to come back?"

    "Who are you? Why are you in our group?"

    "Yang Song, you guy with no conscience, we waited for you for so long, and finally we are willing to come back?"

    "Don't say anything, just leave a note, you are really cruel."

    I didn't finish reading the rest. Yang Song just smiled and didn't care at all. Turning off his mobile phone, he started to sleep, and he was still in a good mood after many things were processed.

    Early the next morning, everyone got up very honestly. Shen Hao said to Yang Song and went to school first. There are two professional courses today, so I cant miss it, so I just left. Yang Song nodded. , Although he could make money on his side, he still didn't want Shen Hao to leave his studies.

    And Shen Huaizhao, if she really wants to go to school, its no problem. Anyway, its okay to come and help in free time. She is not the kind of situation where she opens a store until 11 or 12, so she has no problem going to school, just for tuition and living expenses. All can be earned.

    But let's wait until later. Yang Song only discovered a problem at this time. It seemed that he didn't even know what school Shen Huaizhao took the exam, which was a bit embarrassing.

    When they came to the door, they were all clean and clean. According to Shen Huaizhao and the others, they would come here every day to start preparations, that is, to clean up. Anyway, there is nothing to do every day, so they just came to clean.

    Or just rest in the Cuiyuan, order two takeaways to eat, and stay in the Cuiyuan, which is more comfortable than at home. Xiao Si seems to like playing in the Cuiyuan too.

    In the past, when Xiao Si was small, Yang Song let it play in the lobby. It doesnt matter. Now that he gets bigger, there will inevitably be some customers who are afraid of dogs. Yang Song also knows that, so he usually let Xiao Si play in the garden. Play inside.

    Yang Song looked at Xiao Si and wondered whether he should raise another dog as the bodyguard of the family. This time Shen Huaizhao's incident made Yang Song understand one thing, and that was that Xiaosi was worth several strong men.

    Forget it, let's talk about it when there is a chance. Yang Song is not willing to buy a dog. It is not a bad money. Now Yang Song is still bad for buying a dog? The main thing is that he wants a dog with sight.

    In other words, there will be fate between them, and the same is true for Xiao Si. If it hadnt been for his mother to drop it in front of him, Yang Song would not bring Xiao Si home. When he met his mother, Yang Song felt a lot of things and decided on the spot to take Xiaosi home.

    When he meets other puppies, Yang Song believes in fate, and now everything about him seems to be given to him by the system. Whether it is Baifeng Pavilion or Meng Shihan, there is a shadow of the system behind it.

    But Yang Song firmly believes that it is a special fate that can meet the system, and this is how life is now.

    It was already half past six, half an hour was enough to prepare for work. Shen Huaizhao would come to clean up every day, so there was no need to clean up, just a simple cleaning.

    The crystal shrimp dumplings have already been prepared. After half an hour, a few minutes before the store opened, Yang Song only had a dozen minutes to prepare, mainly because it took longer to wake up the noodles.

    Fortunately, there are a lot of stocks in the system space, and all of them can be obtained by then. Yang Song has always made a lot of preparations. Sometimes it is fine. Yang Song is stuffing the prepared ingredients into the system space. Take it out and use it, especially for this crystal shrimp dumpling, which needs to be prepared in advance.

    When the door was opened, Yang Song ordered Shen Huaizhao to open the door. A group of people swarmed around Yang Song, and you started to complain every word.

    "Boss, you can't do this in the future."

    "Without your food, I am like the years."

    "Me too, hurry up, give me a crystal shrimp dumpling for rescue, or I will die."

    "Say slowly, I'll get the ticket first."

    Some people were complaining to Yang Song, while some smart people ran directly to the lottery machine, started to get tickets, and started eating.

    It's been a long time since I came to eat. Everyone was a little confused. They almost forgot about the lottery machine. Seeing somebody got on the board first, the rest of the people ran to the lottery machine in a panic and began to prepare for lottery tickets.

    Yang Song looked at these people with a warm heart. Although he had been in Kyoto for so many days, he still missed them a lot. They were not seen for so many days, and they were so cute.

    The one-hour business hours in the morning passed quickly. Koyanagi is off today, so he plans to stay a little longer. It's okay to go back anyway.

    Su Meng came here with his tail stuck. I got the news last night. I wanted to eat today. Who knows if I overslept, hurry up and finally came with my tail stuck. In the last two minutes, he was waving I got the ticket on the plane.

    This is the first time that Su Meng has eaten crystal shrimp dumplings. Although I have been out so many times, I used to have to go to class or couldn't get up. Today I finally got up, but I couldn't get a crystal shrimp dumpling.

    The time has come, the lottery machine is closed, and no new customers come. Yang Song washed his hands, walked to the door, and saw that the Shiwei Pavilion next to him was also opened. The number of people inside was not too much. They said differently before.

    Inside, there are still a few beauties in cheongsam soliciting business outside. To be honest, the food street here is not well developed. It should be that many people are not willing to come for breakfast like this, so there are only a few in total, mainly for meals. More.

    In order to solicit business, the cheongsam beauties are dressed up and beckoning to people passing by, hurry in and eat delicious food.

    Yang Song smiled slightly and shook his head. Does this solicit business really have any effect? I haven't opened for so many days, and as soon as I opened, customers flocked to me. This is the beauty of food, rather than relying on such circumstances to attract customers.

    Back in the store, Xiaoliu had just finished eating, drinking hot tea, and seeing Yang Song coming back, the place he was looking at was Shiweige, so he said: "Boss, what does it taste like when it is open for a week? You, I might think its the best over there."

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