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    Chapter 855: Analysis

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    The snake also nodded and said, "I think so too, but I think, according to what you said before, the dishes on that table are all made of highly toxic substances, so it is impossible to hide from your eyes. Huaxia, a chef who is better than you really hasnt seen too much. As for Ouyang Mu, I dont think he knows this very well."

    "Why do you see it?" Yang Song actually thought the same way, but he didn't expect that Si Snake would also think so, so I wanted to ask why she thought so.

    "It's actually very simple. We've been there once before. I can see that Ouyang Mu knows you quite well and admires your cooking skills very much. For today's banquet, if he knew This incident is very likely to be cancelled. It is impossible for him to not know your relationship with Chen Jianguo. So I think he should not be very clear about the Baidu Banquet."

    Unexpectedly, I only saw Ouyang Mu once, and the snake could actually see so many things. Yang Song also nodded, pondered for a while, and said, "Actually, I think so too. Ouyang Mu is very ambitious, but he doesnt. As for making such a thing, at any rate, he is also the second son of the Ouyang family, not to mention he is also a wealthy fellow, so I think there should be two groups of forces in the Imperial Kitchen."

    "Two groups of forces? Are you referring to the Baidu Banquet group, and the other group is Ouyang Mu?" Chen Jianguo probably understood it now, but the words went on.

    "Yes, that's how I feel." Yang Song said solemnly, "Even I have begun to suspect that the force behind the Baidu Banquet should be a member of the Wang family, if I am not mistaken."

    "Who? Do you know all about this? Is there anything about the Wang Lao family?"

    Speaking of the Wang Family, Si She immediately became interested, whether she was from the Dragon Tooth Army or not, at least she was also a woman, and she was still very interested in gossip.

    "I won't say so much about this. I haven't determined too much now, nor can I say anything. After all, it is about the secret history of the Wang family. I can't say too much." Yang Songyao headed away, not planning to say too much about the Wang family. thing.

    Chen Jianguo didn't care about these issues very much either, just one question: "Yang Song, what do you think is the purpose of the Baidu Banquet?"

    "As for the Baidu Banquet, and its characteristics, I can only think of one possibility, that is, they came for money!"

    Yang Song also thought a lot about money. Otherwise, such a banquet would not be like this. If you eat twice more, you will not be able to eat other delicacies. So it is very likely that it is for money, and Baidu Banquet is for Control these rich people.

    "But Wei Xiangtong has eaten so many times, and we can also see that she can't eat anything else now. She just wants a hundred poison banquet. The young man didn't talk about it before. It's not about money. "

    "This is about fishing. We happened to experience it once yesterday. Fishing is a good thing, as the saying goes. Putting a long line to catch big fish, maybe this time, its not that they dont want money, but the time has not arrived. Maybe when the time comes, there will be a big storm all over Kyoto."

    Yang Song can already think of the time when all the wealthy people in Kyoto will be deeply involved, how big things will happen afterwards, and the only solution that can be thought of now is Yang Song's efforts to finish the affairs of Los Angeles. , And open the branch to Kyoto. In this way, the tongues of these wealthy people have a chance to be rescued. Otherwise, if this goes on, maybe the Imperial Kitchen Restaurant can affect the entire China.

    "Not only the rich, but there are actually many high-ranking officials who also receive invitations. I have investigated before. Xu Lao also received the invitations at the beginning, but he didn't have time to go." Si She briefly investigated the matter today. It turned out that Mr. Xu also received an invitation.

    Yang Song also knows about the Baidu Banquet. If it is really said, there will be no big problem. If the relevant department really comes to investigate, only the puffer fish liver can be used for a table of dishes, but the royal chef The energy of the restaurant is so large, it is estimated that the relevant certification has been completed, so the investigation will be doomed to return by then.

    "Okay, don't think about it so much, maybe after I come to Kyoto to open a shop, all the problems will slowly surface!"

    Now they can still hide in the Imperial Kitchen Restaurant because there is no threat to their opponent, but Yang Song firmly believes that as long as he comes over, then their opponent will be himself, whether you are a **** or a **** Ghost, all have to show me obediently.

    The Kyoto fried liver was all eaten very quickly, and all three of them were full. After a short rest, everyone thanked Lao Li and got in the car and returned to the hotel.

    However, when they went to the Hundred Poison Banquet, they were asked to turn off the machine, so they all forgot to turn on the machine. Chen Ming and Meng Shihan who were in the hotel were scared to death, and finally realized that they actually ran over to eat fried liver. , I won't be angry.

    Co-author, we are here to be frightened, how about you? Going outside to eat supper without a big deal? The most annoying thing is that you still dont bring us back? Can this be tolerated?

    After complaining here, Yang Song stopped their excitement. Now the things here have been handled, and there are still so many promises owed to Mr. Xu. If he does not go back now, Mr. Xu will be hammered to death. Yourself!

    "If nothing happens, we can meet Los Angeles in these two days."

    Meng Shihan heard that he could go back. The whole person seemed to relax. This time I came to Kyoto and really made a lot of things, but fortunately, the marriage matter was resolved, and the relationship with Yang Song was confirmed. It's pretty good.

    As for Chen Ming, I heard that I was going back, so I was relieved. The computer here is not easy to play games, and I have to be pulled out by Meng Shihan to see the shops every day, which is simply torture! You can go back to sleep in your room and have fun playing games by the way.

    The snake also knew that these days of rest was finally over, and it was time to go back and perform the task. Although spending so many days and staying with Yang Song helped him so much, she knew in her heart that she couldn't bear the kindness of his blocking the bullet for herself. Now it seems that only the future will pay off slowly.

    Chen Jianguo didn't feel much, but now it seems that the time he stayed in Kyoto is going to be longer, so he won't go back for the time being. How they go back is not a question of his own concern.

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