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    Chapter 854: Landlord Boss

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    At this moment, an uncle came over with three bowls of Kyoto fried liver. He just heard what Chen Jianguo said, and said cheerfully, "Do you know? This old Chen, how long I have been in the store, he will come here to eat. How long has it been, this kid can be regarded as the one who has seen him developed at a glance!"

    "Lao Li, don't run on me! After so many years, your fried liver still smells so fragrant!" Chen Jianguo smelled the scent in front of him, and he was almost gone! I can't help it soon.

    "It's okay! You have eaten so many times, can I still know your taste? A few of you, I'll go busy!" Old Li smiled, didn't care, and turned to the stall. Walked over and continued to get busy.

    Yang Song noticed that the two of them are now old friends, and asked a little curiously: "Uncle Chen, have you two known each other for many years?"

    "Well, it's been many years, it's more than 30 years! The fried liver that I came to Kyoto for the first time was theirs! But at that time it was his father who was setting up the stall." Chen Jianguo thought carefully. It's really been decades after all.

    Si She chuckled and fried liver, the taste was really good! Then he asked: "If this is the case, the fried liver's taste is also very good, why did you invest in him to open a shop, Uncle Chen? Isn't it hard to set up a stall every day?"

    "Yeah, yes! With this craftsmanship, you have already made a profit after opening a store?" Yang Song took a bite and was full of praise for the taste.

    Chen Jianguo laughed, shook his head and pointed to the two buildings on the side of the road and said: "Have you seen these two buildings? There is also a courtyard over there, do you all see it?"

    "I see, what's the matter?"

    "The two buildings and this courtyard house belong to their family! At the beginning of the Olympic Games, their house was demolished the most. Only one set of courtyard house remained. All the money from the demolition was used to buy the building. Just collecting rent, there are hundreds of thousands a month! Is he short of money?"

    Yang Song and Si She were stunned, never expected that the uncle who set up the stall was actually a landlord! I really didn't expect this! The two people glanced at this uncle in amazement, really hiding it!

    "Do you think I haven't thought about investing in this Kyoto fried liver after making money? This kid is unwilling, saying that setting up a stall on his own means not letting himself be idle, and that is, setting up a stall anyway, come as you want, dont want to I dont want to come here, its a hassle to open a shop!" Chen Jianguo shook his head. This kid had achieved financial freedom a long time ago, and now he doesnt want this craft to be passed on.

    So this is ah! Yang Song understands now. Many people don't think that they are ordinary, but they don't know how much money is behind them. Some people seem to have a lot of glory, but they are indeed tight on various funds.

    To eat fried liver, fried liver is definitely not enough. Youtiao and Xiaolongbao are both indispensable. She knows the appetite of Si She herself, so she ordered four bowls of fried liver, followed by 20 fried dough sticks. , Ten drawers Xiaolongbao.

    Chen Jianguo was also shocked when he saw the snake eating food for the first time. In fact, not only the snake, Yang Song can eat five fried dough sticks and four cages of steamed dumplings, so everyone can still eat this amount. Eat and play.

    As for what Kyoto fried liver is, its a bit like boiled and fired. Basically, they are made with pig offal, but the biggest difference is that the fried liver is thickened at the end. After thickening, the fried liver is made. The appearance is brighter and the appetite is more abundant.

    In fact, fried liver is said to be fried liver. It does not use ingredients such as pork liver alone, but is made with pig intestines and various spices.

    Rub the purchased large intestine with soda noodles or alum, wash it with water, neutralize it with vinegar, and wash it with water for a while. Put some water in a pot first, boil it and put it in the pig intestine, tighten the pig intestine first, and then add some water in a pot, then add pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, cumin, and other seasonings. One or two less is fine.

    But pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, cumin, green onions, and **** are indispensable. After the raw water is boiled, add the large intestines. After boiling for about 20-30 minutes, take out the intestines and add the liver and stew until the liver is fully cooked, about 20 minutes. Remove the liver. Strain the stewed pig intestines and liver soup, remove the seasoning, and set aside. Cut the pig intestines into 3 cm sections, and cut the liver into thin slices. Put the adjusted water starch into the soup, thicken the gorgon, then put the cut intestines and liver into the soup, add more minced garlic when out of the pot, and you can eat.

    The taste of this kind of fried liver is actually similar to that of braised boiled and fired, but if you really eat it, you can feel it. In fact, the taste between the two is still very different, but the thickened fried liver is delicious. Not so easy, it is easy to burn your mouth.

    Chen Jianguo seemed to realize that Yang Song could easily burn his mouth, so he smiled slightly and began to explain, and said with a smile: "Actually, you can't drink directly like this. You have to **** the cold soup on the side like porridge. , So that you wont get burnt."

    With that said, Chen Jianguo gave a demonstration. He picked up the bowl and started to **** while turning around. After a bowl of fried liver, he went down quite a bit. It was the first time Yang Song saw this, with a hint of surprise on his face, but Still started to **** and fry the liver in his way.

    Not to mention, the fried liver that **** like this is really not hot anymore. One bowl will be eaten quickly, not to mention the snake. The girl eats a bit slower in the first bowl, and the rest is placed The side has already been cold a lot, so you can drink it when you pick it up.

    In fact, Yang Song knew before that when many people drank porridge, in order to be quicker, it was not to wait until he was completely cold before drinking, but to start drinking along the edge, so that a bowl of porridge was quickly consumed.

    But I didn't expect that eating fried liver can be the same. Yang Song is also an eye-opener. As expected, no matter how many books or food materials he read, many things can only be learned by the people.

    After eating a lot in one breath, the three of them feel a little more comfortable, and now they are not in a hurry to eat so quickly, and chat slowly while eating.

    Yang Song put down his chopsticks, grabbed a small steamed bun with his hand, pondered for a while, stuffed it in and finished it, and said, "Actually, I think Yuchushifu is in the next big chess piece."

    "Why do you say that?" Chen Jianguo didn't think so much when he arrived. He didn't know what Yuchu Shifu wanted to do, so he didn't know for the time being.

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