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    Chapter 851: All Rich

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    In fact, one of Yang Song's worries is whether Ouyang Mu will come to the banquet. If he also sees himself here, there will be uncertain factors. This is what Yang Song is most worried about.

    Also, I had caused a lot of trouble in Kyoto before. The ghost knew if the organizer of the banquet had noticed him. If he noticed himself, he would be wary of coming to the banquet.

    But Yang Song didn't tell them about these concerns, so he didn't want them to worry too much! After Meng Shihan finally confessed to pay attention to safety, Si She drove Yang Song and Chen Jianguo towards the Imperial Kitchen.

    After arriving at the Imperial Kitchen, after the car was well, the drivers all went to one place to rest, and Yang Song and others walked in the direction led by the welcome.

    And as expected, according to Yang Songs vision, the Baidu Banquets floor was on the sixth floor. Before they said they didnt know what the sixth floor was for. Yang Song was thinking at the time whether this place was specially used for design. Where is the poisonous feast?

    After arriving on the sixth floor, Yang Song found that the decoration inside was really good. It was similar to his own green garden. It was a dense plantation divided into four areas. The roof was also a glass ceiling. Yang Song looked around. After a while, he followed Chen Jianguo towards the position.

    It can be seen that although there are four boxes here, in fact only one will be opened at a time. The people at this table, Yang Song looks a bit familiar, just don't know who it is.

    Of course Chen Jianguo knew all of them, and after greeted him, he introduced to Yang Song in a low voice.

    "Look at that woman, who is the chairman of our first water heater, named Wei Xiangtong."

    "That man is the first AI developer in our country, and he is also the head of technology today, called Hou Yao."

    "As for this young one? You young people should be very familiar with the person who started a domestic e-sports enterprise, called Ding Feiyu."


    There are a total of ten people. Counting Yang Song and Chen Jianguo, it happens to be ten people. They all came by themselves and did not bring their family members. This big table can seat twenty people. They should count these people. Bring someone over, but it's not counted anymore now, and there are a lot of places left.

    Yang Song saw a difference in one person at a glance, that is, Wei Xiangtong, with dull eyes and a slightly sallow complexion. He could tell at a glance that he had not eaten well for a long time and caused malnutrition. The difference is, She seemed to be excited about this hundred poisonous banquet now, as if she had been waiting for a long time.

    "Uncle Chen, look at Wei Xiangtong, I can assure you that this banquet of poisons has definitely been here two or three times."

    "How can you tell?"

    "Looking at her talking, the tip of her tongue is black. It should be due to the deterioration or mutation of taste buds caused by long-term consumption of Baidu Banquet. I don't know the specifics. Apart from this Baidu Banquet, everything else should not taste good. This has led to a sallow complexion and long-term malnutrition."

    "Do you mean that she has eaten so many times that she can't eat any other delicacies now?"

    Chen Jianguo heard Yang Song once before, but now that he heard it again, he immediately understood a little bit in his heart. If he said that, wouldn't the rich people in Kyoto all have the taste? Can I only come to the Imperial Kitchen to eat?

    Yang Song nodded, and said in a low voice: "For the time being, I'm not sure if this Imperial Kitchen Restaurant just wants money. If it's just asking for money, it's quite simple. It's all rich people. It's okay to spend a little money. What I am worried about is this kind of poisonous banquet, if it is consumed all year round, will it cause any harm to the body."

    After a brief discussion between the two people, they returned to normal and did not continue to discuss too much. After all, the people here don't know each other too much. If they are heard, who knows if something unexpected will happen later.

    Chen Jianguo was looking around curiously, and suddenly saw a statue not far away. He didn't seem to know what kind of stone he was carved with. The whole body was dark, like a jade material, but people with a discerning eye could still see that it was not a jade-like material. And this technique is quite perfect, the hideous head seems to be staring at him, and after a long time, there are bursts of hair in his heart.

    "Yang Song, look, why haven't I seen that statue?" Chen Jianguo quickly pulled Yang Song, pointing to the statue and asked.

    For businessmen, it is very common for businessmen to worship the God of Wealth at home, put braves in the office, and put golden cicadas on the coffee table, so Chen Jianguo is very clear about these beasts. It's just that Chen Jianguo looked at this huge statue for a long time, but he didn't actually see what creature it was.

    Before this statue was placed in a dark place, Yang Song looked in this direction and it happened to be dark. In addition, it was still completely dark. He didn't notice it at once. Now Chen Jianguo told me that after looking at it, he saw it all in darkness. The statue of, overflowing with weird and weirdness, but suddenly unable to tell.

    Fortunately, Yang Song recognized this statue after looking at it for a while. He leaned close to Chen Jianguo's ear and said, "Do you know the story of Longsheng Nine Sons, Uncle Chen?"

    "I know, it seems to be the prisoner Niu Jia?" Chen Jianguo certainly knows the legend of China, but it is not clear what the nine are.

    "According to legend, Long gave birth to nine sons. There is actually a tenth. But because of being too greedy, the tenth son was exiled. No one knew that it was actually the tenth child of the Dragon King. The sculpture in front of us, Its the tenth son, which is what we call gluttony!"

    "Is this gluttonous?" Chen Jianguo didn't quite believe it. He didn't expect that someone could put such a statue in his company. If he was himself, he would never choose this.

    Yang Song looked at the sculpture and felt its weirdness, and then said: "In the legend, gluttony means greed. It is claimed to be able to swallow all things under the earth, and the meaning is greed. Now it is placed here. Doesn't it mean that you are now? Are you all waiting to eat the poisonous feast?"

    With that said, Yang Song looked at Wei Xiangtong. Her eyes were full of greed. She could see that she really wanted to eat the Hundred Poison Banquet that was about to be on the table. Yang Song really didnt understand this royal kitchen food. What do you want to do? Is it asking for money? But inviting people to dinner without money.

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