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    Super Cookery System Chapter 850 - SCS 850

    Chapter 850: Ready To Dinner

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    Chen Ming and Meng Shihan must have followed them by then. As for Baifeng Pavilion, they dont know. If you dont find a suitable chef, you can only train Shen Huaizhao. Yang Song is very unwilling, Xiao Zhao It can be said that I have been with myself since I opened a shop. It is very good in all aspects. I really don't want to stay in Los Angeles.

    Not to mention Shen Hao. He is still studying now, and he also needs help from Los Angeles. You have to take a good look at that time, let's talk about what to do in detail!

    The snake seemed to have heard something, and asked with some confusion, "Thirty million? Isn't it right! Didn't you win 50 million before? Give Chen Ming 10 million back, and 40 million is left!"

    "There are only 30 million left, that's right!" Yang Song smiled slightly, and did not speak. At this moment, Si Snake's cell phone rang, it was a text message.

    Si She took the time to take out her mobile phone and took a look, because she was worried about the emergency mission of the army, but unexpectedly saw the news that her account had received 10 million yuan. She was shocked and said quickly, "Yang Song, this I can't collect money, ten million, too much, no way!"

    "Don't worry! Tomorrow I will make it clear to Father Xu, you helped me a lot tonight, ten million, you are right!" Yang Song is not such a kind of person who values money, as long as If you have helped out together, you can get the money, which is normal.

    "Why am I worried about this problem! You gave too much money!" Si She shook her head quickly, but still wanted to refuse. Ten million is really too much. Besides, she has nowhere to spend money. what! Generally, they are in the army, and there are funds for missions, and there is no need to spend money on their own.

    "Okay, I have no regrets about what I decided. You can take the money, even if you buy a house in the future, you can live there for yourself!"

    Yang Song shook his head and said to Si Snake again. After all, the money was a gambling, and there was no distress at all. Even if Si Snake said that she wanted 40 million, Yang Song would not say anything else. He passed this time, mainly Just to deal with this Meng Shijia matter, it has now been resolved, forty million is really just an extra thing.

    Seeing that there is no way to move Yang Song, there is no way for Si Snake. Yang Song saw Si Snake's face and smiled slightly and said, "Or you can use this money to come to my side for dinner in the future! You know, When the time comes to open a branch, I will not let you eat for free! I still want to do business!"

    Hearing Yang Song saying this, Snake didn't hold back, snorted, and happily said, "Is it for me to keep it together? You will have to take back your wallet then?"

    "Roughly the same!"

    Yang Song chuckled, his eyelids were a bit heavy, it was indeed late, it was already ten o'clock now, but the stomach was hungry too, so everyone found a place to simply eat supper and went back.

    Chen Ming doesnt care about money at all. If you really want to spend money, just tell your father about five or six billion and get it directly. Back then, Chen Jianguo said that he would give you one billion. You try to start a company. If you fail, you will fail.

    One billion! Chen Ming didnt want to give him what he said. In fact, Chen Jianguo also had a gambling element. He wanted to see if Chen Ming was spending rashly or how, but he still didnt ask for it. I feel that I haven't thought of what I want to do, and I am asking for money when I wait for what I want.

    As a result, now he went to invest and opened a restaurant. Although this restaurant is very profitable, he still did not ask Chen Jianguo to take the money. Although the money is still Chen Jianguo, it is still left over by Chen Ming over the years. Generally speaking, Chen Jianguo will give it every month. One million pocket money for my child.

    Thats right, its one million. Chen Ming spends two to three hundred thousand yuan a month with a lot of money. When nothing is wrong, he doesnt use 10,000 yuan a month. Usually its called a takeaway to buy clothes. That's it.

    Chen Ming is an otaku. If he didnt know Yang Song later, he might be living at home now!

    After returning to the hotel, Meng Shihan had already returned. Seeing that they came back so late, he looked at their dresses a little strangely, but they were all party dresses. Some strangely asked, "Are you going out for supper in this way?"

    Yang Song was stunned for a moment, and looked at the three of him. It seemed that the clothes they were wearing were really inappropriate. He said that he was out for supper, which was really inappropriate. Fortunately, Chen Ming had a sharp head and said directly: "Oh, my father My partner invited me to play in the casino, and I thought they hadnt been there, so I took it together."

    "Casino? How much did you win?" Meng Shihan seemed very interested when he heard the casino.

    "If you win a little bit, just play casually." Of course, Yang Song won't say, and he won 40 million directly. With such words, Meng Shihan doesn't know what to say!

    Meng Shihan obviously wants to play, but he hasn't been to such a place yet! Yang Song had no choice but to say that there would be a chance to take her with her in the future, and now everyone should rest early! Sleepy sleepy!

    Tomorrow is an important day. Yang Song doesn't want to be messed up. Baidu Banquet is really not a joke. An invitation has such power, let alone anything else.

    The next day, after Yang Song got up early, he combed his make-up and got his hair done specially. As for the clothes, he still wears formal attire. Chen Jianguo is enough to come early. Tonight, because of the dinner party, he put off everything in the afternoon Up.

    Because it was not a joke tonight, Chen Jianguo understood a little bit now, so he came to Yang Song in advance to ask what he should pay attention to later.

    Actually Yang Song didn't know what to pay attention to, because Baidu Banquet had to be seen before he could be sure of its meaning. How could he know it in advance now?

    However, to be safe, Yang Song still got two improved versions of green bamboo onions and handed them to Chen Jianguo, confessing: "If you feel dizzy or something wrong while eating, or at other times, just eat one. , I should be able to resist it temporarily!"

    Chen Jianguo nodded and put the two scallions away. He had eaten them once before, and knew how powerful this thing was, so he didn't ask too much.

    At six o'clock, everyone was in Yang Song's room. Chen Ming took one last look and asked, "Are you sure there is no problem?"

    "There should be no problem!" Yang Song nodded, saying that there is no need to worry too much.

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