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    Super Cookery System Chapter 849 - SCS 849

    Chapter 849: Confess

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    Originally, Chen Tian thought, as long as Chen Ming loses money here, then it is easy to say. After all, it is his son who lost the gambling money. Then it is reasonable and hard to say. He can only pay back the money obediently, but now? He didn't lose money at all. Instead, he caught his own gambling business. If he was stabbed out, would it be worth it?

    Yang Song shook his head and said faintly, "Of course I know. How can you have tens of billions of dollars in your casino's two or three billion dollars? I am not greedy. I will take the 50 million dollars."

    "No problem! Take it. If it is not enough, I will give you a little more!" Chen Tian did not wait for Yang Song to speak, and directly agreed to this request.

    But Yang Song didnt finish his request, so he went on to say, "Dont rush to agree. Apart from the 50 million, you should know who Meng Shijia is? Logically speaking, it should be my brother-in-law. He heard that you owe you. Did you have a little money?"

    "Do you owe money? No, no, no, that's our united to deceive him. Don't worry, this debt is directly offset! Don't worry!" Where can Chen Tian dare to say no words now, if this kid is unhappy, Calling Mr. Xu directly, the army was afraid that it would not directly surround him.

    "There are IOUs!" Meng Shijia understood the matter here, and quickly said that there were IOUs.

    Yang Song just glanced at Chen Tian, he nodded quickly, and soon asked someone to send me the IOU signed by Meng Shijia. Yang Song picked it up and after confirming it with Meng Shijia, he tore it to pieces and threw it to Chen Tianyi. Stringed the bank card and said, "Call the money. If you don't see the money for half an hour, Mr. Xu is afraid he will come over."

    "Yes, yes! I will arrange the transfer now!"

    Chen Tian nodded repeatedly, and then began to explain to the walkie-talkie. Ten minutes later, after Yang Song saw that the bank account had reached 50 million, he nodded in satisfaction and gestured to the person behind him. Just followed and left.

    After Yang Song and others had left, Chen Tian came to check the appearance of the bodyguards and found that they all had a silver needle inserted in their necks. If you dont look carefully, you will not be able to see clearly. It seems that this woman These are not fuel-efficient lamps.

    Now Chen Tian was sitting on the ground paralyzed, lost his glamour, and suddenly lost 50 million. Meng Shijias 30 million is okay. After all, its the money he scammed, and he didnt owe it, mainly the 50 million. Even if they lost 10 million at the beginning, they actually paid 40 million.

    This money cant tell the shareholders that they can only cover the gap out of their own pockets. I have been eating, drinking, and gambling over the years, how much money is left! Forty million almost emptied his wealth, and now it can be said to be impoverished.

    Fortunately, the casino stayed, and he had time to make a comeback. After finishing his thoughts, Chen Tian stood up with difficulty, ready to start again.

    One thing he didn't know was that Yang Song on the other side was facing the snake and said: "You know the situation of this casino too. Tell Mr. Xu! This casino is not formal."

    "Don't worry! The thousands of casinos must be set up, and after you leave, we can start to do it." Of course, the snake knows, if it is a regular casino, the snake will not bother to manage it, now it seems Still have to deal with it.

    If Chen Tian knew about this, he would be **** off, and he would be dead for a lifetime.

    Meng Shijia can now be said to be debt-free and light-hearted, and the whole person is floating. In a blink of an eye, he remembered the 40 million that Yang Song had just earned. Not too much. Give two or three million, right?

    Now he can be said to be exhausted, and all the credit cards owe money. If he still doesnt get the money, his father must know by then. This is not the point. The point is that there are more than ten days in this month. There will be no money, this will hurt Meng Shijia.

    "Brother-in-law, look! You have earned so much money, don't you give it to me? Today we worked so hard to defeat a criminal group!"

    When Meng Shijia said this, her face was not red and her heart beat, she was so righteous, as if she had also participated!

    Yang Song looked at his future brother-in-law with a helpless look on his face, and said directly: "Okay! Give me your bank card!"

    Hearing this, Meng Shijia was not too happy to mention it, and directly told Yang Song his bank card. Then I saw Yang Song operating something on his mobile phone, and I was in a happy mood. It seemed that he still had money!

    But after waiting for two minutes, Meng Shijia's mobile phone finally received the text message of the bank card arrival, and he clicked it with joy, but unexpectedly found that it said 10,000 yuan received?

    What the hell? Meng Shijia's whole person is a bit confused, is it based on the head count, ten million per person? Then this is not enough, so he asked Yang Song doubtfully: "Brother-in-law, did you miss three zeros?"

    "What three zeros?" Yang Song looked at his mobile phone and nodded and said, "Yes, it is ten thousand yuan, which is a lot. It is the red envelope I gave you! I only gave two hundred over there. Yuan, okay, you should get out of the car, ten thousand dollars is enough for you to take a taxi home!"

    With that, Si She stopped the car, and then Yang Song opened the door and let Meng Shijia get out of the car. After the latter got out of the car with a confused look, she didn't know what had just happened, and the whole person was a little confused. Look like.

    Standing on the road, Meng Shijia waited for Yang Song to say goodbye to him, and then realized that Yang Song used the ten thousand yuan to send him away. He immediately became unhappy and wanted to chase Yang Song. Something was ordered, but it was soon discovered that Yang Song had disappeared. The car drove fast.

    "You bastard, just give labor and capital 10,000 yuan, do you send a beggar?"

    Although I wanted to transfer the money back to show my spine, after seeing my bank card balance, I still accepted it in despair, at least I went home first.

    Chen Ming in the car received the 10 million that Yang Song had transferred, and yawned and asked, "Forty million, how are you going to spend it?"

    "It should be buying a house! Thirty million yuan should be able to buy a good house." Yang Song has now begun to look for houses for everyone, but he doesn't know if everyone will live together or how.

    Yang Song has actually begun to think about things about coming to Kyoto. There must be a house here. I originally thought that it would be better to rent a house, but now that I have money, it is better to just buy a set for myself. Things, cant be said to make a big profit! At least it is a hedge.

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