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    Chapter 840: Meng Shijia

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    Chen Ming and Si She sat on the sofa. They were also a little anxious and fidgeting. They didn't know whether to stand up or sit on the sofa, and began to rub their hands a little nervously.

    Suddenly, Yang Song turned his head and glanced at them with a weird face, and then opened his mouth after a while and asked, "Not Meng Shihan's father, but a young kid."

    "What?" Chen Ming and Si She were both stunned. What does this mean? Who?

    Since he wasn't Meng Shihan's father, Yang Song had nothing to worry about, and he opened the door directly, no matter who it was, whether it was a mule or a horse, he still had to meet to find out.

    "Who are you looking for?"

    Yang Song looked at this young man strangely, how could he come to him?

    The young man with the surname Meng was also not polite, frowning and said to Yang Song arrogantly: "Why did you open the door for so long, get out of the way, I'm looking for my sister."

    As he said, he wanted to break in, but Yang Song grabbed his arm and struggled twice, only to find that Yang Song's hand was like an iron pipe, fixed here, no matter what. Struggling without moving.

    "I said, who are you, why did you find me here?" Yang Song doesn't dare to mess around now. You have to be more careful about everything, because now Yuchushifu doesn't know if he has found himself here. The side is investigating the banquet of the imperial kitchen restaurant, so it is better to be careful in everything.

    "I'm Meng Shijia, Meng Shihan's younger brother, please let me go!" Meng Shijia is very annoyed in her heart now, how dare this kid do something to herself?

    Meng Shijia? Meng Shihan's younger brother? Is not it? Why did this kid come here to find Meng Shihan? Yang Song asked strangely: "Meng Shihan is not here, you will know by calling her!"

    "My sister isn't there? That's right. I'm not looking for him. I'm mainly looking for a cook named Yang Song. Do you know him?" Meng Shijia was relieved when her sister was not here. Those looking for Meng Shihan mainly came to Yang Song.

    Looking for me? Yang Song glanced at Chen Ming and Si Snake. The two of them were also puzzled, completely unable to understand what the current situation was like. This kid suddenly ran over and looked for Yang Song. What did he want to do?

    "I am, what do you want me to do?"

    Yang Song didnt bother to talk nonsense with this kid. Yang Song didnt really understand Meng Shihans younger brother Meng Shijia. Shihan rarely talked about this younger brother, and didnt seem to like him very much, so he didnt tell Yang Song. Over.

    "That's you! Say it early! So much nonsense! I called your brother-in-law! Grandpa said, you are the future brother-in-law, and I call you now, there is no problem!" Meng Shijia's eyes turned grimly Two laps, there are ghost ideas in my heart.

    Yang Song never expected this situation, so he had to let Meng Shijia in first. No matter what, Meng Shijia was also Meng Shihan's younger brother, so there was no problem for her to come in first.

    Meng Shijia is a little proud now, aren't you just a cook? I'm honored to be able to call your brother-in-law, right? No wonder the attitude is so much better than the previous ones. I am not... Wait, who is this? Damn it! Great beauty!

    The first time he walked in, he saw the snake sitting on the sofa. Now the snake is wearing normal casual clothes. Although there is no makeup, she can show her beauty even without makeup. Meng Shijia is a rich family who has seen so many beautiful women. The son, of course, can tell how beautiful the snake without makeup is.

    Damn, such a big beauty, not knowing it would be too disappointing for me to be the little flower **** of Kyoto! So Meng Shijia took out the phone directly, showed a handsome smile and walked in front of the snake, and asked politely: "Beauty, hello, my name is Meng Shijia, let's get to know! Let's add prestige!"

    "I'm sorry, I don't play with prestige!" Si She looked at him coldly. He originally thought it was Meng Shihan's father, an elder, who must be polite anyway, but of course such a hairy boy is not in his eyes.

    Yang Song has long been offended by such a young man. During this period of time, he has seen too much. When he sees a beautiful woman, he wants to contact him. Others dare not say, but the snake, this kid must be beyond control.

    "Give up, this beauty, you can't grasp it!" Yang Song was too lazy to talk nonsense, just a simple warning, no matter what, this beauty, you still don't think too much.

    Of course, Meng Shijia didn't want to listen to Yang Song, but now there are serious things to deal with, and the issue of beautiful women will be ignored for the time being, and it will be fine to talk about it then! So he stopped pestering the snake and turned to look at Yang Song.

    On the other hand, Chen Ming, who was watching the excitement, happened to see that Si Snake had secretly taken out two silver needles from his body. He suddenly felt a cold sweat on his body. If this kid is still not sensible, it is estimated that Si Sn will already teach him how to behave. .

    Yang Song must have seen this, too. The snake did not know when he touched two silver needles out of his body. If he didn't say anything, he was afraid that he was going to sleep until tomorrow morning.

    "Let's go, what are you looking for me?" Yang Song brought him a bottle of drink, put it in front of him, and asked faintly.

    Meng Shijia didn't think it was difficult to say anything. Since you want to be the son-in-law of our Meng family, how can you do it without spending some money?

    "That's it! You are already with my sister now, aren't you? Then, as the son-in-law of the Meng family in the future, should my sister's bride price be discussed?"

    "bride price?"

    Yang Song never expected that this kid would come and tell him about the bride price, it's unscientific! No matter who it is, it is possible, but you, a brat, come and say what this is for?

    "So, how much do you think Yang Song's bride price is appropriate?" Others may not have figured it out yet, but Chen Ming seemed to have figured it out. He laughed and asked Meng Shijia directly.

    Meng Shijia glanced at Chen Ming unexpectedly, this kid looked familiar! But I couldn't remember it immediately, so he said directly proudly: "Our Meng family can be regarded as a family in Kyoto. Since you are with my sister, don't have too many gifts. Forty million, one price. , Otherwise I won't agree!"

    Forty million? The pupils of the three people present suddenly tightened, the price is really exaggerated! Where is tens of thousands of dollars, this is forty million! This kid really dared to speak. If it really took so much money to marry Shihan, Yang Song would not say a word, but now this kid comes to say this, it makes people very suspicious.

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