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    Super Cookery System Chapter 839 - SCS 839

    Chapter 839: Father Meng's Visit

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    If this kind of beef is really like this, then even if Yang Song alone can supply him, how much can he have? There are so many every year, but after research becomes a drug, it is different.

    Its a pity that Yang Song doesnt know yet. If you do, you can tell Father Xu directly. Dont dream about it. Its impossible to study it. No matter how you study it, these beefs are just ordinary beef. These beefs are given by the system. Its just too weird. It looks good, tastes good, and works well, but if you study it, its normal beef.

    But at this point, Mr. Xu was not going to tell Yang Song, he was going to proceed in secret, there would be no way, and he would be disappointed in the end.

    Back to Yang Song in the hotel, Meng Shihan received a call from his former classmates just after everyone got off the bus. They confessed to Yang Song that they were about to go to a banquet and would not be back tonight. I have to say that because of Su The family affairs made Meng Shihan unable to contact his former friends. Now he is free. Of course, he has to find his own friends to recount the past.

    Originally, he planned to take Yang Song with him, but Yang Song still shook his head. There might be something to do later. Tomorrow night, he will go to the Hundred Poison Banquet, so he still needs to prepare well.

    After returning to the hotel, Yang Song sat in the room with Snake and Chen Ming, discussing what to do tomorrow. Originally, Chen Ming was also planning to go there. After all, his father was also a little worried in it, but the invitations were mostly Let two people go, so forget it and have to stay in the hotel.

    As for the snake, its fine to pretend to be a driver at that time. If you and Uncle Chen havent come out in two hours, no matter what, you can directly ask Mr. Xu to send an army. Its definitely not that simple. If it can't be done, then it's very dangerous.

    "Don't worry, if you really have an accident at that time, let alone the army, I guess Xu Lao will send Longya directly!"

    Si She knows Elder Xu very well. After all, Yang Song is not an ordinary cook anymore. He involves too many things. Yang Song is involved in the physical fitness plan of the soldiers and the plan of the war dog troops. So If Mr. Xu knew that Yang Song had a problem, all the dragon teeth in Kyoto would have to go to the Imperial Kitchen to make trouble.

    Chen Ming sat paralyzed on the sofa and suddenly asked casually, "The Dragon Tooth Force? What? Is it a special force?"

    As soon as these words came out, both Snake and Yang Song were shocked. The people who knew about the Longya army, except for some people in the military area, might be Yang Song. It is normal for Chen Ming not to know, but this army's affairs. It must be kept secret, so Yang Song hurriedly called haha.

    "Oh, don't all teams of special forces have a name? Haven't you seen that war wolf two years ago? The same concept."

    "It turned out to be like this! No wonder!" Chen Mingshun picked up an apple and ate it, no longer participating in the words of the two of them, meaningless.

    At this moment, Yang Song suddenly heard the phone ringing. It was the landline in the hotel. He got on the phone curiously. The phone rang, and someone should have come to him.

    Who will come to the hotel to find himself? Is it Zeng Mei? Ive been too busy during this time and I havent contacted Zeng Mei. I said before that I wanted her to take me to play.

    "Hey, what's the matter?"

    "Mr. Yang?"

    "Yes, I am."

    "That's right, there is a Mr. Meng below who said he is looking for you, look?"

    Mr. Meng? Yang Song looked confused and didn't know a friend named Meng! Kyoto just knows Zeng Mei! Yang Song was about to say that he didn't know him, but he suddenly remembered before he could say it. Isn't Meng Shihan the surname Meng?

    Is it Meng Shihan's father? How did he find himself in this hotel? This hotel was not registered with his own ID. How did he find it?

    Yang Song is really a little panicked now. Although he doesn't have a good impression of Meng Shihan's father in his heart, he is her father anyway! I will be my old husband in the future, and now I feel a little panic thinking about this.

    "Hey hey, Mr. Yang, are you there?"

    The **** the other end of the phone saw that Yang Song hadn't spoken for a long time, so she quickly confirmed it again.

    Alas, in any case, let the family come up first. Although it is out of plan, it is too nonsense to say that you are not here and do not want to see him!

    "I'm here, let him come up!"

    There was no way, Yang Song had to let him come up first. He was embarrassed. Chen Ming sat beside him and saw Yang Song's expression. This was the first time he saw him. He sat up curiously and asked, "What's the matter? Who is here? Is your ex-girlfriend?"

    "Don't be nonsense, where do I have an ex-girlfriend?" Yang Song glared at Chen Ming, and this kid would add confusion.

    Chen Ming chuckled twice and smirked: "Don't say no, what's that called Zeng Mei? It seems to be interesting to you before!"

    "That's my friend, you just think too much, it's Meng Shihan's father, he should be here!" Yang Song looked helpless, crying, how could such a thing happen?

    Hearing that it was Meng Shihans father, Chen Ming was also taken aback. He jumped up from the sofa, looked around, and quickly said, "Okay, no matter what, Im going to my room first. Im a little sleepy. Going to sleep!"

    Si Snake also stood up and followed Chen Ming's words and said: "Yes! I also want to go back and rest for a while, goodbye!"

    "If you dare to leave, I will tell you that you will not be able to eat the food I cooked in the future!" Yang Song originally wanted to let them go better, but now I guess he understands a little bit and they stay here. , At least he was not too scared, so he used one of the most useful threats.

    "Just know that using this method, can you change to a fresh trick?"

    "There are no more tricks, just work!"

    Si Snake has no way to leave now. Yang Song will open a shop in Kyoto in the future, so he must go to eat rice. When Yang Song investigates, the most important thing on the label above is to say what he says. It will be achieved no matter what, so the snake dare not challenge Yang Song's character.

    Five minutes later, there was a knock at the door, Yang Song stood up stiffly, and then ran to the door. First, he glanced at the cat's eyes, but did not move for a long time.

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