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    Chapter 838: The Usefulness Of Yang Song

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    After the Chinese zodiac was shot out, I just took it. It can be said to be the most powerful one in my life, but I still cant see clearly, and I dont know what the results look like, so I picked up a telescope and looked at the target , And then saw his flying knife inserted in the eight rings.

    Now it depends on Yang Song. I don't know what effect this kid can achieve. A distance of 100 meters is really not a simple distance. If you use a gun, you can close your eyes in the zodiac, but the flying knife is different. It's not just the terrifying power required, let alone the distance control.

    Yang Song weighed it for two or three minutes, and finally determined, then took a deep breath, looked back at the crowd, then stared at the target, and then closed his eyes, because what to do next, Yang Song felt completely inside. If you're sure, it doesn't matter whether you open your eyes or close your eyes.

    With a sigh, Yang Song's right hand was like a phantom, and he shot a flying knife into the air, but the arc of this leap was obviously much smaller than that of the zodiac. If you look at the previous flight trajectory, you can probably only Fly to one third, but at this speed, fast eyes can't keep up.

    Not to mention using a telescope, it seems that the zodiac didn't have time to use the telescope at the beginning, and now I nodded. Fortunately, I didn't use the telescope, otherwise there would be no flying knife.

    The strength of Yang Songs flying knife can be said to be quite terrifying. If it is a 50-meter target, it must be directly penetrated. They all know a little about Yang Songs strange power, and basically they have played against it. This terrible strange power was also used on the flying knife.

    The arc of flight doesn't need to be that high. That's because Yang Song's throwing knife speed is quite large, which affects the flying knife's obstacle to a certain extent, so it doesn't need to be that high.

    But why did Yang Song close his eyes? That's because he is not sure of his own psychology with this knife. There is no problem in hitting the target, but if you want to hit the tenth ring, you still cannot guarantee.

    Two seconds later, the flying knife was firmly inserted on the target. Everyone did not speak, and was quiet for a few seconds. The Chinese zodiac picked up the telescope early, and after the flying knife was inserted on the target, he took it. Set up the telescope.

    Yang Song waited for a while, and found that no one was speaking, so he opened his eyes and saw that everyone was looking at the target, so he quickly picked up the binoculars and looked towards the target. He didn't expect his flying knife to be inserted firmly. Above the ten rings!

    Won! I won! Yang Song was overjoyed, but he still didn't show it on his face. He still looked like before, the so-called high coldness!

    "You won! This time, I lost again!" The Chinese zodiac is not discouraged, but there is a pleasure of finding an opponent. For many years, I haven't found a comparable opponent in these years, let alone completely suppressed my opponent. !

    Yang Song smiled slightly and said faintly: "Friendship is first and match is second! I am honored to be your opponent."

    In fact, Yang Song didn't think this kind of game had any special meaning, but on TV, it seemed that two rivals who cherished each other liked this kind of rhetoric, so he also said it.

    The Chinese zodiac really used this sentence, with an embarrassing smile on his face, and then stretched out his hand and shook Yang Song, even if the game was over.

    Chen Ming and Meng Shihan stood behind and watched the game. They didn't think there was anything exciting, flying knives! Yang Song was playing every day, and last time I saw him catch flies with chopsticks.

    When I was at home last time, I didnt know where a fly came from. Everyone was eating. Yang Song had already finished eating. Seeing the right time, he caught the fly directly with chopsticks. No wonder, there was no suspense in this throwing knife game.

    At least for them. After watching the game, it's time to go back and play guns. This is the important thing now. Chen Ming and Meng Shihan ran to their previous positions again and continued to experience the joy of shooting!

    After playing for about an hour, both of them spent hundreds of bullets, and finally enjoyed it, so they stopped experiencing it.

    After Yang Song thanked Mr. Xu, he took them and left again. The snake has not yet completed the mission. Yang Song is still in Kyoto, so he still has to be by his side. Besides, for tomorrows banquet, Yang Song Still a little worried, Si Snake followed her, still planning to have a thug behind her.

    After Yang Song and the others left, Mr. Xu returned to his home, as if talking to himself in the air, and asked: "What do you think of Yang Song, this kid? Didn't receive the dragon's teeth? Is it a loss? What?"

    "Yes, it is our Longya's loss, but if what he said is true, then not coming here will benefit our Longya troops even more."

    I didn't know where the zodiac came from. After thinking for a while, he gave an answer like this. After hearing it, Mr. Xu fell into contemplation.

    He was talking about improving the agility of the fighters, that is, increasing the speed. If that is the case, then Yang Song would be more effective as a cook.

    "By the way, how are you preparing for the things I told you to do?"

    "Two things, the Su familys problem has been resolved, we have completely cut off contact with them, the new weapons company is in the process of bidding, and for another thing, I have already greeted the research room. As long as the beef comes, we It can be tested directly."

    "Okay, you work, I can rest assured!"

    Mr. Xu nodded in satisfaction, then stood up, patted his old waist, and smiled bitterly: "If people don't accept it, it's always dysfunctional. After a day's tiredness, I will go back to rest first, so go and work! "


    When Yang Song and Mr. Xu were discussing how much beef to order, Mr. Xu ordered so much more, not for anything else. It was not for the reserve team members as he said. It would not be possible to become a member of Longya through ordinary training. , Then these beef are not qualified to eat, the most important thing is to hear Yang Song said that this beef is so amazing, of course I want to study it.

    If this kind of beef can really be researched out and researched into a body-building medicine, then it will be the biggest good thing for this country, and then all the people in our country can get a terrible improvement.

    Originally it was really intended for the reserve team, but after hearing Yang Song's beef effect, Mr. Xu immediately made another plan, that is, to study the ingredients of this beef, which must be studied.

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