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    Chapter 836: 100m Target

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    "Enter? Empty the magazine?"

    "What do you mean?"

    Both of them looked dumbfounded, Wu Ma and Wei Yang helped them take the guns in their hands, removed the magazine, and withdrew the magazine inside the barrel.

    "Entering the field to empty the magazine means that someone has to walk into the shooting range, no matter how far away they are, they must exit all the bullets in the firearm to prevent accidental injury to others."

    So this is ah! Chen Ming and Meng Shihan nodded their heads, but what are they doing now? What's matter? But Wu Ma saw a trace of something wrong, walked to Weiyang, and said: "Weiyang, it looks like the boss is going to try again with Yang Song!"

    "Competition? What competition?" Weiyang didn't speak yet, but Chen Ming directly shouted out. Hearing the word competition, he immediately became interested.

    After Weiyang glanced at the Chinese zodiac and Yang Song, he also saw the flying knife placed on the table, and said happily: "These two people came to the shooting range and were not better than a trial shooting, they were actually better than testing a flying knife."

    Wu Ma smiled helplessly and glanced at his boss, "There is no way. Although Mr. Yang is great, he has not actually received shooting training. Throwing knives may be good."

    Others may not know it, but Wu Ma still knows it very well. When we first met, Yang Song threw a steel bar to herself and almost hurt herself. The accuracy and strength of the head were really terrible. , You know, this is a steel bar! It's not something else.

    Now the Chinese zodiac is going to test the flying knife with Yang Song. Now that I think about it, the boss is a vigorous person, but he is not unable to lose. If he loses, he loses, but he still needs to work hard to win back. Affordable does not mean that you don't like the feeling of winning.

    "Walk around! Let's go and see!"

    Chen Ming took Meng Shihan and ran over. He shot and played for so long. It is no problem to say it later. It is better to go and watch the excitement now!

    Yang Song is now holding two flying knives in his hand, and is looking at their weight. He feels almost the same, and said to the zodiac: "I will lose two of these flying knives first. I am not familiar with this kind of flying knives. Feel it."

    "Of course, I don't want to win without martial arts!" The Chinese zodiac likes fair competitions, but still don't like tricks.

    The flying knife in his hand felt like a trick in Yang Song's hand, spinning around like a butterfly. After feeling the weight of the knife, Yang Song flew out with a single hand. After that, I got away from the 20-meter target and shot into the grass next to him.

    The blade is different from the fish-killing knife. It still requires a different method to use. The first time Yang Song used the previous method, it really made the knife off track.

    "Yang Song, you shouldn't have only this kind of strength!" The Chinese zodiac doesn't believe that Yang Song has this kind of strength. Although he is not familiar with it, he will not lose his goal directly.

    Yang Song threw the flying knife up and down twice and smiled slightly: "Of course it won't be that simple. It's just this knife. I just throw it casually."

    As soon as the voice fell, Yang Song raised his hand and threw the second flying knife directly out. Moreover, Yang Song had been staring at the zodiac without looking at the target. The knife flew over quickly, followed by a dull sound. The flying knife was firmly inserted on the ten rings.

    "Yes, that's how it is interesting! Fifty meters, right?"

    "Yes, I said 50 meters before, but if all of them hit the tenth ring, there will be no difference!"

    Yang Song thought about it carefully, if all of them were ten rings, you would be meaningless. So I suddenly thought of a method in my heart, we must decide a victory or defeat, otherwise this guy will continue to harass himself.

    The zodiac also felt the same. Looking at Yang Song, he seemed to feel that he had an idea, so he asked: "That's good, so do you have any good ideas?"

    "Of course, did you see that target?"

    Pointing to a target a hundred meters away, Yang Song looked at the zodiac and asked: "Let's shoot directly at the target with the last knife. The one closest to the tenth ring will win."

    A hundred-meter target? The zodiac's eyes are bright, this is sure! I don't dare to say that I can shoot now, but since Yang Song dares to say that, it shows that he should be sure, so he can't show weakness. Besides, this kid may not be able to shoot!

    Si Snake has now brought back all the flying knives that Yang Song threw out. The twenty flying knives are all neatly placed on the table. Yang Song and the Chinese zodiac have ten each, and Si Sn has just understood the rules. What? Let me explain the rules to everyone.

    Because the two of them said very roughly, that is, they did not sort out the complete rules of the game, then the snake helped them improve the rules of the game.

    "There are two 50-meter targets, one for each of you, and the first nine knives must be shot at the tenth ring. You can't fail one knife. Under the premise that all nine knives are in the tenth ring, the last knife is Throw out towards a 100-meter target and the person closest to the tenth ring wins, but as long as one of the first nine knives does not hit the tenth ring, it is a failure."

    This rule is still very simple. It may be a bit too much for others. The first nine knives means that no mistakes can be made, otherwise it will be a failure because it is a temporary rule and there is no way to be so detailed. This is already very good. , But there is still no big problem for them.

    In fact, in terms of shooting flying knives, in ancient times, flying knives were a kind of hidden weapon and also a kind of long-range weapon. However, in modern times, the range of various firearms is that far, but for flying knives , Even flying over that long distance is a kind of difficulty, not to mention the strength to be able to penetrate the target.

    The lethality of a flying knife at a distance of about 20 meters is terrible, but after 50 meters, it is actually not good enough, let alone a hundred meters. It is an extremely terrible one for the projectiles wrist strength. Strength, not only requires brute force, but also needs to control the trajectory of the throwing knife.

    Needless to say, flying knives, even if it is a bullet, if you want to fly a certain distance, you need to grasp the bullets flight path and arc, as well as the interference of wind speed. You need to grasp all directions. To be honest, Yang Song is still so far For the first time, not to mention the zodiac, at least he is proficient in various shooting, and he is still a little sure about the calculation of wind speed.

    "Game start!"

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