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    Chapter 835: Than Test Flying Knife

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    Yang Song looked around for all kinds of domestic sniper rifles, and thought of the wound he had been hit by a gun last time. He was using a so-called sniper rifle and couldn't help but touch his wound.

    When Si Snake stood behind and saw Yang Songs actions, he understood what it meant. Then he walked to one of the sniper rifles, stretched out his hand and patted it, and glanced at Yang Song with a deep meaning. The latter immediately Understand, it was this gun that he was hit, and Yang Song felt a pain in his wound.

    "A lot of guns! Old man Xu, can I play with everything?" Chen Ming's eyes are shining now, which boy doesn't have a dream of playing with guns in his heart?

    Mr. Xu also nodded with a smile, and said, "No problem, you can play whatever you want. It doesn't matter if you have fun! But you have to play in the company of professionals."

    It's just to make them enjoyable, Mr. Xu can still guarantee this, but after Chen Ming heard it, he looked around, and now he is eager to try.

    "Where is the instructor? Hurry up! I can't help it anymore."

    "I am!"

    Wu Ma walked out from the side at this time, walked to Chen Ming, and said flatly: "You choose a gun, I will show you to play, you must be obedient and obey the command, otherwise I will disqualify you for the experience. "

    "Got it! Don't worry! I have known Yang Song for so long, I have not learned anything else, I will learn to obey by then!" Chen Ming nodded repeatedly, saying that there is no problem. What is this, isn't it just obeying the command?

    Meng Shihan was also very interested and wanted to give it a try. For such a girl, guns were obviously more interested in makeup than makeup, so he looked at Mr. Xu excitedly and said that he actually wanted to play too.

    When Mr. Xu saw Meng Shihan's expression, he smiled, "Girl, don't worry, someone will come to teach you the experience soon."

    As soon as the voice fell, I saw Weiyang coming over, still in that cute appearance, people who didn't know would definitely think it was a teenage girl.

    Meng Shihan saw it, and of course he thought the same way. He looked at Weiyang somewhat unexpectedly and blurted out: "Is such a little sister also a soldier?"

    "That's right! Sister, they are also special soldiers! Don't underestimate me!" Weiyang still likes to be cute, using his natural childish appearance.

    Yang Song couldn't help but spit out: "Stop it, you are more than enough to be your sister. If you want me to say, you should call your aunt!" Yang Songbai gave Weiyang a glance. This eldest sister still likes to be cute now. If you want to misunderstand yourself, you have to be clear about yourself, so that you won't suffer.

    Weiyang was annoyed when he saw Yang Song now, and his teeth were itching with hatred. The most important thing was that he couldn't beat this kid, there was no way, so he had to give Yang Song a look.

    Fortunately, Meng Shihan didn't care about these things now, but just cared about these firearms, so Weiyang took Meng Shihan to experience firearms. The remaining four people stood in place, sitting in the lounge area.

    When Mr. Xu saw Yang Song sitting next to him, as if he didn't want to move, he asked curiously, "Yang Song, don't you want to experience it?"

    "Forget it, don't go!" Yang Song shook his head. It's true that men like guns, but he doesn't really want to be familiar with these killing tools, so he smiled: "I'm a cook and I like to use knives!"

    With that said, Yang Song took out a fish-killing knife from his body, and then juggled a set of juggling in front of them, and flipped his right hand again, and the fish-killing knife was gone! It's like magic.

    Standing behind Mr. Xu, the zodiac nodded and said, "Yes, you are indeed better with a knife than a gun. How about let's have a try?"

    Is this guy born to fight mad? Before the first meeting, I wanted to compare Yang Song. If it werent for Yang Song to wink hard, and the original zodiac signs were too few, Meng Shihan and Chen Ming might have discovered that Yang Songs skills were so powerful.

    In fact, there is no big problem when they know it, but Yang Song doesnt want them to know too much. For some things, the less they know, the less worry they will be. They only need to know that they are better than ordinary people. Nothing, nothing else, dont think too much.

    Yang Song was stunned, scratching his head, and said helplessly: "Why do you want to compare? Now that there are so many people, let's forget it if you try, they don't know that I can fight like that."

    As a chef, you can cook delicious dishes, but what about Yang Song? While participating in a variety show, he became an Internet celebrity again, almost going to a movie, and finally told them that they fight very hard, can they directly join the country's top special forces?

    This is a bit nonsense. Its too ridiculous to say it. Its better not to let too many people know. Yang Song is not going to tell people around him too much, such as having a cheat system. .

    The Chinese zodiac shook his head and said: "I am not a person who does not know the importance. I am talking about the competition, not the competition, but this!"

    After speaking, the Chinese zodiac took out a small flying knife from his body and threw it directly towards the 20-meter gun target, and then saw the flying knife firmly inserted into the ten rings.

    This is what I said originally! Yang Song just breathed a sigh of relief, it turned out to be a test of this! There is no problem than this. Chen Ming and Meng Shihan still know that they know how to use knives. I don't know how many knives have been lost in front of them. That's fine!

    "Twenty meters? This is not challenging, so let's go straight to the fifty meters!" Yang Song smiled, fifty meters is what you can see with the naked eye, and the 100 meters is good. Challenging.

    Fifty meters? The eyes of the zodiac are bright, yes, I just like this attitude, I feel it when I compare it! Be challenging!

    "No problem! Fifty meters is fifty meters!"

    With that said, the Chinese zodiac took out a pack of flying knives from his body, the thickness of the craftsmanship was quite exquisite, Yang Song roughly counted them, there are a total of 20 flying knives, it can be seen that this kid came prepared. what! When I tried my fist the last time, I never saw this kid pull out these things! It must be ready long ago.

    I just heard Yang Song say that he was a knife player, so he brought it up! After all, Yang Song is just an ordinary boy. Although he has a lot of abilities, his temperament is still the same. Someone is provocative, and he still wants to win.

    Snake stood behind them and said with a smile: "Then I and Mr. Xu will be the referees! I'll take the knife for you!"

    Because the zodiac had already been thrown out before, the snake now wants to get it back. She shouted at the two people who were shooting happily: "Enter, empty the magazine!"

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